Friday, April 8, 2011

Life is Boring By Myself

I am seriously baffled.

I know I get this "disease" every time exam season comes around. But I have yet to comprehend this strange sickness that I seem to be inflicted with.

Why do I never do the things I'm supposed to do?
And do everything else that I'm not supposed to do?


Sigh. My days are boring nowadays.

It's just me, my lappie baby, and the four walls of my room. Oh, and ze books, of course.
You get so comfortable that you don't feel like leaving the room. At all.

Not even to pee.

Sometimes. =.=

The only thing I ever look forward to each day?

Dinner time.

When I get to:

watch How I Met Your Mother episodes on my lappie baby,
while I:

Slurp on yummy Korean Shin Ramyon !
(Seriously. I LOVE this ! Wayyyyyy better than Maggi Curry la~)

Now that Adrian's drama performance was over last Wednesday....

Wait, let me digress for a second to rave about it.

Oh. Am. Gee. The Fruitcake Special put on by the Cohort 5 of TESL IPBL was super duper good !!! They did such a great job putting on the show ! I thoroughly enjoyed myself ! And I'm not saying that cos we're course mates or anything. Seriously, the music, the props, the was seriously GOOD ! Every time I remember Johnny Tiang's or Ching Hung's face, I feel like laughing all over again ! Very well done. I was super impressed. WOW. They just blew me away ! That was an awesome 2 hours spent on Wednesday !!! (Not like I was gonna be busy studying back in my room anyway =.=)

Here's the trailer they did for their musical comedy based on the short story The Fruitcake Special by Frank Brennan:

How awesome is that????? :D

Okay, back to what I was saying.

Now that Adrian's drama performance was over last Wednesday, there's nothing left to look forward to. Absolutely nothing.

See? Even just to go watch Adrian's musical comedy at Panggung Seni (which is barely a 3 minute walk from my room to the hall) that night, I put on my coloured lenses, wore ear rings and even eyeliner. I was just desperate to have something to go to. To dress up for.

It's super duper boring being by myself.

But I'm too lazy to leave my room.

Some days, I don't even use my voice at all. Unless I sing in the shower.


First paper's on Monday. Why do I not feel any urgency yet?


J e n n Y said...

same here!
this is the most relaxing study week i have ever had.

SandraC said...

HEY! welcome to uni life! i remember having the exact same feelings with u everime i had exam fever..dont worry..tell urself the light is near. u gotta fight the good race and win it well!

siawase_tenshi said...

that part abt not using ur voice for a whole day...i felt the same before...miss classes, weird enough >.< bt i supposed i actually look forward to it bcz i get to meet u all! ^^ sigh...see u mon! and dont eat too much instant noodles k? tk care of ur health :)

Liz said...

>>J e n n Y
Ahaha, maybe cos you kinda have fewer subjects? I have 7, but I study like I only have 2 @.@ hehe

I know I've been through all this before (like, 5 times before now) but I can't rmb how I got through it the previous exam seasons =.=

I kinda miss classes too (though, I won't admit it out loud :P) ! But but but but I love the Korean meeeeeee T.T Don't care. Gonna eat them anyway *cheeky grin*