Monday, August 17, 2009

Hot (Highlighter) Pink

My latest colour !!
Nice kan?
It definitely catches people's attention :P

The background is the kain songket of my
convo costume
which I think it goes very well with :)

Last Saturday, after Christina
helped me paint my nails hot pink,
I had this group project I had to do, right?
And my group member came over to my college with all
the materials that we needed for our poster.

So, there I was, unrolling a piece of wrapping paper,
and a friend, who was there at the time, exclaimed
"Hey Lisa ! Your nails and the paper -
same colour wo !"

I looked down at my nails and the wrapping paper...

And OMG !!
He was soooo right !!!!

So he helped me take a photo of both
my hands on the paper
so I can show you guys !
What do you think? XD

p.s: Nail polish, courtesy of my coursemate
Alia Hamidi :)


Arnan Koh said...

you really should not paint your fingernails bright pink... it looks errr... horrible... it reminds be of syrup bandung...

i think your finger nails look great in thier natural colour... pinking it is really going overboard...

and having a pink background does not hide your fingernails...

Lisa ^^, said...

It's for fun niaaaaa :P

The Bee said...

hey thought if you want to match choir kebaya it should be purple lah...
this pink is "shocking pink" not my cup of tea =(
pastel would be more soothing to the eye haha
just beware it doesnt shock "some" lecturers to "persecution"
dont want them to pick on you for this reason ok???

Lisa ^^, said...

Didn't go for class. So escaped ! ;P

siehjin said...

ahhhhhh nooooooo! my eyessssss! =P

Hannah said...

why are your hands so brown???? and i prefer the doesn't really seem to go........

Lisa ^^, said...

That's what shades are for ! XD

I know. It's weeeeeee bit too bright. But oh well, at least I've tried it so I know. Just for fun anyways :)