Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mood - None

I was looking for a nice picture to put on my desktop as a background.
Then I saw the above photo.

That's a photo of me, my brothers and my dad. Well, of our feet (and shoes) at least.
We took that when our whole family went to Seremban 2 City Park for a jog (hah! Not me!) around the place while enjoying the scenery and watching people feed the fish in the lake.
Mum's feet isn't there. I think she was still walking around the park.
My dad and brothers were just done with their (2nd..3rd..4th round) jog and were resting.
I walked around once then hung around at the lake taking pictures with my phone. XD

So we took this.

You must be wondering what I'm babbling about.

Looking at that picture again made me...miss my family. :(

People tell me, "Haiyo, you stay so near only ma. No problem, what."
That does not mean I do not miss my family as much as anyone who flies back to Sarawak or Sabah.
Although I live relatively nearby, I do not go home as often as people think.
This time, I will not have been home for almost 4 weeks.

I know. Nothing to complain about.
But I still wanna go home.

I know I still have 2 more papers.

I still have 2 more exams.

It'll be three more days till I get to go home.

And three days have never seemed longer. >.< 

I'm sad cos my hostel block is pretty quiet now. Many have already gone home after their exams. And I get to watch those happy people pack their stuff - their pails and brooms and hangers sitting outside their room doors. Their room looking so empty. Their faces smiling and happy. Their excited chatter. Them talking about catching their flight soon. Seeing their families. Movies they planned to watch. 

Then I come back to my room and see Nana's big luggage bag sitting beside her bed. There are no more books sitting on her top shelf. Most of the clothes she needs to take back, or pack away have already been washed. 

And I sit and stare at my BM text book, and my Decision Making slides for hours. I have no mood to study. 

I wanna go home. :( 

I can't wait for Friday 10.05am. 
'Cos that's when I start packing my own stuff. 
To go home. :)


Aravin said...

awwww.....thats so sad...dun worry.....it will be worth it, though....i am sure your family misses u too...always hear your bro talking about you....remember three more days only...

DaN said...

waa sound so sad... probably thats what my bro feeling right now in Australia. Perhaps i kutuk him now and then he feels much better haha.

Lepak la liz, friday isnt that far away. anything kacau me la if u are lonely xD xD xD

Lisa ^^, said...

Ahaha I know. :)

Awwww. Thanks Danny. haha Soo sweet XD
How come your bro's in Aust and you're here? >.<

siawase_tenshi said...

I feel the same way too Lisa...>.< Miss home so much~can't wait for Saturday to arrive!

wen said...

I'l be in exam on friday 10.05am.. *sobs*

J e n n Y said...

same here babe..
no mood study lah..
want to go back home!

Lisa ^^, said...

Going back on Saturday huh? ahaha Me Friday lar. But maybe only in the afternoon cos I haven't done a scrap of packing yet!! >.<

Ahaha. I see. Paper later in the morning ka? Cham. ahaha Mine early morning also okay ba. After that free to pack and go home! XP

If I were you, I wouldn't be studying dy. I 2nd last paper already like this la. I worry for my last paper. Sure lagi no mood liao. XD

Arnan Koh said...

you don't think i miss my family meh..

i can see your feet... it the one in red... its the smallest feet....

Lisa ^^, said...

I didn't say you don't miss your family ar. At the moment, I'm talking about me ma. >.< Haiyooooo

Jyannie said...

Don't worry, Friday will come in a flash :)

lynette lim said...

chill la babes...friday is coming soon...don worry..

Lisa ^^, said...

Tomorrow is Friday!!! XD