Sunday, April 17, 2011

'Tis Normal

'Tis normal to wake up at 12.00pm with half the day gone, only to spend the next two hours dilly dallying before even opening your notes and books to study.

'Tis normal to then stare at your notes and day dream about......stuff. (Don't ask me what stuff. They were day dreams. How would I remember?)

'Tis normal to have your pen poised and ready to write notes, but think about what to have for dinner later.

'Tis normal for you to spend time choosing which coloured highlighters to use for each point so that the overall effect of your notes are colourful and pretty.

'Tis normal to arrange said coloured highlighters and pens to take a photo of, cos you are thinking of blogging about this later.

'Tis normal to spend hours battling your inner self on why it is certainly more important to be studying now, than to "take a break" and browse FB.

'Tis normal then that your inner self lost, and to actually spend hours browsing FB, Twitter and Blogger.

'Tis normal to take a bathroom break every 15 minutes, cos you can't stand looking at your slides for longer than that.

'Tis normal to convince yourself that lying on bed while reading notes is more comfortable, and therefore more effective, in the long run, in memorizing notes.

'Tis normal, after that, to use the above to justify why you fell asleep a few minutes later.

'Tis normal to watch the animated Disney movie Hercules just cos you haven't seen it "in a long timeeeeee" *whine whine*. Plus, you need to reward yourself for "working so hard".

'Tis normal to finish re-watching How I Met Your Mother and to then search for another series to watch, in the midst of exams.

'Tis normal to have the motivation to wake up early (9.00am yo~) just for the sake of satisfying your craving for nasi lemak and Teh O, while the fact that you haven't finished studying usually makes you sleep in till at least 11.00am.

Nasi lemak and Teh O for RM 1.00 only!
I am now soooo motivated to study!
Not. >.<

All this.

'Tis normal isn't it?
(Please tell me it is ! *desperate* T.T)


choonhong said...

nasi lemak and teh-o for rm1? It is so CHEAP

Liz said...

Yup. It's a new thing in KTHO Cafe. From 8.30-10.00am, there is the 1Ringgit, 1Sarapan thingy. Nasi lemak, roti canai and a few other meals + teh is only RM 1.00 :D

SandraC said...

why is breakfast so CHEAP! there is poison in the tea i think! haha..oh man being distracted during exams is the most common thing to happen to all students. u are not alone. but u always finnish well =) praying 4 ur exams! dalam nama Yesus boleh!

Liz said...

Ahaha. Yeah, RM 1.00, the cafe's latest "promo" haha xD
Yeah, I know eventually I'll pull through. I usually do, thanks to God la :D But I'm usually dramatic like that hehe :P Thanks Sandra !!!! :)

hannah khaw said...

That's madness, one buck for all that. x)