Monday, April 18, 2011

Research Foundations? Ugh.


Done with Research Foundations.

OMG, wasn't that a pain to study for ! >.<

I had four pages of short notes by the end of it. And if you don't think that's much, I should remind you that I have teeny tiny writing, and each page has 2 columns full of black squiggly writing that I need to MEMORIZE. Stat.

Phew. Had a minor panic attack yesterday, AGAIN. >.<

(Who wouldn't? Only finished making short notes at 10.00 pm at night when the paper is at 8.30 am the next morning ! Brilliant time management, eh? @.@)


That's all I can say, really.

MCQ questions were repetitions from past-year papers. Which would have been AWESOME news. 

If I had the correct answers to them.

But I didn't.

Sure they were familiar questions, and I could answer them fast enough. (30 questions in less than 20 minutes >.<)

But were they the right answers?
Your guess is as good as mine.

But the highlight of my day was receiving some great news about my carry marks for my Comparative Literature subject.

I did really well ! Thank God :D

(Which reminds me, I feel like re-watching 
How I Met Your Mother again! :P)

Though I know the hurdle is not completely over yet, with the final exam this Friday, and expected to be extremely challenging, at the moment, I have a good feeling talking about Literature. So let me enjoy it while I still can. :)

At least, while I still haven't gotten down to actually studying and memorizing notes for it yet.

Cos when I do, I think I'll be getting another "minor panic attack".

Again. @.@

p.s: Just celebrated my joy over Literature by watching Disney animated movie Aladdin. I have to say, Aladdin is actually reallllllyyyy good-looking ! For an animated character, of course :P

p.p.s: Four down, three more to go. Closer to the finish line. :D


SandraC said...

woman..exams are burning ur brains. ur getting funny and weird. haha! dont worry the end is almost near! solider on!

Liz said...

Ahaha. Don't worry. I think the effects aren't permanent (I hope) !!! :P Thanks. Just another week and a half to go !!! :DDDDD

DaN said...

i thought i am the only one that has premature celebrations even when before the exam finishes XD
gambateh woman!! hahaha

sugarmouse said...

princess jasmine is my favourite!! :D :D :D although i still maintain that flynn rider is the cutest disney male protagonist there is! (used to be prince eric from the little mermaid for me) sorry bout the completely unrelated comment. disney always gets me.

all the best for the rest of your exams!

Liz said...

Pleaseeeeee. Everybody does that !!! Well, I do. Find every reason to celebrate and "take a break" xD

LOVE Princess Jasmine. Quoting Aladdin: "Those eyes, and the hair !!!" xD haha~ I never really cared about the princes or the heroes, cos they are soooooo unimportant. And not really that good-looking (think of Sleeping Beauty's and Snow White's princes =.=) but Flynn Rider? Now, THAT'S a guy with heart and attitude ! I think he's the SEXIEST HOTTEST hero to date (as far as Disney movies go) !!!!