Sunday, May 31, 2009

First Teacher's Day as Teacher

My first Teacher's Day present!! :)
Awwwww. So sweet of you.
Thank you, Yu-Chen.
I really appreciate it loads!!

It was so strange
being wished a very
"Happy Teacher's Day!"
by students.

Felt a sense of pride
reciting the teacher's oath
we renew every year on this
special day,
and also singing our song:

Guru Malaysia

Kami guru Malaysia
Berikrar dan berjanji
Mendidik dan memimpin
Putera puteri negara kita

Pada Seri Paduka
Kami tumpahkan setia
Rukun negara kita
Panduan hidup kami semua

Di bidang pembangunan
Kami tetap bersama
Negara yang tercinta

Amanah yang diberi
Kami tak persiakan
Apa yang kami janji
Tunai tetap kami tunaikan

Bangga :)

Friday, May 29, 2009

A Poem

Pn. Poga, my mentor, had an English class with my brother's class, 5 Ixora, the other day.

So I followed her into the class to observe her.
And yes, I have gotten over the awkwardness of being greeted as "teacher".
Just a little. :P

After introducing them to two new poems (O My Luve Is Like A Red, Red Rose by Robert Burns and The Clod and The Pebble by William Blake) and discussing the meanings and interpretations with the class, she had them write a poem of their own. It could be themed love, or anything else.

I have to say, I was impressed with some of the pieces they came up with in like, what, twenty minutes? Very impressed indeed. :)

While they were writing, I wrote one of my own. I wanted to write about love. But I did not want to write about how great love is. Or how painful it can be sometimes. My poem's not much. And it's short. But oh well. I like it :)

Here goes:

What Love Is Like
~Lisa Kwan~

Like a reflection in the mirror
Unreachable it is to me
Like a mirage in a hot desert
An illusion it seems to be

As rainbows come after the rain
Or clouds that come in a pair
When you reach your hand out to touch it
All you feel is air

For some of us,
love can seem unattainable.
Or a lie.

For some of us.

Not me. Maybe.
Some of us.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Mrs. Kris Allen

My hero.
Kris Allen.
American Idol 2009.

With a unique and special voice,
he sings with passion,
like he has given his heart and soul
on a silver platter
just for you.

He has the funniest
(and cutest) expressions
when he sings!

Him playing on the piano,
or on his acoustic guitar,
coupled together with his beautiful
angelic voice -
simply heaven :)

And it doesn't hurt
that he looks the way he does either.
Super CUTE. :P

Too bad he's married.
Damn. >.< 

His wife is one lucky woman. Shucks. Anywayyyy Congratulations Kris Allen! From the moment I first heard you sing you were MY favourite. :) Despite everything, you gave the final performance your ALL as you have always done. You deserve this win. Sigh. 
Will you ever come visit? Please do. 
I'm sure if you had met me before you met your wife it will be a whole different story. 
Mrs. Kris Allen? 
Me: Yes?
Your husband is hot.
Me: *grin*
I know.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cikgu Day

I celebrated Teacher's Day by going for a perkembangan staf meeting in school at 8.00am today.


How annoying. Like teachers are not tired enough working five days a week, they get you to come back in to school on a Saturday morning as well. >.<  

Might as well get used to it now, right? There will be plenty more to come when I begin my teaching career. >.< 

Anyways, it has been pretty fun so far. Every day, a different teacher will belanja me.
One day was Pn. Vimala. Then it was Pn. Lee Mee Hong. And the next day was Pn. Tan Peik Lee.

Okay, settle down people, settle down! Don't quarrel. ALL of you will have the honour of treating me to breakfast!
So, who wants to treat me Monday? Pn. X? Perfect!! *perasan*

I have learned a lot. Got many tips from Pn. Soo on handling problem children in class.
But more importantly, she tells me of her pains from past experiences. Her burdens for the school.
And I am saddened by the way the world is today. The society we live in today.
Unethical. Lying. Dishonesty. Hatred. Greed. Kiasu-ism.

She tells me of students who break into her room to change their marks.
Students who steal.
Students who do not think twice of lying to your face.
Students who have no respect for teachers.

And I am disheartened.

Then I look at the innocent Form One students.
Who look at you and call you "Teacher, teacher!" with the wide eyes of one who has yet to know evil.
A little boy who carries out an activity you asked him to so enthusiastically that he falls over on his face. (Thankfully, he was not injured!)
Girls who do not step over an invisible line just cos you asked them not to, even though their task would be easier if they disregarded your instructions.
Students who were willing to come in between classes, or during free periods to help a teacher clean out her room.
Students who do everything you ask of them, and more, and ask for nothing in return.

And I am encouraged. :)

Whether they remain that way in the years to come, or if they can retain that innocence about them, or hold fast to the principles they seem to now in the future, is another question altogether.

But for now, it is encouraging to know that there is still good in this world.
That our society is not completely doomed.

And hopefully, we as teachers, can do something to preserve that.
I want to preserve that.
I will do all I can to preserve that. :)
That is my promise as a future teacher.

Naive? Stupid? Ridiculous? Impossible?

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that has.

~Margaret Mead

Let us (teachers) not lose hope in a seemingly impossible task.
But vow to do our best despite all the snide and pessimistic remarks.
We do what we can, to change the world.
That is all we have ever done.
Why give up now?

Happy Cikgu Day. :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Good Afternoon, Teacher!


That's what the students of 1 Mawar, my first relief class, greeted me when I entered the class yesterday afternoon.
It was waaaaayyyy weird. >.<  

Starting my pre-practicum as a trainee teacher is weird. But starting my pre-practicum as a trainee teacher in my alma mater is even weirder.

I was both excited and intimidated to go back to SMK Bukit Mewah for my pre-practicum. It was exciting cos I got to go back and see all my teachers. And it was intimidating cos, I was surrounded by teachers I knew.

So many of the teachers could not even recognize me. One teacher would shake my hand and say, "Welcome to Bukit Mewah!" and then pause, look right into my face and say, "Lisa?"
After I nod and smile sheepishly, she goes, "Wow, you look so different! Much prettier now, and more mature!"

"Wow, did not expect you to come back as a teacher!"
"Lisa Kwan? What are you doing here?"

After two days, it is kinda tiring having to repeat to every teacher I met that I was from UKM, and no, I'm not doing my practicum but my pre-practicum which would only be for four weeks (excluding mid-year hols), that I have not finished my degree but only my first year, yes, I had already finished my STPM, and that yes, I chose the teaching profession.

I feel like wearing a placard around my neck with all that information to save their time and my saliva. >.<  One teacher actually tapped me on the shoulder and asked me, "Do I know you? You look familiar." "Em, yeah teacher." "From this school?" "Yes!" "What's your name?" (I was going -_-"' by now) "Lisa." "Lisa?! Lisa Kwan ar? What are you doing back here? You a teacher?!"

She asked me which uni I was studying in, what teaching programme I was in, what made me choose teaching.
Another teacher came up to her and asked, "So, Pn. X, how does it feel having your ex-student come back to the school as a teacher?"
And she says, "I feel so proud of her. This is Bukit Mewah product, man."

And wow, that was something.
I felt something.
I don't know what it is.
But, it made me feel really proud of myself. :)

The first day, I did not even know where the teacher's washroom was. I mean, I knew where the students' one was. But could not remember where the teachers' one was. Like, duh, since I had never used it before. >.<  

Ooh, and I knew where the canteen was. And the new air-conditioned canteen specifically for the teachers. But I had never been in it. Or ever ordered food specially for the teachers.
It felt reeeeaaalllllyyyyy awkward.

And at every corner, be greeted by a student as teacher? The ultimate awkwardness of awkwardness. >.<  

Oh, by the way, you know what is the best and most hilarious thing I discovered in school so far? The look of confusion on a student's face when they meet me. Two students were walking up the stairs, while I was coming down. One of the girls smiles at me and says, "Good morning, teacher." As I pass them, I hear the other whisper to her, "Is she a teacher or a student? Are you sure she's a teacher?"


I know, I know.
I look young. XD

Saturday, May 9, 2009


No, this is not home.
No mansion.

We don't live in such fancy houses.
No snow around these parts either.

No plush bedrooms like this too.
Mine is a single mattress.
With one head pillow.
Okay, two hugging pillows. :)
And my tiny tiger doll called Tiny
together with oh-so-huggable
Bobby (SpongeBob)!

No plasma TV.

No swimming pool.

None of these things.
But the most important of all,
is that I have this:

The Three Musketeers! XD

I am so happy to be home. :)

Home is truly where the heart is.
There is no place like home.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

To The Sultan With Love

Dengan segala hormatnya dimaklumkan bahawa saya, bagi pihak Persatuan Ibu Bapa dan Guru Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan XXX ingin memohon kesudian tuan untuk mengangkat sembah menjunjung rasa kasih kepada Ke Bawah Duli Yang Maha Mulia Sultan Indra Kayangan atas limpah perkenan baginda berangkat mencemar duli ke Majlis Penyampaian Hadiah pada 28 April yang lalu.

That was the kind of laras bahasa that I had to use if I were to write a letter to the Setiausaha Sulit at the Pejabat Duli Yang Maha Mulia Sultan Indra Kayangan if I wanted to thank the dear Sultan for gracing us with his presence at the school Prize Giving Ceremony.

Yeah. That's actually what I was saying in the first paragraph.
Did you get that? I did not get that when I first read it.

But then again, of course we do not address the Sultan personally. As if we were buddies or something. We have to go through his Secretary of course. Private Secretary lagi. haha

Apparently, we need to know how to write official letters using laras bahasa istana just in case we were to write a letter to the Sultan. >.< Anyway, Kemahiran Bahasa Melayu dalam Pendidikan is OVER!!!
Whooopeee!! XD

1 more to go. Just one more. :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mood - None

I was looking for a nice picture to put on my desktop as a background.
Then I saw the above photo.

That's a photo of me, my brothers and my dad. Well, of our feet (and shoes) at least.
We took that when our whole family went to Seremban 2 City Park for a jog (hah! Not me!) around the place while enjoying the scenery and watching people feed the fish in the lake.
Mum's feet isn't there. I think she was still walking around the park.
My dad and brothers were just done with their (2nd..3rd..4th round) jog and were resting.
I walked around once then hung around at the lake taking pictures with my phone. XD

So we took this.

You must be wondering what I'm babbling about.

Looking at that picture again made me...miss my family. :(

People tell me, "Haiyo, you stay so near only ma. No problem, what."
That does not mean I do not miss my family as much as anyone who flies back to Sarawak or Sabah.
Although I live relatively nearby, I do not go home as often as people think.
This time, I will not have been home for almost 4 weeks.

I know. Nothing to complain about.
But I still wanna go home.

I know I still have 2 more papers.

I still have 2 more exams.

It'll be three more days till I get to go home.

And three days have never seemed longer. >.< 

I'm sad cos my hostel block is pretty quiet now. Many have already gone home after their exams. And I get to watch those happy people pack their stuff - their pails and brooms and hangers sitting outside their room doors. Their room looking so empty. Their faces smiling and happy. Their excited chatter. Them talking about catching their flight soon. Seeing their families. Movies they planned to watch. 

Then I come back to my room and see Nana's big luggage bag sitting beside her bed. There are no more books sitting on her top shelf. Most of the clothes she needs to take back, or pack away have already been washed. 

And I sit and stare at my BM text book, and my Decision Making slides for hours. I have no mood to study. 

I wanna go home. :( 

I can't wait for Friday 10.05am. 
'Cos that's when I start packing my own stuff. 
To go home. :)

Monday, May 4, 2009


To my dearest Choo Hui Sun,

Happy 20th! And quoting your friend, "Welcome to the 20s club!"
I want to take this opportunity to say that I am so glad to have become your friend. So glad to have met you. :)
I believe it was no coincidence that we are in the same course (as well as all the rest of us in TESL).
Although so far, I have only known you for 2 semesters (almost a year babe! WOW), I know that you have a good heart, sweet disposition and are very caring. :)
You have a heart for your friends, and you really take this phrase Sharing is Caring to heart.
You may be younger than me by a year (plus!) but I seem to be the one who's always lost >.< And you help me, and the rest of us too. :P Even though most of the time, you bully me mercilessly, I forgive you. XD Plus, it's all in the fun, right? I know you sayang me. And I sayang you too!!
Thank you, Choo Hui Sun!

And to my closest TESLian friends:
Choo Hui Sun, Jessica Yong, and Dwee Chiew Yen

In this life, I believe our ultimate goal is to live a life that is meaningful. And I wish that for all of you.
That you will find that meaning in life, and treasure it; cherish it.
I wish for you joy in all circumstances. Not just being happy, because happy is conditional.
Joy means that you are happy regardless of the situation.
I wish for you strength. Strength to pull through hardships, to keep going, to not give up.
I wish for you steadfast and loyal friends, and great times with family, good relationships with your respective significant others. XD

Sorry la. Don't know why suddenly so jiwang. >.< 

It's not like I'm leaving or anything. Just feeling kinda emo today. haha 
But I mean every word babes! ;P
Muakz muakz

Sunday, May 3, 2009



I watched The Swan Princess today!!
And I fell in love with Princess Odette and Prince Derek and Jean Bob and Speed and Puffin and Bromley and Rogers and all of them all over again!

I watched Hercules last night till late. Gosh I love that cartoon.
I loved the songs best!! "Zero to hero, just like that! *snaps*" XD
And I love love love love the 5 Muses - "goddesses of the arts and proclaimer of heroes" - who sing the story from the beginning till the end!! Sooooo chun. :P

I also watched Sleeping Beauty, which, unbelievably, I have not watched before this.
Seriously. I don't know why. I've watched cartoons like Cinderella and Snow White but not Sleeping Beauty. >.<  

And you know what made me go "Awwwwww. Sooo cute! XD" that I watched it more than five times today? 


Enjoy! :P

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Let Me Be Your Wings

You know, only recently, I have discovered the wonders of YouTube.

I mean, before this, I used YouTube to watch music videos and funny clips.
But did you know you could actually watch movies on YouTube? Albeit in parts.
But you can actually watch whole movies on YouTube!!

Oh. You already knew that?
Well, humour me all right? >.<   

We watched Never Been Kissed, The Wedding Singer, Driving Miss Wealthy, and Mulan 2 (in Polish - it was loaded by accident). And then I discovered that my old favourite cartoons were on YouTube too!


I used to have them in video tapes. You know the ones you play with the VCR?
They're all spoiled now. Which is sad because the beauty of those animated movies is gone when the tape is.

I missed them.

I found Cats Don't Dance first. OMG. I LOVED that cartoon.
Watching it again felt sooooo good. It brought back sweet childhood memories.
I used to watch the VCR over and over and over again.
Darla Dimple and Danny the Cat and Tilly the Hippo! And they all sing and dance!! :P
They taught me to always believe in your dreams, even when no one else does; to never give up or allow anyone to look down on you because of who you are. :)

Then I found Fern Gully. I remembered Crysta and Zack and evil Hexxus who wanted to destroy the forest. And I was reminded that we as humans are the khalifah or the caretakers of Earth (I remember my TITAS okay) and it is our responsibility to guard it, preserve it. All of us, have that magic of creation. :)

I was excited now. I searched for Thumbelina. OMG. I can't believe it really was on YouTube!!
Ah, the beautiful lyrics and melodies of a Walt Disney movie is, up till now, incomparable!
I loved Thumbelina for its music and characters and most of all, romance. Oh, to fall in love at first sight!
To love, and to have that love returned! The sweetness of young romance can give you a toothache - and I mean that in a good way. :P 

Thumbelina and Prince Cornelius simply belong together. Nothing else will do.

Oh, after watching that I had their duet song stuck in my head. It's called Let Me Be Your Wings (watch it!!).
Ahhhhh, the romance.....sighh.


Let me be your wings
Let me be your only love
Let me take you far beyond the stars
Let me be your wings
Let me lift you high above
Everything we're dreaming of will soon be ours
Anything that you desire
Anything at all
Everyday I'll take you higher
And I'll never let you fall

Let me be your wings
Leave behind the world you know
For another world of wondrous things
We'll see the universe
And dance on Saturn's rings
Fly with me
And I will be your wings

Heaven isn't too far
Heaven is where you are
Stay with me
And let me be your wings


Thank you YouTube!!!!!! XD