Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Teaching Profession

I hate it. I really reaaalllllyyyy despise it. >.<  Oh. I don't mean teaching profession the profession. I meant teaching profession the subject.
Yes, I know it's pretty strange to study the subject Teaching Profession when I'm in the teaching profession.
But I do.

Paper was over and done with. TODAY. *cheers*
And boy, am I relieved. Relieved is an understatement.
I have been frustrated studying for a subject before. I have struggled with a subject so bad I wanted to give up.

But never, NEVER as it was with Teaching Profession - the subject.

First pain-in-the-butt fact:

Teaching Profession - the subject - is taught in English. Finals was in English. Text book given in MALAY. Bahasa Malaysia. Our beloved national language. 
Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against our national language. Honest. But come onnnnnn. Finals in English, text in Malay?? wth. Can't they even be consistent? Uniform? If you're gonna have the text book in Malay, then have the finals in Malay. If it has to be done in English cos we're doing English, then provide us with a freakin' ENGLISH text book!!!
They seriously, honestly expect us to spontaneously translate everything into English as we read the freakin' thing? Ish.

You know what I can't understand? We're certainly not the first batch of TESL students to come along. This means that all the previous batches of seniors have been suffering translating the text as well. Did it NEVER OCCUR to the lecturers to actually find a decent text book in ENGLISH???!! I know la, our own lecturers wrote the text book, published by our own UKM, that's why in Malay. But the text itself sounded almost 70% English anyway. Which leads to:

Second pain-in-the-butt fact:

There were soooooooooooooooo many NEW Malay words that I never knew existed in our beloved national language. But somehow, somehow, my knowledge of ENGLISH vocabulary kinda helped me. I mean, words like konsepsi and persepsi, we're all used to it by now. The initial shock at the almost 100% similarity to their respective English counterparts have already blown over. But THESE are a class of their own. I'll show you what I mean. Some words I discovered (and learned existed) in my Teaching Profession text book:

(whatever happened to dibincangkan??)
(what about pilihan?)
(yes, it really IS resource)
literatur (and yes, it's literature. Only missing the 'e')
(as in iceberg!)
personel (I think they meant personal, or peribadi)

and my favourite:

skedul (It's schedule. I'm totally 100% serious. I have proof. OMG right???!!)

Hilarious, I know.
But jokes aside, WTH. What on earth is becoming of our national language????!!!
I rasa malu, tau?

Now, with annoying words like that popping up every few pages, how can anyone concentrate??
Especially when I'm studying English.
The audacity!! Beh tahan. >.<  

So imagine, just imagine, the TORTURE of studying that? Of having to read that, in a Malay that is berbelit-belit, the kind where after reading a whole page, I had no idea what the author was getting at. And then see words like that. And after that, translate EVERYTHING, terms and all, into English. To MEMORIZE.


I'm sure you understand why I said that feeling relieved after that paper is an understatement. >.< Which is also why I am contemplating burning this particular text book to ashes just so I will not have to see it again. EVER. But with Earth Hour and Earth Day and all, I might just sell it to recycling. Earn something there. :) 

Or. As someone suggested, sell the text book to my college's cafe mak cik to use to bungkus nasi lemak. Then, maybe those eating the nasi lemak can be blessed with the knowledge of when the Education Act 1996 was approved in Parliament, or the implications of the National Education Philosophy on Teacher Education in Malaysia. *snore*

Hey, it's also giving back to the community. Plus, it's eco-friendly. XD

So, guess what I did to treat myself after that STUPID (pardon my frankness) paper?

I did French manicures!!!
Don't they look nice??? *beams*
I did them all by meself too!


I feel sooo much better now. :)


IuhniX said...

I understand your feeling.
UKM lecturers are very creative people.
I doubt if those words exist in kamus dewan.
If I were you, I will tear the book into pieces and recycle them since burning the book is bad for the environment. lol

Good luck !

Lisa ^^, said...

Someone suggested that I sell to cafe aunty to use to bungkus nasi lemak. ahaha I like that idea best!! XD

siawase_tenshi said...

Agreed. TP is indeed a pain in the ****whatever you choose to call it****, hahahahahaha....! SooooSooooo Happy it's over!!!

~`w!L`Li@m'~ said...

Oh stop whining....
It's not just you who are using Malay textbooks padahal all the exams are in English ok!
I have to read my Physiology in Malay....Imagine all the medical terms in Malay which need to be translated in English! I mean...it's difficult alright...cos most of them are new and never heard before! Eg: ketulian means deafness; kemanglian = immunity; and terusan ion berganding reseptor = gated channels! On the other hand, eventhough your's is in Malay but they are common terms used in everyday life.
Count your blessings Lisa...you don't know what it is like on the other side of the world....

pris08 said...

Lisa, i TOTALLY understand... *nods in agreement* hated that subject too!

Lisa ^^, said...

Haiyo. I didn't say that I'm the only one who's suffering like this okay? I have friends whose lecture notes are all in English but the lecturer lectures in Malay. All sorts of funny things they come up with lar. But I'm talking about MY experience ma. My blog apa. wakakka If you wanna complain about yours, blog about it la!! I'd love to read about it and comment and nod head in total agreement!! XD

Yer. Really beh tahan. Don't know how you guys did it. >.<
Good luck to the future juniors!! Ish.

The Bee said...

wah your list of words is really really frightening and shocking!
while we were in uni it was the reverse
most in english but they imposed 10 per cent of lectures must be in bahasa malaysia then
so the poor bio and chem lecturers most of them were schooled in english had to
lecture in their broken atrocious bm!!!
and also get their lecture notes translated into bm!!
that s when i saw the beginning of 'deskripsi', 'asimilasi' but ....
discussion is still perbincangan
can never never be 'diskusi' loh etc etc

~`w!L`Li@m'~ said...

and did I mention tampan does NOT mean handsome? It's buffer!
And guess what is free nerve ending translated to Malay? It's hujung-hujung saraf TELANJANG! Wakakaka....so much for being naked.
Sigh...anyone knows what lemak perang means? Fat war?? Cannot be right? @_@

T.E.J. Davin said...

In a book I read called "The Last Lecture", there was a part where he said this;

"If only you would put as much effort in achieving something as you would complaining."

He also said this;

"The brick walls are not there to keep us out but to give us a chance to show how badly we want something."

You complain and whine and moan. Would it get you anywhere? Give it some thought. =)

Lisa ^^, said...

Hujung2 saraf TELANJANG??!! OMG. Seriously?? *faints*

Lemak perang??? Em, maybe it's perang as in bronze/brown? Em, Bronze/brown fats? Didn't know it existed! *shrugs*

Ouch. Harsh Vin Vin. Oh well, I guess I do sound whiny. But I was kinda pissed that this was the kinda crap that we had to deal with when those who had the power to do something don't do anything at all. Sometimes it amazes me that questions as obvious as that can occur to us, but not to them! Just wanna melepaskan geram jer, that's all.
I do wish I could do something about it. But I can't think of any way to solve it. People are butchering the Malay language everywhere, not just in UKM. It's becoming a trend, trying to make BM sound more sofistikated!
Is there really anything we can do to curb this? I don't think so Vin Vin. What do you suggest?

T.E.J. Davin said...

More options than one.

Be a politician.

Join Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka.

Become a well known lecturer and do a research paper on it.

Ok, so I can only think of 3. =P

~`w!L`Li@m'~ said...

Yeah...it's brown fats. Hehe...only realized after I submitted the comment. :P

Brown fats found mainly in infants to produce heat as a natural protection against cold when being oxidized; due to the lack of ability for infants' skeletal muscles to shiver.

Wow...it's my turn to teach you some stuff now! haha...

Lisa ^^, said...

>>T.E.J. Davin
Ahahha!! So that means you'll be a future politician then?? Vote Vin Vin!!! XD

Wow. We actually have BROWN fats!! In infants ar? What about now? Do we still have them? Or are they hibernating somewhere? And why BROWN? So DULL. Why can't we have like PINK fats, or PURPLE fats? More interesting ba! teehee

T.E.J. Davin said...

Lol...I highly doubt so...I hate politics.

I'm actually thinking of becoming a lecturer...but Malaysia is not really the place for me to become that. I just feel it somehow. No idea why. =P

~`w!L`Li@m'~ said...

Honestly...I've never seen brown fats. I've just read bout it only. Purple? Blue? Green fats? Can you be more bizarre than this?

Lisa ^^, said...

>>T.E.J. Davin
I hate politics too! ahhaa Why not become a lecturer? Me maybe too. ahaha Oh well. There are a lot of things that needs to be improved in Malaysia. So, instead of just saying that's that, we should maybe become part of the system, and then be more able to do something about it. Like, you know, Malaysia may need more Christian lecturers and teachers. That's all the reason you need. :)

Sorry la. Bit crazy. Like SOMEONE said, I'm stressed out to the point of insanity. wakakaka
But who knows right? I mean, if there's brown fats, there is, in all posibility purple fats too! XD

T.E.J. Davin said...

Ahhh, see, now you are looking at it in different ways. Indeed...we'll let time and God decide. See where the future leads. =)

Lisa ^^, said...

>>T.E.J. Davin
Well, see I'm becoming a teacher? ahaha That's what I'm doing. Waiting for you to be potician laaa. wakakaka XD

xinli said...

sigh, it's just sad lah...
i've seen my fair share what with most of our science papers still being bilingual.

but on the bright side,
will get a frenchie one day :)

shandye. said...

the fact that we do NOT have a proper set of notes for the entire semester freaks me the most as i definitely felt totally not prepared.

about the whole 'direct-translation' from bm to bi... hell-yeah even me a malay felt totally lost sometimes reading (and rereading) the questions.

the language use is somehow felt not properly standardized and sometimes i felt as if the questions set out on the last minutes.

ah... whatever... i am studying for language awareness now....

Lisa ^^, said...

Ooh, thanks babe! Pretty kan?? *beams*

Waaaa. So rajin la you nie. I whole tak buat apa2 pun. Just online, FB dan blog jer. ahaha XD