Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Pretty Good Day

For the first time in days, I was completely absorbed in my studying that I'd forgotten about the world outside.

I was rushing to finish going through the text book and slides for my first paper so I could try out some sample questions before the Big Day.

Hence, the furious mugging.

Only today, though.
Still, an achievement, eh? :D

Then, a knock on my door.


My ex-roomie, feeling bored, came up to my room to "stretch her legs" and "kacau" me. (Her words, not mine :P)

In less than half an hour since she'd dropped by my room, we'd made plans to head out to Kajang for dinner at 99 Food Court--a place I'd last been to eat TWO YEARS AGO.

Yeah, I know. I gotta get out more @.@

While I ran to the toilet for my pre-going-out pee and ran back to my room to grab my purse and change, I thought about the last time I'd gone out with my ex-roomie. Just me and her.

*gasp* I couldn't recall the last time !

Has it really been that long? :(

So it actually felt kinda nice, having Nana all to myself. :)

Craning my neck on the bus to chat with her sitting behind me. Having dinner together. Sharing Dong Po Pork and Lao Huang Gua Soup with our rice. Hopping around trying to avoid being splashed by cars running over puddles on the sides of the road. Checking prices for Listerine mouthwash together at Giant and Watson's and Guardian's to soothe my darn mouth ulcer (that's making it difficult for me to even talk >.<). Checking out Billion's to crow over the fact that we'd bought the Listerine at the best place (Guardian's) for the best price. Running across roads to catch the bus. Finally being able to sit next to each other on the bus back, but still having to yell over the wind and noise of the bus to talk. Walking back to college together, swinging our damp umbrellas. Me, groaning in pain cos that darn mouth ulcer hurt even more from laughing too hard. She, laughing so hard she had to pause and take deep breaths. xD

Although that was a couple of hours that I could have spent studying, I'm glad we went out for dinner together instead. :D

God knows I won't be able to do that with her for much longer. T.T *emo*

Nana, I'll miss you T.T

Anyway, just for you to have taste of what I'm studying at the moment:

Bagi kekuatan jiwa ghodabiyah, bila gerak daya jiwa ini berlangsung secara seimbang, patuh kepada petunjuk jiwa aqliyah, tidak bergejolak di luar batas, maka lahirlah fadhilah kesantunan (al-Hilmu) yang seterusnya membawa kepada fadhilah keberanian (as-saja'ah). Keberanian ialah sifat utama kepada jiwa ghodabiyah dan sifat ini terjelma dengan jelas jika seseorang itu dapat mengendalikan kekuatan jiwa daya marahnya atas bimbingan al-hikmah dan dipergunakannya sesuai dengan akal fikiran untuk menghadapi masalah-masalah yang berisiko, contohnya tidak takut menghadapi perkara-perkara sifat-sifat lain seperti berjiwa besar, berani menghadapi bahaya, tinggi cita-cita, tabah, sabar dalam menghadapi dugaan, santun, tidak lemah mental, punya daya tahan tubuh dan bertenaga atau 'energik'.

Yeah. That's one paragraph. Now multiply that by one million (cos it sure as hell feels like a million paragraphs that I can't understand to me) a lot. That's my text book for Pembangunan Insan dan Kewarganegaraan. I could fall asleep just saying the name of the subject out loud @.@

This paper's on Monday. With essay too.

God help me.