Monday, August 17, 2009

The Fall(s)


After one of our sessions for convo,
I was walking down the stairs with Nana, and JiaYee
Oh, then Jia Cheng (ChengCheng) is coming UP the stairs
I talk to him
Chat chat chat chat chat chat
We pass each other
And I'm looking up at him as we continue talking
and I continue descending the stairs
A yell is heard
And another yelp
And I'm on my knees
staring at the stair railing
which is suddenly at eye level
and I realize I'm gripping the railing for dear life
I thought I was going to tergolek down the stairs
and possibly crack my head open !
During that split second
one thought flashed through my mind:
"UKM student dies from staircase fall"
Funny, huh?
I must have watched too many dramas


It was the morning session for convo
I'm playing the keyboard this session
Had a late night the night before
Was feeling a little sleepy
but also gan jeong about playing
My turn was up.
I get up to walk down 2 small steps
to where the keyboard is.
I miss my step and almost fall face-first
into the cak lempong
Just a few inches more >.< 


I'm walking out of my hostel block with Chrissy
It had been raining a couple of hours before this
so the floor was kinda wet
And me in my
slipar jamban
just takes a few steps out of the block

And I slip AGAIN.
And I land on one knee.

On the EXACT SAME spot
where I was injured and bruised in

I couldn't help it.
I let out a yell.

I guess you can tell:
(pardon the language)
It hurts like HELL.


shandye. said...

why so 'kelam'-see one?

haih ya... u shuld see what is in front of you when u walk-lah miss lisa.


Arnan Koh said...

i wonder who is the "him" you were talking to that you could get so distracted that you could trip....

yes... you are indeed UKM's Bella.. known for falling down, tripping and other mishaps...

maybe a vampire will come save you huh??

Jyannie said...

aiii... do take care k. i winced when u said u landed on the same spot for the second time. you rest those legs too =)

Amanda Chung said...

hey, dear....dun be so 'mung' leh....

any way, take care and dun be like me, twisted both of my

Lisa ^^, said...

Sorry lorrr >.< I didn't expect it la. We take for granted that we can descend the stairs without mishap. Now I tengok stairs I takut dy. Esp DECTAR stairs !!

"He" was just a friend laaaaa !!!!

Thanks. And you, your back aite? :)

I dunno la these few days something wrong with me >.< Sighhhhh

shandye. said...

mebbe you're too busy eyeing on that cute boy on the far left side kot...


Hani said...

Lisa mengusha! Haha. I remembered last convo May Lee terjatuh gak. She knocked on my door to tell me that the fell.

Lisa ^^, said...

Tu laa. Kalau jatuh cos of cute guy also not so bad. At least dpt eye candy kan? Sadly, takde la. Jatuh either sbab sleepy ke blur jer >.<

Yeah, she told me dia jatuh gak. Now I look down at DECTAR stairs I cam dah phobia :(

shandye. said...

its the fall....

nyanyi ala2 lagu the climb miley cyrus. ngee...

siehjin said...

aww... the bruises look bad. hope they heal quickly and well, and you'll be careful not to fall anymore...

hope you don't mind if i make a slightly naughty comment... =P

that is to say, you should be more stable actually, as your centre of gravity is lower... imagine how much worse the falls would be if you were normal, erm i mean taller. =D

Lisa ^^, said...

*speechless* -_-"'

You're soooo MEANNNNNN !!!!!
And giving me a heads up before you kutuk me does not make it any better !!!! >.<

lynette lim said...

hey...i had the same bruise s yurs but mine not a fall kena blue black took me 1 month to turn frens damn jahat somo..they purposely whack that part

Lisa ^^, said...

Yellowish ar? Ew. Mine is all black and purple. Looks horrible >.<
Won't be able to wear shorts for a while. Or short skirts :(
Ahaha my roomie also always threaten wanna hit my knee when I kacau her cos it hurts XD

David Leong Kin Ming said...

haha. siehjin. that's one wonderfully, perfectly executed statement, albeit the 'insultingness'. AHA

Lisa -> just found out u injured ur knees...wait let me laugh first. HAHAHAHA. sorry bout that. get well soon k

Lisa ^^, said...

Sakai you. >.<