Monday, April 6, 2009

Five and a Half Hours

You must be wondering what time interval that is.


Well, I watched
6 episodes (3 each) of Prison Break and One Tree Hill back-to-back in one sitting - a full five and a half hours.

I went back for the weekend. What do you expect??
How come? you ask?

Every week when I do not go back, my brother records all my favourite shows for me with our VCR (yes, we still have one. It must be worth millions now in its antiquity).
He would usually record
Gilmore Girls (Saturdays, 10.30pm 8TV), One Tree Hill (Sundays, 10.30pm 8TV), Prison Break (Mondays, 10.30pm 8TV), Ugly Betty (Tuesdays, 9.30pm 8TV) and Desperate Housewives (Tuesdays, 10.30pm 8TV) for me so I can come back during the weekend, and sit back and enjoy my faves.

Can you see why I LOVE 8TV?????!!!!! heeee

So, since I haven't gone back for 3 weeks already, he actually ran out of tape.
I mean, there's 5 different TV series, and 3 weeks worth of episodes. Do the math.

5 X 3 X 1 hour = 15 hours worth of tapes!!!

There was once, I came back after 3 weeks of absence as well, and I had 7 tapes waiting for me.
My brother almost sounded tearful, "
Che, I didn't have enough tape to record ______ for you!"

Awwwwwwwww. My brother is the sweetest!!!!

This time though. He
really did not have enough tape, so he had to tape over some.

One Tree Hill
My most favourite TV series of all time!
The guys are hot, the babes are hot.
And the scriptwriters are absolute geniuses!
They deal not only with teenage angst,
but also with life, love, family, relationships and death.
It's awesome.
Those who do not watch, are sorely missing out.
Watch it. You'll love it.

Prison Break
Absolutely the best!!
(still can't decide between OTH and PB)
Week after week, it's just
climax, climax and CLIMAX!
There's never a down in this series.
gan jeong wan.
And all the freakin' time too!!
Wentworth Miller is
Just LOOK into his eyes!!!
(above right)

Which is why I watched only
Prison Break and One Tree Hill episodes. (He rationalized that I would prefer not to miss a single episode of PB and OTH rather than GG, UB or DH. And he's right. My brother is a genius!!)

Going back this weekend was really good. It felt really good to be home!
(Sorry to all those who seem not as fortunate to live a mere 40 minutes away from current place of study)

Came back on a Friday, instead of a Saturday (cos there was no Saturday
ko-k class. Yippeeeee!!!), and no orthodontist's appointment, so was less rushed than the last time I came back.

I had all my books with me, to start studying of course.
But since my brother had already
susah-payah recorded all those episodes for me, I can't NOT watch them right?
I would feel bad.

So, I watched the shows instead of studying.
You can't blame me for that, can you?
Yes, it was for my brother.
I mean, I was soo
dying to start studying, but after all my brother has done for me, it's only right that I finish watching ALL of them episodes too.
I can't be
selfish can I?
After all the hard work he put in to record those for me?
For my brother's sake, you know. Not mine. XD

Took naps in the afternoon. Made my famous (within the family) potato salad, and even watched
Game Plan just cos I wanted to. XP

It's nice to go home. :)

But darn, I can't study! I barely read 2 pages yesterday night of my
Teaching Profession - about Ordinan Pelajaran 1952, Penyata Razak 1956, Penyata Rahman Talib 1960 - and I was already yawning my head off. Ish.

Again, you can't blame me!

There was choir practice just before. And DECTAR was
freakin' HOT so everyone was literally sweating bullets! Not that DECTAR isn't normally warm, but yesterday night, it was EXCEPTIONALLY WARM. No kidding.

Plus, since Eugene (our beloved choir master) was off gallivanting in
Guangzhou CHINA, Shu Jun and I (his two Assistant Choir Masters) had to take over the practice for that week.

Which was tiring to say the least.
I was pretty
gan jeong the hours just before practice began. Was intimidating too. Started panicking cos Kemegahan Negaraku was too freakin hard to play!!!!

But by practice, I had a more
oh-who-cares-if-die-then-die-lah attitude, and so practice was less scary. To me, at least.
But boy, it is certainly
not easy leading.

Surprisingly, I kinda enjoyed it. We had fun.
Although, inevitably, they bullied me (you know who you are - giggling and laughing at me, and silently conducting on your own. haha.
Yeah, sooo funny.) I guess I can never escape that, can I? Sigh.

All in all, I think Shu Jun and I did a pretty good job. :)
But PLEASE, this does not mean I wanna do this more often (I'm telling
you, Eugene. Aheh).

Oh, crap. I've exceeded my allowed-online-time.


Sigh. Back to
Akta Pelajaran 1961 it is, then.


~`w!L`Li@m'~ said...

Wow....I wish I still had my VCR and there's someone in my house to do the recording for me...'s been a year now since I lost touch with the couch potato me....
It's the bookworm me now...Sigh...

Lisa ^^, said...

Awwwwww. So saaaad. Kesiannyer Walrus! heeee XD

Lisa ^^, said...

p.s: Don't study too much la William...Be like me....wakkakakak :P

The Bee said...

the 'watching-spree' is understandable
know why?
can safely conclude daddy's genes have great influence here lah...

xinli said...

i'm so jealous. i haven't watched a single ep of PB since it aired. sobsob... i miss wentworth miller :)

Lisa ^^, said...

Awwwwwww. Too bad. aheh. He's soo HOT. Sighhhhhhhh XP

Arnan Koh said...

such a good brother.... maybe leaving home made them realize that they really miss you...

still remember the time you always got bullied by them?? said...

prison break... my fav, but i skip few episode ledi :(