Saturday, April 25, 2009

What Should I Have For Dinner?

The Problem:
One of the hardest decisions I have to make daily is:

What should I have for dinner?


The problem is not that there are too many choices that I can't decide on which one.
It's that there's seriously not that many good places to go, I mean, for one who has no personal transport, for a nice, good dinner. And the choices we do have are not really that appealing. >.<

Sometimes, I think that's one of the perks of staying at home. You don't have to worry about what's for dinner. Cos, mum will cook, or da bao or we go out to eat.

Here, I have to think about what to eat. And it's not an easy choice.
Cos you're either just too lazy to change from comfy spaghetti-strapped and shorts to respectable "decent" clothes (by UKM standard: no exposed knees, or arms or skin anywhere) and leave the room, or the quality of the food is not motivating enough for you to be excited about any one choice at all.

So, my roomie and I got up after our 15 minute nap (it was 15 minutes. We both had alarms). Then we looked at each other. "What to eat ah?"

"I was thinking just make Maggi again lor." (I know, the sad life of a university student - we survive on Maggi.)
"Huh? Sien la."
"Then, what about Pusanika cafe?"
"Erm, can la. But gotta walk there, then bathe after that lor."


"Then, buying roti canai from our cafe le?"

Silence again.

"Haiyaa. How to decide le?"
"I don't know...."

The Method:
So, Nana came up with this:

Option A:
Make own Maggi dinner

Option B:
Roti canai from college cafe

Option C:
Pusanika cafe


The card with the highest value
will be our choice for dinner tonight.
The value system is based on Chor Dai Di
(Big Two) rules, meaning
3 of diamonds is the smallest value
with 2 of spades the biggest.

The Result:

Option A

Option B

Option C

So, I guess you know what we had for dinner, huh? XD

I told Nana that this was the most unique method of decision-making that I have yet to study and learn about in my Decision-Making Skills class.

Hm, who knows. Maybe one day, the lecturer will mention: Chance Method by Chu (Aileena) 2009.

Of course, this method works only for certain problems. :)
But it solves the problem!!


siawase_tenshi said...

Ha Ha Ha...Very innovative!! Chor Dai di...and I tot tat was only for gambling, hihi!!

chingZ said...

Girls... dun think too much. Just eat anything that you can find in the cafe. Or go pusanika... yes it's far but the journey there with your roommate is super nice (coz I use to do that eg: go al fariz with my roommate, even take walks together - he's not a Christian, so it's great time spent) :D

Btw: Thanks for the comment in me blog. Appreciate that :D

may lee!! said...

call me if you're going to eat out! i'm so bored in my room, i now know what ppl mean when they say 'the crushing weight of monotony'. i'm dying. save me, lisaaaa!!!!

btw. go kdo and makan la. the food is a gazillion times better, i swear. its like, what, an extra 2 minute walk? don't so lazy. exercise, woman!

Lisa ^^, said...

Gotta thank Nana for coming up with that! Pure genius!! :P

ahaha I know. I did that once with Nana la. We went and had Cantonese Yee Mee. Which was really not bad you know? XD

btw: no probs la old man. My pleasure. :)

>>may lee!!
Sure babe. ahaha I know you need me to save you from you boring, uninteresting and uneventful life without me!! Here I come to save the day!!
*cue Mighty Mouse theme song*

The Bee said...

you two are incredible!!! incredibly funny and creative????
i think if put on a deserted island
both of you could come up with great things!!!
may be i can use that some time hehe
i hv decision-making probs too lah