Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Taking A Break


After having gotten up early today to pore over my notes for the upcoming finals, gobbling down my breakfast so I could study more, I'm finally going to take a break.

Okay. I lied.

I woke at 9.30am after snoozing my alarm for half an hour. I took my own sweet time having my breakfast of Koko Krunch and milk. I've been tweaking around with the layout and colour scheme for my blog, and browsing Facebook and Twitter too all morning.

I have yet to start studying for the day.

Taking a break konon. HAH.

Well, I guess it's somehow a good thing when I get the mood to blog? :D

In retrospect, my last two posts seem rather harsh.

However, you have to excuse me. I was clacking away, hard, at my keys in that moment of anger. Had to release all that somehow. >.<

Anyway, update on that: I haven't seen my dear neighbour much this past week. I was at home for the weekend. And apparently, she's been busy herself. I notice her going-out shoes are gone by 10am and back outside her door only at about 6pm. Maybe she's busy completing whatever it is she needs to complete for her MSc. studies. Elsewhere.

I've lost the urge to steal her slippers and throw them off the balcony. Although I find myself still eyeing them once in a while.

I saw her once last week, when I was returning to my room from the toilet, and she was on her way there. I was a little shook up, but since I'd made the resolution to be nice, I gave her a small smile, and walked past her back to my room.

The best part of it was: I couldn't see her reaction because I wasn't wearing my specs.


I don't even know if she saw me smile, if she smiled back, if she even acknowledged my presence or completely ignored me. I have no idea. Her face was just a blur to me >.<

Anyhoo, it wasn't as bad as I'd thought. And I guess a couple more weeks of being civil and all won't be that bad. :)

Okay. I won't talk about that anymore. The story ends here.

I went to watch a drama performance last night in Panggung Seni, put on by our very own Christina Ann Sebastian, the director, and Lim May Lee, main actress and Script Writer. Bangga weiiiiii. I think they did a fantastic job ! And I thoroughly enjoyed it :D I feel sooooo proud of them ! 

I know part of the story behind the scenes, where Chrissy was going through such a hard time directing the drama and making everything good. It wasn't easy. I know. I've seen the tears, the heart ache.

But seeing how well the performance went last night, I can't help but feel proud of my dear friend ! Seriously, she can do anything and get through anything ! If that doesn't prove that, I don't know what will ! :D And she has such a beautiful not-soprano voice. If only she believed that herself.

And May Lee was hilarious ! OMG, so many a time I had to remind myself that I was watching Karla, the character, and not May Lee. But her antics, her facial expressions, the pouty merajuk face--it was just too May Lee ! xD


(Sorry, no pictures. My 2.0 mp phone camera with no zoom features is useless in poor lighting >.<)

Anyway, just so this post isn't too wordy with not a single photo in, here's what I saw the other day on my way back home:

Can you guess what they are, and where this is? :P


IuhniX said...

ktm female couch?

xinli said...

the aliens are invading!!!! =D

Liz said...

Yup ! KTM Ladies' Coach :P

Ahaha. Aliens indeed ! (They look like aliens floating~ :P)

k0k s3n w4i said...

if they have female coaches, they should totally have exclusively males ones too. i'm so tired of being molested by hot women every time i ride the train.

Liz said...

>>k0k s3n w4i
Oh mannnn. Molested by hot women??? Tsk tsk tsk. That's awful man. Pity you! @.@ Wouldn't want THAT to happen too often now, would we??? xD

siawase_tenshi said...

KTM! definitely~ ^^ looks creepy though~haha! and yes, the drama performances were awesome! wished we could do that too...although yeah, lots of HARD work! jia you lisa~i knw hw tough it is to study when temptations r EVERYWHERE, esp online muahaha~ ^^