Sunday, April 10, 2011

Have you ever had a dream?

Have you ever had a dream?

Have you ever had a bad dream?

Have you ever had a bad dream about a friend?

Have you ever had a bad dream that your friend died?

And yes, last night.

It was a miracle that I even remembered what I'd dreamed the night before. But I woke up feeling very uneasy, my heart thumping. And just like that, I remembered why.

It's a horrible feeling isn't it? To dream of a friend dying. And he didn't just die. He came back as a ghost too. Well, not that I could actually see his ghost in my dreams. But the creepy feeling you get when you look over your shoulder expecting to see someone and no one's there? Yeah, that feeling. And even in your dreams, it's freakin' scary.

I don't remember why he died. I don't remember how exactly did he die. Or when. Or if he was with someone. Or how I found out. Just that he died. In my dream, that is.

I don't remember what else happened in my dream. 

But when I woke up, I was slightly perspiring. And so very worried.

OMG. What happened? Is he gone?

The best part is when you realize it was only a dream, and that you still have a few more minutes till your alarm rings.

And so you go back to sleep, feeling much better :)

But you can't help that nagging feeling that you just have to know if that friend is alright, can you? (What if it was some premonition, or something? You never know.)

So I texted him. And he replies, "I'm good never felt better!" and heads off for a haircut.

Such a relief isn't it? :D

I do hope there won't come a day when I get a bad dream about a friend dying and wake up to find out it's true.

How creepy/upsetting would that be? :(


SandraC said...

dont worry sweetie..dreams never come true when u say them out loudly. my grandma used to say so when i have nightmares i SHOUT IT OUT LOUd..death is scarry but one way to avoid nightmares is to WASH ur feet before sleeping n never overeat or sleep hungry. works all the time

Liz said...

Ahaha, I always wash my feet before sleeping though. I mean, before I go into my room to sleep (at least, here la :P). Used to it :D