Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cikgu Day

I celebrated Teacher's Day by going for a perkembangan staf meeting in school at 8.00am today.


How annoying. Like teachers are not tired enough working five days a week, they get you to come back in to school on a Saturday morning as well. >.<  

Might as well get used to it now, right? There will be plenty more to come when I begin my teaching career. >.< 

Anyways, it has been pretty fun so far. Every day, a different teacher will belanja me.
One day was Pn. Vimala. Then it was Pn. Lee Mee Hong. And the next day was Pn. Tan Peik Lee.

Okay, settle down people, settle down! Don't quarrel. ALL of you will have the honour of treating me to breakfast!
So, who wants to treat me Monday? Pn. X? Perfect!! *perasan*

I have learned a lot. Got many tips from Pn. Soo on handling problem children in class.
But more importantly, she tells me of her pains from past experiences. Her burdens for the school.
And I am saddened by the way the world is today. The society we live in today.
Unethical. Lying. Dishonesty. Hatred. Greed. Kiasu-ism.

She tells me of students who break into her room to change their marks.
Students who steal.
Students who do not think twice of lying to your face.
Students who have no respect for teachers.

And I am disheartened.

Then I look at the innocent Form One students.
Who look at you and call you "Teacher, teacher!" with the wide eyes of one who has yet to know evil.
A little boy who carries out an activity you asked him to so enthusiastically that he falls over on his face. (Thankfully, he was not injured!)
Girls who do not step over an invisible line just cos you asked them not to, even though their task would be easier if they disregarded your instructions.
Students who were willing to come in between classes, or during free periods to help a teacher clean out her room.
Students who do everything you ask of them, and more, and ask for nothing in return.

And I am encouraged. :)

Whether they remain that way in the years to come, or if they can retain that innocence about them, or hold fast to the principles they seem to now in the future, is another question altogether.

But for now, it is encouraging to know that there is still good in this world.
That our society is not completely doomed.

And hopefully, we as teachers, can do something to preserve that.
I want to preserve that.
I will do all I can to preserve that. :)
That is my promise as a future teacher.

Naive? Stupid? Ridiculous? Impossible?

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that has.

~Margaret Mead

Let us (teachers) not lose hope in a seemingly impossible task.
But vow to do our best despite all the snide and pessimistic remarks.
We do what we can, to change the world.
That is all we have ever done.
Why give up now?

Happy Cikgu Day. :)


~`w!L`Li@m'~ said...

*Sob* That's so touching....(NOT)!
But ARE sucking in the essence of a teacher now! Good for you!
Time flies eh? A moment we were still in class teasing Mr so-and-so or Mdm this-and-that. are all grown up to being teased at (by YOUR students of course). =P

Lisa ^^, said...

Yeah la. I remember I used to laugh at Mdm this-and-that's baju that she wore to school. Now, I fear it will be MY turn. *gulp*

But then again, I don't have Mdm this-and-that's fashion sense. XD

What about you? Rotting at home?

Arnan Koh said...

Happy Cigku Day to you...

I also want to get belanjared everyday... so nice... free food...
maybe i should be teacher too...

but if i ever teacher i rather teach as a lecturer...

i heard you taught only relive classes and staple papers in school...

i do hope you drive to school... it will not look quite right... you will be the only teacher who did that....

~`w!L`Li@m'~ said... don't have Mdm this-and-that's fashion sense??? Not yet Lisa....Not YET....Lisa...I mean, Cikgu Kwan. XD

siawase_tenshi said...

Happy Teachers' Day Lisa! ^-^ We TESLians will definitely make good teachers, hihi...*^_^*

shandye. said...

madam lisa...

well... i gotta say, it has a rather nice ring to it.

haha... LARIIIKK!!!

Lisa ^^, said...

Ya la. It's kinda pathetic. I'm the only teacher who has to walk down the slope with the rest of the students >.<
No car to drive la. Mum and Dad both need the car. Drive what? Bicycle ke?? XD

Apa not yet? Will never. haha I don't have that bad a fashion sense. Gua....

Happy Teacher's Day to you too!! :)
All the best for pre-prac

Apa Madam?? Sy ni CIK laaaa. Ish. Pegi la lu >.<