Monday, August 31, 2009

Satu Bangsa Kasihi Semua

Berbilang bangsa dunia cita-cita berbeza

Berbagai bakat dikurnia
Tempuhi segala dengan rela

Pengalaman dilalui pahit manis dirasa

Tiada yang semudah dikata
Yakinkan diri, hapus segala benci
Pastikan kasih sayang dirasai

Satu bangsa kita saling kasih mengasihi
Tiada mengira bahasa atau beza agama
Bersama-sama lalui suka dan duka
Satu bangsa kasihi semua

Amalkan pekerti mulia
Kasih antara kita
Lakukan selagi terdaya
Usah dinanti balasan segala budi
Kasih yang suci akan dihargai

Satu bangsa kita saling kasih mengasihi

Tiada mengira bahasa atau beza agama
Bersama-sama lalui suka dan duka
Satu bangsa kasihi semua

Utuhkanlah kemakmuran seikhlas di hati
Moga direstui dengan niat suci

Satu bangsa kita saling kasih mengasihi

Tiada mengira bahasa atau beza agama
Bersama-sama lalui suka dan duka
Satu bangsa kasihi semua

Composer: Mark Lee/Nai Kong
Lyrics: Wan Kelly
Arrangement: Nai Kong
Producer: Soon
Artist: Adibah Noor

Selamat Hari Merdeka Malaysiaku yang tercinta.
Kami terhutang budi.
Semoga kami tidak mensia-siakan kebebasan yang telah diberi.
Semoga kami akan membuatmu bangga kelak :)
Semoga Tuhan berkatimu selalu !

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Of Birthdays, Friends and Camwhoring

I'm exhausted.

Last weekend was quite a rush.
Never really spent much time at home actually.
Had less than 24 hours in Seremban and even less than that actually in my house >.<

Birthday babe :)

Celebrated YunYun's birthday ! Was really nice ! And as usual, this girl hasn't changed a bit since secondary days. Height-wise as well XD

Wanted to give her a surprise, but she was too kaypoh to stay where she was supposed to be - in the bathroom.
All of a sudden, the birthday girl is downstairs (where we had so carefully snuck into) and she went:


Should've seen Yen, Li Ping and myself jump out of our skin !

Surprise tak jadi. Sooo potong steam only. Cehhhh. >.<

Toilet shot :)

Still, we had a nice time. :)
Was so good to see her. Couldn't help feeling a little guilty cos I had not spoken with her in some time.
I know being busy should not be an excuse. I apologize. :(

Cute faces !

But, was really great to meet up again and be (almost) as crazy as we used to be in class ! Miss those times :)


After Phonetics and Phonology class, we were walking up the (uncountable) flights of stairs to KTAMS, and whoooooppsss.
Jessie's slipper strap snapped. (sounds like a tongue twister ! lol)

Jess: "Aiyo, sei lor, so paiseh, how ar?"
Me: Don't worry. I got cellophane tape !

So Hui Sun and I tried to tape Jessie's strap back. She tried too. I think we used quite a lot of tape actually.
Going up, over and around; up, over and around. Across, under and over; across, under and over.
Giggling all the wayyyy XD
(Can't help it ba, we looked funny kneeling over a slipper along the stairs ! Paisehhh :P)

Bangga betul that it held together.
Only for a while though.
Before it snapped again ! *giggle giggle*

After the second round,

My handiwork :)

it lasted long enough for Jess to reach her hostel safely. Slipper intact.
I suspect it must have lasted only a few more minutes before it was tossed into the waste ! XD


Had a quiz the following day. And a literature assignment I had not even started, due in 2 days.

Was mugging for the Psycholinguistics quiz (it's the link between psychology and linguistics - study of the brain with regards to language ability) and was pretty stressed out about it too. >.<

Purple-black rose is emooo

Saw the rose that I was hanging to dry (for potpourri or maybe, as pressed flowers !) was changing into a deep dark purple-black hue - and I immediately thought, "Wow. Emo shots with that will look soo COOL."

That was all it took. :)

I take photo for
her nice, kan? ;P

I like the shadows :)

Me and roomie
We should have camwhoring
sessions more often :)


Nana's room slippers are just freakin' HILARIOUS.

Not to mention HIDEOUS.



Chick + Tweety =

OMG. >.<


I'm still exhausted.

1. I have 3 Lesson Plans to come up with by next week
2. I start my micro-teaching that same week
3. I have my Time Management major assignment that involved research and study and a project paper
4. I have my Pengurusan Persatuan *curse curse* assignment worth 60 FREAKIN' MARKS (which I haven't started)
5. I have my Phonetics and Phonology research and presentation to prepare for

Even thinking about these things are enough to give me an acne outbreak ! *stressed*

But considering the fun I also had this past week, I guess...I'm happy :)

One Hundred

Yay me !!!

My hundredth post.

Just thought I'd tell you.
In case you didn't notice. :)

Started Dec 2008, and at my 100th post August 2009.

Not badddd :P

Hope I can keep it up !

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Fall(s)


After one of our sessions for convo,
I was walking down the stairs with Nana, and JiaYee
Oh, then Jia Cheng (ChengCheng) is coming UP the stairs
I talk to him
Chat chat chat chat chat chat
We pass each other
And I'm looking up at him as we continue talking
and I continue descending the stairs
A yell is heard
And another yelp
And I'm on my knees
staring at the stair railing
which is suddenly at eye level
and I realize I'm gripping the railing for dear life
I thought I was going to tergolek down the stairs
and possibly crack my head open !
During that split second
one thought flashed through my mind:
"UKM student dies from staircase fall"
Funny, huh?
I must have watched too many dramas


It was the morning session for convo
I'm playing the keyboard this session
Had a late night the night before
Was feeling a little sleepy
but also gan jeong about playing
My turn was up.
I get up to walk down 2 small steps
to where the keyboard is.
I miss my step and almost fall face-first
into the cak lempong
Just a few inches more >.< 


I'm walking out of my hostel block with Chrissy
It had been raining a couple of hours before this
so the floor was kinda wet
And me in my
slipar jamban
just takes a few steps out of the block

And I slip AGAIN.
And I land on one knee.

On the EXACT SAME spot
where I was injured and bruised in

I couldn't help it.
I let out a yell.

I guess you can tell:
(pardon the language)
It hurts like HELL.

Hot (Highlighter) Pink

My latest colour !!
Nice kan?
It definitely catches people's attention :P

The background is the kain songket of my
convo costume
which I think it goes very well with :)

Last Saturday, after Christina
helped me paint my nails hot pink,
I had this group project I had to do, right?
And my group member came over to my college with all
the materials that we needed for our poster.

So, there I was, unrolling a piece of wrapping paper,
and a friend, who was there at the time, exclaimed
"Hey Lisa ! Your nails and the paper -
same colour wo !"

I looked down at my nails and the wrapping paper...

And OMG !!
He was soooo right !!!!

So he helped me take a photo of both
my hands on the paper
so I can show you guys !
What do you think? XD

p.s: Nail polish, courtesy of my coursemate
Alia Hamidi :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Indian Wedding

I'm getting married :)
Indian-wedding-style !!!
Can't you see my henna?
Typical of Indian weddings

I just went to Amin college for their
One Malaysia activities.
Today was an exhibition on Indian culture.

When I heard they were going to do
the henna, I went to the college
specially for that :)

I like it !

Thanks Hui Sun :P
muakz muakzzz

Saturday, August 8, 2009

All Black and Glitter

I love them !!

And since my lovely fingernails
and toenails are courtesy of
Ms. Christina Ann Sebastian,
I love her too
(not only for that reason
of course XD) !!

Nice, kan?


At times like these,
I love being a girly-girl

Friday, August 7, 2009

Of Gentlemen and Breasts


I'm sure that title caught your eye eh?

I shall not mention how long it has been since my last post.
And when finally, I have the time to blog, I do not really feel like doing so. >.<

Anyways....... Back to my title. Let me elaborate. I was in the KTM, at about 11 something in the morning. Surprisingly almost all the seats in all the coaches are occupied. And as I pass station after station, more and more people begin to fill the middle of the coach, standing of course. I managed to get a seat though. :) 

Anyway, I was sitting next to these 2 Chinese guys, who I noticed got off the same UKM bus I did at the UKM KTM station earlier. An old couple gets on at Kajang station. The old woman managed to squeeze through to the middle of the coach and hold on to one of those hand-thingy hanging from the top of the train. And it was pretty obvious that she was swaying left, right, front and back in sync with the train. I was actually considering getting up and offering my seat to the aunty, but before I could, one of the Chinese guys did exactly that !!

Honestly, that took me by surprise. Cos in all my life, I have never personally witnessed such a noble deed.
I mean, we all know what should be done, in principle.
But how many of us actually do it?

After seeing that, I couldn't help smiling at the guy the whole time till he got off the train (which was a few stops later). I wouldn't have minded getting his name *winks*

In the KTM on my way back at about 4 something in the afternoon, the coaches were already packed to the brim. (when is it never rush hour? I try all sorts of different times, but you still get packed into the sardine can anyway >.<) My feet were practically not touching the ground cos I was so squashed I was buoyed by everybody else around me. -_-"' And I literally had to lift my chin up to avoid being squashed by people's shoulders (my special height ensures that my face is always facing others' armpits >.<) and be able to breathe in cool, odour-free air !! 

Anyway, at Seputeh station, a whole family gets on - a young mother carrying a baby, an older woman (I'm guessing she's the young mother's mother) and a small boy - loaded with luggage. The woman carrying the baby (and the baby looked like a new-born to me !!) was being squashed horribly. A big-sized man (who had white hair and all) got up and gave his seat to the young mother. 

You think chivalry is dead and then you see two incidences like this in one single day !! I spent the journey through the next few stations staring at the cute little baby coo-ing and making funny I'm-farting-now faces !! (The small boy exclaims excitedly to his mom "Mak, mak, adik kentut !! Busuknyerr~~") lol

I could not help it. I stared and kept on smiling at them :)

Until, of course, I noticed the woman pull up her blouse and start breastfeeding her baby !!!

Sheesh, woman. It's the freakin' KTM, and it's packed with people !!!! >.<  

Hence, my title :P 

 Nope. Sorry. No photos of that XD 

 There. That's one post for this month. 
Ta-daaaaaa !!! XP