Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Good Afternoon, Teacher!


That's what the students of 1 Mawar, my first relief class, greeted me when I entered the class yesterday afternoon.
It was waaaaayyyy weird. >.<  

Starting my pre-practicum as a trainee teacher is weird. But starting my pre-practicum as a trainee teacher in my alma mater is even weirder.

I was both excited and intimidated to go back to SMK Bukit Mewah for my pre-practicum. It was exciting cos I got to go back and see all my teachers. And it was intimidating cos, I was surrounded by teachers I knew.

So many of the teachers could not even recognize me. One teacher would shake my hand and say, "Welcome to Bukit Mewah!" and then pause, look right into my face and say, "Lisa?"
After I nod and smile sheepishly, she goes, "Wow, you look so different! Much prettier now, and more mature!"

"Wow, did not expect you to come back as a teacher!"
"Lisa Kwan? What are you doing here?"

After two days, it is kinda tiring having to repeat to every teacher I met that I was from UKM, and no, I'm not doing my practicum but my pre-practicum which would only be for four weeks (excluding mid-year hols), that I have not finished my degree but only my first year, yes, I had already finished my STPM, and that yes, I chose the teaching profession.

I feel like wearing a placard around my neck with all that information to save their time and my saliva. >.<  One teacher actually tapped me on the shoulder and asked me, "Do I know you? You look familiar." "Em, yeah teacher." "From this school?" "Yes!" "What's your name?" (I was going -_-"' by now) "Lisa." "Lisa?! Lisa Kwan ar? What are you doing back here? You a teacher?!"

She asked me which uni I was studying in, what teaching programme I was in, what made me choose teaching.
Another teacher came up to her and asked, "So, Pn. X, how does it feel having your ex-student come back to the school as a teacher?"
And she says, "I feel so proud of her. This is Bukit Mewah product, man."

And wow, that was something.
I felt something.
I don't know what it is.
But, it made me feel really proud of myself. :)

The first day, I did not even know where the teacher's washroom was. I mean, I knew where the students' one was. But could not remember where the teachers' one was. Like, duh, since I had never used it before. >.<  

Ooh, and I knew where the canteen was. And the new air-conditioned canteen specifically for the teachers. But I had never been in it. Or ever ordered food specially for the teachers.
It felt reeeeaaalllllyyyyy awkward.

And at every corner, be greeted by a student as teacher? The ultimate awkwardness of awkwardness. >.<  

Oh, by the way, you know what is the best and most hilarious thing I discovered in school so far? The look of confusion on a student's face when they meet me. Two students were walking up the stairs, while I was coming down. One of the girls smiles at me and says, "Good morning, teacher." As I pass them, I hear the other whisper to her, "Is she a teacher or a student? Are you sure she's a teacher?"


I know, I know.
I look young. XD


xinli said...

1 mawar! isn't that OUR class???
weird stuff :)
i can't even begin to imagine how awkward it would be. lol. but i think the place has changed a lot. going back and not seeing a single familiar face among the students feels damn weird no?

p.s. i will probably get you something. shhhh. don't tell anyone. LOL

lynette lim said...

omg....is so damn freaking weird...and GOOD MORNING TEACHER to u?????omg..i just cant imagine it man...haha...

~`w!L`Li@m'~ said...

You look young??? Yeah....younger than a 40 year old perhaps. It's your petite size that makes everyone so confused. I bet even Form 3 students are taller and more matured looking than you Cikgu Kwan. Hahahahaha....

But that's cool! I was shocked to know that you went back to school to teach!!! That is really surprising....I don't know...it's a little too.... fast?? I mean...talk about your eagerness to start teaching. Hahaha...but then again, it's in your blood! =P

Good for you...how in the world did you get the job in the 1st place? Did you went to apply from the state's government? Did your dad helped you? Oh Tell me, tell me!

J e n n Y said...

wow cool!
it would be totally awkward if I were in your shoes babe!
all d best and have fun =)

Arnan Koh said...

Miss Kwan, Miss Kwan!!!!

WOW!! back in Bukit Mewah teaching... hope you have fun.....

I must go back one of these day to witness the extraordinary new teacher....
about teachers not recognising you.. how could they, you were top scorer in school leh...

have fun miss..

shandye. said...


its like walking into a portal full of deja-vu-ness. really. semacam hendak pengsan pun ada.

tambahan pula saya berkhidmat (wah... skemanya bahasa melayu aku???) di sekolah agama.

nantilah aku bebelkan di blog. haha.

wen said...


I also wanna teach!!

Lisa ^^, said...

Eh eh? Weren't we from Kenanga? You know what else is different? Kenanga is now 2nd class. Ixora is first class in lower sec. haha
Plus, there are like, TONS of these signages and billboards that are a total waste of money. >.<
I could never get why they can put up signs like: "CONGRATULATIONS, you are now in school!!" -_-"'

Memang weird babe. Super weirddddd. >.<

No teaching la. I just come to observe and learn from the senior teachers. And write a journal and reports and stuff. It's not that I wanted to work part-time or sth. It's a requirement for my course. After first year, we have our prepracticum. It's like exposure for us. We can't teach. But we have to do relief and help out the other teachers if needed. So the faculty of education handled everything, appointment letter and all. We just chose which school we wanted :)

Eh? Sekolah agama?? >.< Why you chose there la?? So how is it so far? ahaha Ish. Now I'm at home can't online as much as I did back in uni. That's why kinda lost and back-dated. hehe XD

You can, babe. It's not like that door is closed to you forever. I believe you still can babe. Don't give up :)

may lee!! said...

muahahaha. miss kwan! i cant believe it. can control the class a not??

shandye. said...

sekolah menengah agama al-irshad. its extremely near to my home its was not even funny. you can cycle there or when the weather is great, you can take a stroll to reach there.

at first i thought... oh, boy... what am i getting myself into this time? but after 5 days being there my perspective changed 75%. haha.

Lisa ^^, said...

>>may lee!!
Of course can la. They stare at me with jaws dropped. Then they start making noise only I shout. wakakaka. But I purposely put on my damn serious face for them. First impression kena garang sikit laaa XD

So how so far? So dekat only. Don't tell me you cycle there? Pelik. Can't imagin that. wakaka
So changed 75% in a good way ka? :)