Monday, July 6, 2009

Malam Last Minute

I dislike last minute details.

I really do.

I dislike people telling me at the last minute that things need to be changed from what we have been preparing before this.

It makes me nervous.
And panicky.
And few-beats-short-of-a-heart-attack-y.

What do I mean? Oh well, perhaps something like the Timbalan Menteri Pengajian Tinggi showing up for our performance on Friday night?
Darn him. Why does he have to come? As if he was interested in UKM first years' Malam Tunas Seni anyways. Why don't he just go back where he came from and leave us alone. All these orang besar-besar are such a pain in the *censored*
'Cos of him, we had to shorten ALL our performances. They even suggested cutting out our Varsiti Kita and Ilmu, Mutu dan Budi that the first years' have been practising in parts for the past four days!
NOT an easy thing to do. They have been practising so hard. And the PCs and volunteers have worked our butts off to get them ready to perform those two songs. Cut them out and what's left? NOTHING. How DARE they suggest such a thing!!!! *indignant*
Not to mention, the added pressure of an orang besar watching. >.< Anywayyy. Do not wanna talk about that.
Being PC Pusat was kinda stressful. It changes your perspective a little.
I realized that there were a lot of things the facilitators have to take care of that everyone else seems oblivious to. It's not easy being a PC. And this year seems to be the worst of it.

Right from the beginning there was a certain tension between the PC Pusat and PC Kolej.
Both parties seemed to be trapped in some misunderstanding and neither was willing to give in, or compromise.
And it made our responsibilities that much harder to carry out. >.<

Again, I do not want to talk about that.
On a more positive note (finally!!) I tried playing the gamelan for the first time! I had always wanted to try it - and finally that day, I built up the nerve to pick up the sticks (what do you call them??) and play!!
It is actually really fun!
It is not as easy as it looks. It requires some good hand coordination and skills, man. Seriously. It took me some time, but I got the hang of it! After that, I kept hearing the melody in my head everywhere and kept thinking of playing them again!! XD

Ooh, and I tried playing the angklung as well. I bet some of you don't know what it is!! Well, I didn't know what they were either, until I first saw them last year during our MMP.
This time, I get to touch it. I played C#. I find it ingenious how olden-day people could create and invent such beautiful musical instruments that could produce such sweet sounds!
It is made of bamboo and it produces sound when you rattle it! (I have no idea how to describe how one plays it. "Rattle" was the only word I could think of >.<) and each angklung can only produce one single note. Hence, it is not an individual instrument, and must be played as a group in order to play a full song!
And together, wow. I like the sound :)

Gamelan ~ it's so fun!!

Angklung ~ C# note


I think I might sneak into DECTAR late at night and play the gamelan again. I just might XD


Arnan Koh said...

you should watch what you call the people at the top.... we don't want ISA to come after you.

but you are right last minute sucks... it is bad enough that the event is already stressing you up... to have last minute problems are not acceptable...

what is pc.. primary console?? or pink child?? hahaha... joking...

hope you have fun in UNI... but i still think you are a magnet for getting yourself in the spotlight...

lynette lim said...

hey sis chill la...u will do fine with all that..i have went through all that and to think about it, it makes u think much more better and confidence do build up...i do agree what arnan says...careful with yur words.what is PC ah???? i will always support u ya take care..u r doing great compare to me.adios.

Hannah said...

orang besar-besar always hv a knack of ruining yr in our scul along wih other adorable teachers make the prefect's job SUCH a pleasure.....don't want to know how all d other daruks n datins do..

Lisa ^^, said...

PC = Pemudahcara = Facilitator laa >.<

You're doing great yourself sis...Don't look down yourself laa XD

Yeah la. They don't understand how much we ADORE their presence. They make things sooo much EASIER XD

siehjin said...

a friend and i used to sneak into dectar to play the piano. deprived of piano la, in uni. good thing we didn't get caught, lol =)