Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Choices Choices

Study Week has always been hard.

Close friends know that I have a problem with making decisions. (Sometimes. Less now. But sometimes. I'm working on it.)

And there are just soooo many choices to be made during this critical period !

Which do I do first?


While doing this?

Or watch 10 episodes of this in one sitting?

Or camwhore with my new falsies :D
(I just bought these at the Cheras Pasar Malam ! What do you think? :P)

Or sometimes, just look out my window and stare at the melor flowers outside.
(Ah, yes. That's my missing window pane >.<)

Or would you rather stare at these all day? >.<

Which would you choose?


I have to say that I lost the battle today. I spent all day on FB, email, Youtube and blogs. I read a couple of slides from my notes. And then spent the rest of the night rewatching old episodes of How I Met Your Mother (cos it's so AWESOME I could watch it over and over again !)

When I look at my notes, my books, my colourful fluorescent highlighters and sticky notes, I feel ashamed.

What have I done with my entire day? T.T

Tomorrow will be better. I swear. *gulps*

No blogging. Will focus on Comparative Literature next. I promise.
(So if you see me here, give me kick will ya?)


Timothy K. said...

aptly tagged under ramblings XD

J e n n Y said...

*high 5!
i spent my half a day watching you tube. HAHAHA

Mr Lonely said...

nice blog... keep it up~~~ take care~~~ XD

girlygal said...

u shud teach me how use false