Monday, April 18, 2011

Research Foundations? Ugh.


Done with Research Foundations.

OMG, wasn't that a pain to study for ! >.<

I had four pages of short notes by the end of it. And if you don't think that's much, I should remind you that I have teeny tiny writing, and each page has 2 columns full of black squiggly writing that I need to MEMORIZE. Stat.

Phew. Had a minor panic attack yesterday, AGAIN. >.<

(Who wouldn't? Only finished making short notes at 10.00 pm at night when the paper is at 8.30 am the next morning ! Brilliant time management, eh? @.@)


That's all I can say, really.

MCQ questions were repetitions from past-year papers. Which would have been AWESOME news. 

If I had the correct answers to them.

But I didn't.

Sure they were familiar questions, and I could answer them fast enough. (30 questions in less than 20 minutes >.<)

But were they the right answers?
Your guess is as good as mine.

But the highlight of my day was receiving some great news about my carry marks for my Comparative Literature subject.

I did really well ! Thank God :D

(Which reminds me, I feel like re-watching 
How I Met Your Mother again! :P)

Though I know the hurdle is not completely over yet, with the final exam this Friday, and expected to be extremely challenging, at the moment, I have a good feeling talking about Literature. So let me enjoy it while I still can. :)

At least, while I still haven't gotten down to actually studying and memorizing notes for it yet.

Cos when I do, I think I'll be getting another "minor panic attack".

Again. @.@

p.s: Just celebrated my joy over Literature by watching Disney animated movie Aladdin. I have to say, Aladdin is actually reallllllyyyy good-looking ! For an animated character, of course :P

p.p.s: Four down, three more to go. Closer to the finish line. :D

Sunday, April 17, 2011

'Tis Normal

'Tis normal to wake up at 12.00pm with half the day gone, only to spend the next two hours dilly dallying before even opening your notes and books to study.

'Tis normal to then stare at your notes and day dream about......stuff. (Don't ask me what stuff. They were day dreams. How would I remember?)

'Tis normal to have your pen poised and ready to write notes, but think about what to have for dinner later.

'Tis normal for you to spend time choosing which coloured highlighters to use for each point so that the overall effect of your notes are colourful and pretty.

'Tis normal to arrange said coloured highlighters and pens to take a photo of, cos you are thinking of blogging about this later.

'Tis normal to spend hours battling your inner self on why it is certainly more important to be studying now, than to "take a break" and browse FB.

'Tis normal then that your inner self lost, and to actually spend hours browsing FB, Twitter and Blogger.

'Tis normal to take a bathroom break every 15 minutes, cos you can't stand looking at your slides for longer than that.

'Tis normal to convince yourself that lying on bed while reading notes is more comfortable, and therefore more effective, in the long run, in memorizing notes.

'Tis normal, after that, to use the above to justify why you fell asleep a few minutes later.

'Tis normal to watch the animated Disney movie Hercules just cos you haven't seen it "in a long timeeeeee" *whine whine*. Plus, you need to reward yourself for "working so hard".

'Tis normal to finish re-watching How I Met Your Mother and to then search for another series to watch, in the midst of exams.

'Tis normal to have the motivation to wake up early (9.00am yo~) just for the sake of satisfying your craving for nasi lemak and Teh O, while the fact that you haven't finished studying usually makes you sleep in till at least 11.00am.

Nasi lemak and Teh O for RM 1.00 only!
I am now soooo motivated to study!
Not. >.<

All this.

'Tis normal isn't it?
(Please tell me it is ! *desperate* T.T)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Muchas Gracias, Profesora

I was actually very nervous about Spanish exam.

I mean, actually I was thinking, Nah. I'll be okay. Spanish is okay. I did fine for my quiz. I'm not doing too bad. Spanish won't be all that bad.

But I have this phobia about thoughts like that. Whenever such thoughts cross my mind, I'll shut them out. I'll tell myself not to be over-confident. Cos it just might bite me in the butt. Maybe to teach me a lesson (for being too confident) I'll do badly in the exam.

Sounds like a jinx, huh? Although I don't believe in jinxes. >.<

So I (kinda) worked hard. Went through our entire text book and work book. Did some exercises online. Prepared and wrote out sample essays for possible topics.

Here's one, entitled "Hobbies":

     Soy una chica normal. Pero tengo muchas aficiones! Me encanta cantar. Todos los dias, yo canto en el bano! Mis amigas dicen estoy ruidosa! Sin embargo, yo todavia canto en el bano. Tambien, me gusta muchisimo escuchar la musica en la radio. Mi cantante favorito es Carrie Underwood. Ella es el cantante de country. Ella es muy dulce y guapa tambien.
     En mi tiempo libre, me encanta leer las novelas especialmente esas novelas de Jodi Picoult. Ella es una buena escritora. Tengo casi todas las novelas de Jodi Picoult en mi casa! Ademas, me gusta escribir cuentos. Espero puedo ser una escritora famosa un dia, como Jodi Picoult!
     Soy interesante, si? :D

     I am a normal girl. But I have many hobbies! I love to sing. Every day, I sing in the shower! My friends tell me that I'm too noisy, but I still sing in the shower. I also really like to listen to music on the radio. My favourite singer is Carrie Underwood. She is a country singer. She is also very sweet and pretty.
     During my free time, I love reading novels, especially those written by Jodi Picoult! She is a good writer. I have almost all her novels in my home! I also like writing stories. I hope I can be a famous writer one day, just like Jodi Picoult!
     I am interesting, right? :D

Although I had calmed down for a while, the nervousness came back hours before the paper began. I posted Estoy nerviosa (I am nervous @.@) on the wall of our Spanish FB group Los Bandidos (which means The Bandits--how cool is that??!! xD). But people are so encouraging aren't they? Even people I don't know :) 

And of course, my Spanish lecturer commented, Mucha suerte, Lisa! Pero eres una buena estudiante y puedes hacer el examen muy bien! (Good luck, Lisa! But you are a good student and you can do very well in the exam!)

But wow, was the paper tough. It was not easy at all ! Tough ! @.@

I'd forgotten my numbers. (How do you write 389 in words? T.T) And I'd forgotten my professions. (I forgot that azafata is stewardess and what on earth is camarero?) (Oh. It means waiter. Crap.)

I want so badly to do well. I realllyyyyyy like my Spanish lecturer. I don't wanna let her down :(

Well, the whole paper was 80 marks, which brings to a total of 40%. So everything will be halved, right? Thank God the tough parts do not have that heavy a weightage. I hope.

Anyways, Spanish is done with ! :D

I texted Senorita Leyshack after the exam, telling her the paper no es ficil (is not easy) and I'd forgotten mi numero (my numbers T.T). And I thanked her, muchas gracias, for everything and told her that tu clase de espanol es muy muy divertida! (your Spanish class is very very fun!).

And she replies, See you in Level 2 then !

Oh. Aheh. I'd really love to. But em, next semester is my final semester. You know, thesis and all. Aheh.

I'll see. I'll try. No promises. :P

No more Spanish. No more fun classes. No more Ms. Leyshack.


Well, sincerely from me,
(in English. I don't think I have enough Spanish vocabulary to express what I want to say :P)

Thank you Ms. Leyshack for teaching us Spanish. I strongly believe that one of the main reasons I enjoyed learning Spanish so much was because of you. You were fun, you were sporting, you were funny, you made us laugh, you made us all fall in love with you (in a very teacher-crush kinda way :P). I loved your stories about how Spanish people just love to party, and have drinks, and socialize, and just have fun with their friends. And also how you always insisted that though you guys always partied hard, you worked hard too. You were a great teacher. You were always encouraging, always guiding, always willing to help. You made time for us. You made sure we learned not only for the sake of passing the subject, but for language usage and communication. You not only taught us well, with plenty of extra information to boot, but shared with us the life and culture of the Spanish people through your stories and through your personality. For that, I am truly grateful. I am happy to have had the opportunity to feel this small connection with the Spanish people, even if it was only for 14 weeks. But I have loved it all because of you :) Muchas gracias, profesora. Besos! <3

p.s: Can you see how much I'm procrastinating studying for next week's papers? Aiyaiyai. >.< Anyhoo, three down. Four more to go.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Examen Segundo

My, oh my.

How time has flown !

I just spent the past 3 hours (re-)watching How I Met Your Mother episodes. @.@

Phew. Sociolinguistics----DEAD AND GONE !!!

whoooooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo~ :P

Although I had a minor panic attack last night (there was just so much to study and so much to memorize and I only finished writing my notes at like 9.00pm at night and the exam's in the morning but I haven't even started memorizing all the stuff yet and what if what I wrote in my notes to study for and focus on is not coming out in the exam but what I chose and decided to leave out--cos there's just too freakin' much to READ--is what's really coming out for exams and OMG I don't have much time to even really memorize what I already have OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG I'm so gonna dieeeeeeee T.T) I got relatively calmer by 1.00 am in the morning.

Which was scary really, cos I was worried I would not be able to wake up the next morning.

Well, I did. No problem.

But with these HUGE eye bags under my eyes. Ugh.

Hideous >.<

But oh well. It's exam season. Aren't we all wearing them these days? xD

Paper turned out fineeee. Phew. I was worried to death I wouldn't be able to answer anything, especially for essay.

But things went well. I turned on my crapping skills and it was onnnnnn. :P

I won't go as far as to say I'm so scoring an A for this paper, but hey, it's just nice enough to leave the exam hall with a good feeling, isn't it? :D

Managed to meet my Spanish lecturer, Senorita Leyshack earlier today to ask her some last-minute questions on Spanish verbs and grammar and stuff. :P

Mi profesora de Espanol es muy muy atractivo y guapa, si?
Nope. Not telling you what the caption is. Go Google Translate yourself xD
(But I'm guessing you can make a good guess what I mean, yes? :P)

Next up, Spanish !


And I just spent 3 hours (re-)watching How I Met Your Mother episodes. >.<

I never learn, do I? T.T

Monday, April 11, 2011

One Down

I just completed my first paper today-- GGGD 4123 Pembangunan Insan dan Kewarganegaraan.

YES !!!! :D

I slept early last night. 

Well, I was in bed by 12.00 am. Snuggled up under the covers of my blankie and made sure that I had TWO alarms set for 6.30 am and 6.35 am. (Just in case I snoozed the first.)

I lay there and closed my eyes, expecting sleep to come immediately, as usual.

But when a text message came in at 1.04 am, I was awake to read it. (It was from Nana, about whether I wanted to order Chinese food for dinner this week. In case you were wondering.)

My mind was too filled with all the stuff I was memorizing for the morning's paper. Rasional Pendidikan Sivik dan Kewarganegaraan, Matlamat, Skop Kandungan, Pendekatan, Strategi and Penilaian. Pemupukan Nilai-nilai Murni di sekolah, Peranan Guru sebagai Pelindung, Model Tingkah Laku dan Mentor. Teori Evolusi Darwin, Teori Machiavelli, Fahaman Marxisme, Teori Psikoanalitik Sigmund Freud, Relativisme, Positivisme and Empirisisme. Mazhab Perkembangan Berstruktur, Mazhab Pembelajaran Sosial, Mazhab Psikoanalitik.

I literally had to shut my eyes tight and will myself to stop.

Will. Kekuatan kudrat which is the kuasa to menggerakkan pertimbangan seseorang. One of the qualities under aspek psikomotor in pemupukan nilai-nilai murni di sekolah.

ARGH. See? My mind is saturated with this stuff. >.<

Anyway, thank God I managed to get some sleep in the end and wake up at the first alarm. (Yay ! :D)

By 7.15 am, I was ready to get it on !

Does this look like a "Get it onnn!!!" face?
Nah. Didn't think so too. 
I'm too cute! xD

Walked down the steps, past DECTAR and headed to the bus stop at the Fakulti Pengajian Islam, to catch the Zone 2 bus. Although it is quite a distance compared to the bus stop at my college, I find that Zone 3 buses are way too crowded. And I expected more people since it was the exam season. Normally, I would just walk a few minutes just to catch the less-crowded bus. That's me :)

Anyway, both buses stop at the exam hall, so it doesn't matter right?

Apparently, it did now. I got on the Zone 2 bus, and it was several minutes later when it totally went out of character and turned into DECTAR instead of turning left out of the roundabout.

Wh- HUH? What's going on???

Frantic, I quickly got off the bus at DECTAR, still confused.

What? Did they change the bus routes cos of the exam season? I don't remember Zone 2 taking this route the last semester. >.<

Oh well. What can you do?

So I walked. Yeah. Well. Didn't have much of a choice then, cos the Zone 3 bus would most likely have passed the bus stop at my college by then anyway. Either walk, or risk being late.

Felt like a horrible near-disaster start to the day. T.T

Surprisingly calm feeling sitting for the first paper. :)

Took me 15 minutes to complete the 30-question MCQ section. So I slowly took my time to finish writing Section B's 4 structure-essays.

And I still came out of the exam hall an hour earlier. :D

Such a happy happy happy feeling now that the first paper is done !


(Ahaha, as if I've just finished the last paper for finals, and not the first xD)

This is my OMG-I'm-so-happy-the-first-paper-is-over face.
Did it work? :D

So I got back to my room and just had the urge to:

Camwhore. In the bathrooms. 
(Cos the lighting is better there.)

Cute neh~ :P

See my bigger green eyes? :D

btw, I have to say that I kinda like this baju kurung. I like the colour, and even the sequins.
Although it was giving me trouble today cos it kept getting stuck on the splinters from the stupid exam table >.<

Okay, how about more pictures of me? :P

Reflection through my mirror :)

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Who's the fairest of them all?

Of course I don't mean me.
Pfft. I'm not that vain. @.@

Okay, one last one:

Did I mention that I like this kurung? Oh, I did. I really do. :D 
What do you think? :)

Next up, Sociolinguistics in Language Teaching on Wednesday. Would you like another taste? I'll find the most scrumptious "morsel" for you to sample :P

Just one paragraph. MUAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA

"The second of the continua of biliterate contexts, the monolingual-bilingual continuum, also finds a parallel in other continua, in particular the L1-L2 transfer continuum and the similar-dissimilar language structures continuum. Here, however, the emphasis is on the contexts in which learning and teaching occur, rather than on the individual's language and literacy development or the media through which that occurs. The monolingual-bilingual continuum underlines that the degree to which particular contexts may involve the use of one or both of the learner's language varieties of a language arise because of the regional or social factors (age, social class, race or ethnicity, gender); Freeman and McElhinny review discourse and interactional features of gender-differentiated language and suggest that these differences provide both a reflection of and an opportunity to challenge and transform societal norms; and Nichols explores the acts of identity represented by use of a creole language in home and community and the social meanings associated with use of a standard variety in a formal educational setting. In both monolingual and multilingual contexts, in other words, different language varieties have different functions and social meanings." (Hornberger, N.H. p. 459)

I desperately need help to finish reading this 400-page text book by tomorrow T.T

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Have you ever had a dream?

Have you ever had a dream?

Have you ever had a bad dream?

Have you ever had a bad dream about a friend?

Have you ever had a bad dream that your friend died?

And yes, last night.

It was a miracle that I even remembered what I'd dreamed the night before. But I woke up feeling very uneasy, my heart thumping. And just like that, I remembered why.

It's a horrible feeling isn't it? To dream of a friend dying. And he didn't just die. He came back as a ghost too. Well, not that I could actually see his ghost in my dreams. But the creepy feeling you get when you look over your shoulder expecting to see someone and no one's there? Yeah, that feeling. And even in your dreams, it's freakin' scary.

I don't remember why he died. I don't remember how exactly did he die. Or when. Or if he was with someone. Or how I found out. Just that he died. In my dream, that is.

I don't remember what else happened in my dream. 

But when I woke up, I was slightly perspiring. And so very worried.

OMG. What happened? Is he gone?

The best part is when you realize it was only a dream, and that you still have a few more minutes till your alarm rings.

And so you go back to sleep, feeling much better :)

But you can't help that nagging feeling that you just have to know if that friend is alright, can you? (What if it was some premonition, or something? You never know.)

So I texted him. And he replies, "I'm good never felt better!" and heads off for a haircut.

Such a relief isn't it? :D

I do hope there won't come a day when I get a bad dream about a friend dying and wake up to find out it's true.

How creepy/upsetting would that be? :(

Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Pretty Good Day

For the first time in days, I was completely absorbed in my studying that I'd forgotten about the world outside.

I was rushing to finish going through the text book and slides for my first paper so I could try out some sample questions before the Big Day.

Hence, the furious mugging.

Only today, though.
Still, an achievement, eh? :D

Then, a knock on my door.


My ex-roomie, feeling bored, came up to my room to "stretch her legs" and "kacau" me. (Her words, not mine :P)

In less than half an hour since she'd dropped by my room, we'd made plans to head out to Kajang for dinner at 99 Food Court--a place I'd last been to eat TWO YEARS AGO.

Yeah, I know. I gotta get out more @.@

While I ran to the toilet for my pre-going-out pee and ran back to my room to grab my purse and change, I thought about the last time I'd gone out with my ex-roomie. Just me and her.

*gasp* I couldn't recall the last time !

Has it really been that long? :(

So it actually felt kinda nice, having Nana all to myself. :)

Craning my neck on the bus to chat with her sitting behind me. Having dinner together. Sharing Dong Po Pork and Lao Huang Gua Soup with our rice. Hopping around trying to avoid being splashed by cars running over puddles on the sides of the road. Checking prices for Listerine mouthwash together at Giant and Watson's and Guardian's to soothe my darn mouth ulcer (that's making it difficult for me to even talk >.<). Checking out Billion's to crow over the fact that we'd bought the Listerine at the best place (Guardian's) for the best price. Running across roads to catch the bus. Finally being able to sit next to each other on the bus back, but still having to yell over the wind and noise of the bus to talk. Walking back to college together, swinging our damp umbrellas. Me, groaning in pain cos that darn mouth ulcer hurt even more from laughing too hard. She, laughing so hard she had to pause and take deep breaths. xD

Although that was a couple of hours that I could have spent studying, I'm glad we went out for dinner together instead. :D

God knows I won't be able to do that with her for much longer. T.T *emo*

Nana, I'll miss you T.T

Anyway, just for you to have taste of what I'm studying at the moment:

Bagi kekuatan jiwa ghodabiyah, bila gerak daya jiwa ini berlangsung secara seimbang, patuh kepada petunjuk jiwa aqliyah, tidak bergejolak di luar batas, maka lahirlah fadhilah kesantunan (al-Hilmu) yang seterusnya membawa kepada fadhilah keberanian (as-saja'ah). Keberanian ialah sifat utama kepada jiwa ghodabiyah dan sifat ini terjelma dengan jelas jika seseorang itu dapat mengendalikan kekuatan jiwa daya marahnya atas bimbingan al-hikmah dan dipergunakannya sesuai dengan akal fikiran untuk menghadapi masalah-masalah yang berisiko, contohnya tidak takut menghadapi perkara-perkara sifat-sifat lain seperti berjiwa besar, berani menghadapi bahaya, tinggi cita-cita, tabah, sabar dalam menghadapi dugaan, santun, tidak lemah mental, punya daya tahan tubuh dan bertenaga atau 'energik'.

Yeah. That's one paragraph. Now multiply that by one million (cos it sure as hell feels like a million paragraphs that I can't understand to me) a lot. That's my text book for Pembangunan Insan dan Kewarganegaraan. I could fall asleep just saying the name of the subject out loud @.@

This paper's on Monday. With essay too.

God help me.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Life is Boring By Myself

I am seriously baffled.

I know I get this "disease" every time exam season comes around. But I have yet to comprehend this strange sickness that I seem to be inflicted with.

Why do I never do the things I'm supposed to do?
And do everything else that I'm not supposed to do?


Sigh. My days are boring nowadays.

It's just me, my lappie baby, and the four walls of my room. Oh, and ze books, of course.
You get so comfortable that you don't feel like leaving the room. At all.

Not even to pee.

Sometimes. =.=

The only thing I ever look forward to each day?

Dinner time.

When I get to:

watch How I Met Your Mother episodes on my lappie baby,
while I:

Slurp on yummy Korean Shin Ramyon !
(Seriously. I LOVE this ! Wayyyyyy better than Maggi Curry la~)

Now that Adrian's drama performance was over last Wednesday....

Wait, let me digress for a second to rave about it.

Oh. Am. Gee. The Fruitcake Special put on by the Cohort 5 of TESL IPBL was super duper good !!! They did such a great job putting on the show ! I thoroughly enjoyed myself ! And I'm not saying that cos we're course mates or anything. Seriously, the music, the props, the was seriously GOOD ! Every time I remember Johnny Tiang's or Ching Hung's face, I feel like laughing all over again ! Very well done. I was super impressed. WOW. They just blew me away ! That was an awesome 2 hours spent on Wednesday !!! (Not like I was gonna be busy studying back in my room anyway =.=)

Here's the trailer they did for their musical comedy based on the short story The Fruitcake Special by Frank Brennan:

How awesome is that????? :D

Okay, back to what I was saying.

Now that Adrian's drama performance was over last Wednesday, there's nothing left to look forward to. Absolutely nothing.

See? Even just to go watch Adrian's musical comedy at Panggung Seni (which is barely a 3 minute walk from my room to the hall) that night, I put on my coloured lenses, wore ear rings and even eyeliner. I was just desperate to have something to go to. To dress up for.

It's super duper boring being by myself.

But I'm too lazy to leave my room.

Some days, I don't even use my voice at all. Unless I sing in the shower.


First paper's on Monday. Why do I not feel any urgency yet?