Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ray of Hope

With great effort, I opened my eyes. All was dark. Then I saw a tiny ray of light, igniting a tiny ray of hope in me. I freed myself from all the rubble and debris. "At least I'm still alive," I thought.

But what about him? I wondered, a shiver running down my spine.
Despite my best effort to think positively, I feared the worst.

Could anyone else have survived this?

I was lucky. Was he as lucky? Would I ever see him again?

I was hit with a bout of loneliness and despair. Desperate, I pushed away all the small rocks and stones around me, clearing a path towards the tiny hole representing my freedom. I dug my fingers into the dirt, scraping my hands and elbow in the process. But I ignored the pain. The physical pain I experienced was nothing compared to the pain of losing him.

I first met him five years ago. As cliche as it may seem, it was definitely love at first sight. Watching him just made my face split in a wide grin. I was happier than I had been in a long, long time. With him in my life, the loneliness I had been suffering from disappeared like rain clouds after a storm. We were inseparable ever since.

The tiny hole slowly gave way and more and more sunlight streamed through the opening I had made. But its significance was lost to me as I continued to think of him.

He had always loved "Tom and Jerry" the animation. Every time it came on the telly he'd be right there sitting next to me on the couch. He would never say much during these episodes. We would just sit in companionable silence and I would just savour the feel of the heat of his body pressed against my thigh. Anyone looking at the both of us would certainly be unable to hold back a smile.

Ironically, there was no smile on my face when I finally broke onto the surface. I was free and alive, yet I felt dead inside.

I sank to my knees and let the tears flow.

"How can I go on without you?" I sobbed into the ground.

A yelp forced me to lift my face up. And when I did, he was there. He was right there. I got to my feet, blinking in disbelief, praying this was no cruel joke that my mind was playing on me in my grief.

But when he barked three times in succession and ran on all fours towards me, my heart leapt! And I knew this was real.

As I hugged his soft furry white body to mine amidst all the wreckage around us, I somehow knew, that everything was going to be all right. :)

© LISA KWAN 2011 ; All rights reserved.

p.s: This was a "Complete the essay" question for my Language Awareness final. I wrote down as much as I could remember writing, which is about 90%. :P All except the first paragraph was written in about 40 minutes in Lobi Utama, DECTAR, 29/04/2009.
Hope you like it!
And more importantly, hope my lecturer likes it and gives me full marks!
(I need all the help I can get >.<)


Anonymous said...

what help do u need la dear? u dun seem in need of help tho... haha...
The story is great! I LOVE it!!
n FULL MARKS?? u all can hv full marks is it?? tht's good la.. hehe... =)

Lisa ^^, said...

That's just Section D of the whole paper. It's just 10 marks. So I meant get full marks for this section. Cos the other sections....haha Like I said, I need the help! XD

Anonymous said...

oo... 10 marks n u write SOOOOO LONG???!!!! so siao!!!!! n.. "anon" - sounds so not cool la.. hahaha.....

Lisa ^^, said...

You are the one putting Anonymous. So basically you don't have a name. So I can call you whatever I like. wakakaka
Yeah, I actually went over the word limit. But I'm telling a story! Potong a bit means potong steam!! >.<

Anonymous said...

siao la u.. summor exceed word limit. gila case ni.
anyhow, I love the story. haha.. =)

Lisa ^^, said...

Thanks. It's really very simple only. I felt like writing more, but didn't want to write a novel. After my lecturer marah. ahaha So, thanks. Glad you like it :)

siawase_tenshi said...

So touching~ ^^ Love it too

J e n n Y said...

wei it's nice leh!

Aravin said...

OMG....very nice story write so could think pf all this during exam? OMG...i dunno wat to say are great...

DaN said...



simply excellent...

I'd add extra to the already full marks because it moved me so much hahah

dammit wei, you could've gone for a career in.. WRITING!!!

How many times i repeat myself sometimes xD

Lisa ^^, said...


Awwwww. Thanks so much you guys! I feel very flattered. I don't think it's that good, but thanks for thinking so! Paisehhhhhh XD

shandye. said...

you should try writing short stories for publication lisa. really.
that is some good creative writing.
i am totally impressed by you, as you can recall what you have written in the exam sheet.
as for me?
as soon as i step out the exam hall... semua dah lupa. ahaks.

p/s:- i hate you for keluar awal that day. muka kinfiden. benci!!! (in a good way-lah)

Lisa ^^, said...

Awww. Thanks Shy. I take that as a big compliment since you ni writer yourself XD
Ahaha. Alaaaaa. Jangan la benci sy pulak. Sedih sy tau?? hehe XD
Sy dah tulis apa yang sy tau dah. Yang lain tu dah tak leh fikir lagi. Esp yang cohesive devices tu. >.<
So tengok lama2 pun bukannya dpt fikirkan answer lagi, so keluar jer la. Kurang tension. Have early dinner. haha It's OVER

hannah khaw said...

hey i love it!
such a sweet story. <3

─Éarren said...

loved it XD
you really have a way of creating suspense, and the unique twist in your endings is like a trademark in your writings... but its what makes your writings stand out =)

Lisa ^^, said...

Thanks Hannah. Thanks Darren! Sooo sweet :)