Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

This is the day
He chose to die
Enduring 12 hours of suffering,
pain, and humiliation;
to be whipped,
and spat on.
He was mocked
and laughed at,
by the very same people
who had welcomed Him with open arms
just days before;
who were supposedly His own people.

Betrayed by one He trusted,
not because He had not seen it coming,
but because He knew it had to happen.
Kneeling by the foothill of Gathsemany,
His pain was very real.
Would you willingly go to your death?
Knowing that it would not be painless,
but would be one of the most
torturous form of death
known to mankind?
He did.
Like any man would have,
He cried out to be released
from this self-sacrifice.
But He went through with it.
Suffered and died.
What for?
Two words.

For us.

The reason we can live, love,
enjoy, laugh, cry,
shout, scream
is because of what He has done.
Because He has taken our place.

Why is this Friday
a good one, many ask?
If it was a day of suffering and death,
why call it GOOD FRIDAY?

Because we,
the people He loved enough to die for,
now have life and hope.

It's a day we are reminded
of His compassion and love for
each and every single one of us,
believer or non-believer.

So let us remember His sacrifice for us,
remember what He went through for us,
and give thanks.

It's Good.
For us, that is. :)

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