Friday, December 31, 2010

The Last Day of 2010 Already?

It's the last day of 2010.

I always used to find it so amusing that when it was January, I would wish it was December (maybe cos of holidays and Christmas? *shrugs*) and groan about how long it will be before then.

Then when it is the end of year, I wonder how time can pass by that quickly when it still feels like September, or something. =.=

I've been blog-hopping and, with the end of the year coming fast, everyone's been writing a "2010 in a nutshell" or "My 2010" or "My 2010 in one post" or "10 Most Important Things Happened in 2010" -- basically a recap of what they've done/accomplished in the past year.

It's a good tradition to have. In fact, my church has an annual Watch Night service on the last day of the year --a very reflective and solemn service-- to ring in the New Year with a heart of gratitude for everything that has happened in the past year, good or bad, and start the coming year with renewed hope in life. :)

However, I don't feel like doing a "My 2010 in a nutshell including the 10 most important things that happened" post. >.<

I do, however, wanna place all my hopes and expectations for the coming year, 2011, right here:

1) I have one year left of my Degree studies before I start my practical teaching in a school somewhere. Honestly, I'm terrified. It's so easy to say you want to do teaching, but whether you have the personality and the X-factor to be the kind of teacher you, and others, can be proud of is a different matter altogether. 

In the darkest of hours, I doubt myself. I doubt if I have what it takes to be a good teacher. I hope that by the end of this year 2011, I will have the confidence to be the best teacher I can be, before I face my students in the classroom, in the real world.

2) Leading the Varsity Choir has been a challenge, to say the least. I hope that I can do the best I can this semester, before I opt to "retire" and let the new ones take over. I hope that I can help the Choir grow in numbers and most of all, let Choir be a haven for people who just love music, and love to sing.

3) Studies are getting tougher and tougher. Subjects are more challenging. I hope that I will never take for granted things that come easily to me (like proficiency in the language) and push myself to do better. My grade point average has been slowly increasing (thank God for that) and I hope that I can maintain it, and better myself these last two semesters. :)

4) I find myself whining a lot, complaining a lot, especially in things that are out of my control and caused by higher powers, if you know what I mean. (But trust me, you would too if you were me.) But I've learned that complaining never changes anything. So I hope that this year, I will constantly remind myself that instead of wasting my breath, to channel the energy into something more productive. I guess I also need to control my anger now. I never used to be this irritable >.< (!! How can I not when these people are just idio- Okay, take a deep breath. *inhale* *exhale*)

5) I want to write more stories. I have been procrastinating, or placed priorities on everything else but writing. Last holidays I was supposed to write at least one story, but I ended up with none. I complain of no time, when I know, deep down, I had ample. I hope I can manage my time in a way that I can actually make time to do something I love.

6) I feel a slight shift in my friendships. Things have been different this semester due to particular circumstances, and I find myself feeling depressed and, horror of horrors, lonely. Like I've never felt before. :( Well, nothing much I can do about it. But I hope that I won't hold it against my friends, but instead, find a way to be happy being by myself.

7) My relationship with a certain someone is slowly growing. :) It took us a long time to get to where we are, and things are only just beginning to take a turn for the better. I just want to learn to place this relationship in the hands of the Big Guy and pray for the best. I've learned a lot from him, and from being with him. I hope that both of us will grow as individuals, and as a couple, in maturity and love. :D

I guess that's a lot of hope and expectations for the new year, no? 

But I realize that everything I've said concerns my personal growth. I guess I never saw the year as a time frame in which to accomplish certain feats, or to put a tick on my "Things To Do Before I Die" list. (Not that that's wrong. >.<)

I didn't have a chance to travel out of the country. I didn't meet an international celebrity, or have an opportunity to talk to them. I didn't go bungee-jumping. I never went snorkeling or diving on a beautiful island. :(

But I guess, it shouldn't matter, should it? Doesn't mean my year was a complete waste :)

I guess I see the year as another chance at growing and learning as a person. Very cheesy and corny-sounding, I know. But maybe that's me. :D

May this coming year be another filled with love and joy, and despite the inevitable sadness and pain of life, may we push ourselves to pick ourselves up and move on, and emerge stronger than ever. May we appreciate the time we have to perseveringly grow and work on our weaknesses to be the best kind of person we can be.

Here's me, wishing you:

Happy New Year, everyone ! :D

No Dirty Rubbish !

Saw something funny today that I thought I'd share with you.

I had just bought my lunch of kebab from N'Zar Bakery in Pusanika, and was walking back to my hostel when I came across this:

A sticker on the lid of a trash can @.@

I literally took a double take and walked back towards it to make sure my eyes weren't deceiving me ! =.=

Well, I guess I understand 'wet' rubbish -- they don't want it to smell and get sticky and icky.

But DIRTY rubbish??

I had no idea we had CLEAN rubbish !!

It's rubbish, for goodness' sake. Things people throw away.

I guess this dustbin must be the high-class one.

Only DRY and CLEAN rubbish allowed !!!! @.@


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Malaysia Won?

Please do ignore the teeny weeny hint of skepticism in the title. xD

I was never a fan of football. 

But since this year's World Cup, I've become a reformed football-hater :)

After the World Cup fever died down though, there were no more matches that I could get excited about. I mean, for a person without Astro, I was certainly left with few (to zip) options. There weren't many games aired on terrestrial TV was there? >.<

Anyhow, I was just on FB, and the Facebook-sphere is abuzz again, this time, with the news that our very own Malaysian football team has just won the AFF-Suzuki Cup in the match against Indonesia with a score of 2-1; the win secured by Muhammad Ridwan's goal in the breath-catching 87th minute !

(I didn't watch the game. This is what I had gathered from an in-depth scrutiny of all the FB statuses of friends ! haha :P)

You know what I noticed?

Suddenly everyone's proud to be a Malaysian.

Funny, since nobody was shouting it out on their FB statuses before.

And never, since the catch-phrase first caught on, has "Malaysia Boleh !" been uttered in such sarcastic-free manners ! xD

Well, to be frank, I feel no strong emotion for this win. I guess, my response could be summed up as, "Hm, Malaysia won? Not bad."

I'm sorry I can't muster up more enthusiasm for this historical win and ultimate proud moment for the country. I never followed the progress of our Malaysian team before this. It would be weird to be crowing about it now. =.=

The only thing I'm really enthusiastic about is the fact that this Friday has been declared a public holiday as a result of the truly historical win ! whoohooooo~ :D

Okay, okay. I'll at least give you this:


Congratulations ! :D

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Back to Business

It's back to business, people.

8am classes, 2-hour tutorials, lecturers who can talk for 3 hours non-stop (I find that utterly amazing ! @.@), assignments, food deprivation, and having to climb six flights of stairs every day to my humble second abode here in non-civilization Bangi.

But, being back in Bangi also means awesome partners-in-crazy friends, teasing and good fun, laughter, lunches together and loads of catching up. :)

I never thought I'd say this, but.

It's good to be back :D
(I must have lost my mind. =.=)

This semester's gonna be another tough one I think. 7 subjects this time. Aiyo. >.<

Life is kinda boring at the moment. Have just had the first few classes of the week so not much is going on, yet. No assignments, no homework. Just some pre-readings and internet search work.

Spent yesterday afternoon watching 5 episodes of The Mentalist. (Beginning of semesters are always too free. haha)

The highlight of my week?


Hola ! *smacks lips* :P

And a plus point would be that my Spanish lecturer is super duper sporting, super duper cool, super duper funny, and also, super duper HOT. :D

Fyi, she's a woman. A very HOT Spanish woman, I must say. *giggle*

Couldn't stop staring at the tattoos (yes, in the plural) on her arms, and later discovered that she has two more on each of her shoulders ! How cool is that?? :P

I have a feeling I'm gonna LOVE Spanish this sem ! :)

Wanna know what's in store this sem?

I have classes like Pembangunan Insan dan Kewarganegaraan (Human Development and Citizenship) and Asas Penyelidikan (Foundations of Research). *yawn*

Man. Don't they have such oh-so-boring-I-could-fall-asleep-saying-their-names kinda names? =.=

Oh, I also have an Entrepreneurship course. (Possibly to equip us future teachers with the skills to run a side business of curry puffs while teaching English and handling society meetings in school. *shrugs*)

Comparative Literature sounds really tough. And seeing as how I struggled with last sem's Selected Literary Works, I expect the same, or worse, for this one. But our lecturer Dr. Rai is such a gem ! :D

Sociolinguistics, we have a lecturer who can talk for hours without realizing none of her students are actually paying attention to her. She also likes to laugh at her own jokes (which we find are really not all that funny =.=) and was "famous" for adorning a pair of striking carrot-orange pants matched with a bright red batik top last sem. Ugh. *shudders*

Well, I guess at least she provides some form of entertainment? :P

Teaching of Writing Skills, I haven't gone for the class yet. But it should be similar to our 'Teaching of Listening and Speaking Skills' and 'Teaching of Reading Skills in an ESL Context' subjects we've taken before -- more research papers and presentations and lesson plans. Joy. >.<

Now don't you see why I'm absolutely loving Spanish??!!

Already can't wait for class next week ! :D

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Special Christmas Present

This morning, I received a very special Christmas present.

One that none of you would ever want to receive, I sure.

Here it is:

Have been sick for the past few days.

And you know what sucks more than being sick with a runny AND blocked nose, slight fever, cough and a man's voice (my voice has changed, needless to say >.<)?

Missing Christmas service this morning.

Missing Christmas dinner at my friend's place, and thus missing a chance to meet up with friends, one of whom I had not seen in half a year, who had come down from KL to Seremban specially. T.T

Having to sleep more hours than I thought possible of the human body, cos the stupid medication makes me drowsy and weak.

Having to walk around like a zombie when I am awake, cos I just feel like going back to sleep.

Mannnn. Christmas seems really down this year. :(

Anyhow, I'm conserving my energy for our family Christmas dinner tomorrow night.

Hopefully, I'll be feeling better by then and will be able to enjoy what's left of Christmas before I head back to uni for several months of torture.

(Didn't mean to sound whiny or anything, but it just sucks being sick, doesn't it? During Christmas too, of all days !)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve/Mummy's Birthday

Today is my Mummy's birthday.

Every year, it's always been rather difficult to celebrate her birthday because we are always so busy with Christmas preparations. We've always had parties to organize, performances, caroling practices etc.

Until sometimes, we never really get to fully enjoy Christmas cos we're too busy preparing for it. What irony, right? =.=

Anyhow, this year, we are not involved in anything in church; no caroling, no performances, nothing. Such a rare thing. Christmas seems really quiet this year, in a good way. :)

Woke up at 10.30am this morning. Haven't been feeling too well since we got back from our A'Famosa trip with the rest of the extended family (will blog about this later !)

Lack of sleep (first night I slept at 5.30am cos was having a heart-to-heart with my cousin sister, second night slept at 2.00am cos was addicted to the card game Saboteur. It's awesomely fun ! :D) and jumping in and out of the chilly pool at scorching midday was a winning combination for flu. :(

Within the day, I'd also developed a slight fever. You know the kind. Your whole body is radiating heat under the covers, but your fingers and toes are cold and you feel chilly, and all your limbs are aching and weak.

Yeah, sucks huh?

Despite my wanting to just crawl into bed and die, Mummy's birthday was coming up, so I thought I'd make her and dad a little gift. Mum's would be a birthday-cum-Christmas gift, Dad's would be just a Christmas gift. :)

I spent the whole of yesterday afternoon making them.

They're little paper chains to hang in the car. Mum's could be hung in her Proton Saga, and Dad's in his Honda City.

I used black sugar paper for the squares, and the beads were leftover from some other project, strung through with normal coloured thread. Each picture was drawn on plain A4 paper, outlined with a good black gel pen and coloured in, again, with Luna colour pencils. I stuck them on padded double-side tape, so they are slightly raised from the black base. Plus, it gives a bit of a 3D effect, kan? :D

Dad's on the left, Mum's on the right.
This is the front view.

The back view; I flipped them over.
Notice that the faces of the people and the hamsters 
have different expressions from the front view. :P

Mum and Dad's first squares have a picture of their younger selves 
(I coloured their hair in as brown instead of grey as they are now :P)

The next square is a hamster, cos that's what we tease them as !
(They do the cutest things when they think no one's looking ! 
But it's an inside family joke. Don't expect to understand :P)

Dad's final square has a picture of soya sauce and its dispenser, and toothpicks.
Cos he takes soya sauce with everything (despite us nagging him to death against it) 
and he always leaves his toothpicks around the house, 
like treasure we are supposed to find, unexpectedly. =.=

Mum's final square has a bee (cos she's Yee BEE, geddit? xD),
and the symbols for Bejeweled Blitz and Spider Solitaire- the two games she is addicted to !
(Yes, my mum plays computer games, and what's more, 
she's wayyyyy better at it than I am !!! =.=)

There was also a card we gave her with a short poem that my brother wrote.

Won't show it here, too many inside jokes to make sense for you guys :P

The best feeling in the world is when the gift you made specially for a loved one is appreciated. :)

Which reminds me.

Christmas is tomorrow y'all ! 

I think in an era where Christmas has become all about presents and sales and reindeer and Santa Claus, we need to take a step back and see what Christmas is really about, to us, personally.

Should it really be all about shopping and Santa Claus?

I'll be spending this Christmas giving out little gifts I made for my friends, and enjoying Christmas dinner in the company of my family.

Christmas for me, religion view aside (don't wanna get preachy here), has always been about spending time with family and friends.

If that's not how you're planning to spend Christmas, you should seriously reconsider. We won't live forever, and who are we, if not for our family, our friends?

Make things right this Christmas. :D

Have a Blessed Christmas everyone ! May you find the true meaning of Christmas and spend it with your loved ones and all who mean the most to you ! May love, joy and peace surround you, and follow you, this Christmas and into the year ahead ! God bless~

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jingly Jangly

Jingly jangly n. an accessory item that the female species have an inexplicable affinity for, specifically anything that produces a jingly sound when shaken or rattled, which includes, but not necessarily, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets etc. Jingly janglies. pl.

Okay, I totally made that up. Aheh.

But doesn't it sound rather genuine??? :D

'Jingly jangly' is a term that a certain community (with a population of one. Okay, me :D) of people use to refer to our girlish accessories. And those little shops and stalls that sell them are called the 'jingly jangly shops/stalls'.

Used in a sentence, "Just the other day, I bought some really awesome jingly janglies for like, an unbelievable price !"

Okay, English lesson over. :P

Anyway, this post was inspired by Tey Cindy, who in a spur-of-the-moment of insanity hardworking-ness (:P), decided to clear up and organize her er, mess of accessories.

I guess all girls suffer from varying degrees of 'messiness' when it comes to our collection of jingly janglies, eh?

Well, in this post I'll show you how I organize my accessories. Specifically, my earrings.

I made this a while back though. So I don't have in-the-process photos to show you how I made it. :(

So, here's how it looks like:

It's a slim board made from polystyrene. I wrapped it with pretty blue wrapping paper (cos I wanted it to match my wardrobe cupboard :P) and hung it using a blue ribbon.

For those 'slip-on' earrings, it's so simple ! Just poke holes for each pair into the polystyrene board and voila ! Plus, the fun thing is, you can arrange your collection of jingly janglies however you like ! Me, I like it arranged in rows, leaving tons of space for newer additions ! :P

Just poke 'em right through. Simple !

For those hoop and stud earrings, I haven't yet developed a more sophisticated way of hanging them up, so what I did was this:

I left an inch or so of wrapping paper at the bottom (folded it over and glued it together to make it a little stronger) and then punched holes using a paper puncher to hang the hoop ones, and just merely pierced the stud ones through it. :)

Aheh. Kinda amateur-ish, but it works for me, so. :D

I stuck the blue ribbon all along the top of the polystyrene board with double-sided tape. For reinforcement, I guess you can use those little pins to pin the ribbon to the board. I mean, it's polystyrene, so it shouldn't be a problem. Then tie the ends of the ribbon together to make a loop to hang your board from. :)

I was worried the ribbon wouldn't hold, or isn't strong enough, but so far, it's worked beautifully and hasn't fallen once ! :)

To prevent dust coating my pretty jingly janglies, I also added a clear plastic wrap over the whole board. Of course, make sure the plastic covers the whole width and length of the board, with a little extra at the top to flip over to the back and hold with double-sided tape.

Then I discovered that my plastic wrap kept 'flying' up when the fan in my room was on, which was annoying, so I stuck two blobs of blue-tac to the bottom edges of the wrap. So now it's easy to stick the plastic to the board when I don't intend to get my jingly janglies. :)

I guess as an alternative, you could use Velcro instead. But I don't mind the blue-tac cos it matches my wrapping paper anyway :D (Plus, it was the most readily available thing in the house at the time ! haha)

So here's the finished product once again !

Tadaaa !!!

If you guys have any suggestions for improvement, please do share ! :)

Or share with me how you organize your jingly janglies !

It's Christmastime Again !

I've been working on my Christmas gifts to friends this past few weeks. :)

I usually always try to make something, rather than buy something.

I'm just weird like that :)

But the downside to that is, sometimes whatever I decide to make for that particular Christmas may take a lot of time and effort to do, which I don't mind. Time-wise though, it's occasionally a problem. >.<

So I end up being able to make less than the number of people I really want to give to ! T.T

(So if you didn't receive a Christmas gift from me, my sincerest apologies. My heartfelt wishes of love, joy and peace to forever guard your life this Christmas and the year ahead still goes to you, though :D)

Last year, I made mini fridge magnets made of black sugar paper (why do they call them that, anyway? =.=) with tiny Christmas trees and snow and silver aluminium foil stars ! Made about 20++ of those little things, and it was a tough job cutting and pasting tiny pieces of paper (despite my fingers being kinda small as well) @.@

But it was so worth it. I thought they looked swelllllllll !!! (Since when do I use the word 'swell'? haha So British ! xD)

Unfortunately I have no pictures to show for them :(

Those who received them would know what I'm referring to, though :P

I guess you could say I like doing things by hand. :)

Here are some photos of what I made for my parents' anniversary this year (13th April) !!
(Excuse the reflection of my hand and my handphone ya? Aheh.)

They're little notebooks made up of cut-up excess colour paper (my brothers helped cut them :P) with green hard cardboard for the cover. I used leftover wrapping paper and cut strips for deco. Everything else is drawn and coloured by hand with a good gel pen and faithful Luna colour pencils. Then put together with a clear plastic cover and comb binding. :D

For my mum
(The tiny bee is an inside joke -- well, her name's Yee BEE so, 
you can make an educated guess I presume? :P)

For my dad
(He's holding a tiny flower in his hand where the bee originates from :P)

And when you put them together, this is what you get :)
Can you see?
My 'mum' and my 'dad' are shyly holding hands !
*cue "Awwww"*

Actually, if you switch their (the notebooks') places and put them side-by-side again,
they'd be connected by the bee's flight route :P

Anyways, I'm quite excited about this year's designated BEST Christmas gift ever ! :P

No pictures. Yet. :D

When I'm done being Santarina, I just might post a couple of photos up for you to see :)

(I'm always proud of my handiwork, see? Though they aren't perfect. A lot of thought and heart and sweat and blood went into each piece. You'll see :P)

Anyway, I'll leave you with a few pictures of my recent past, and current nail colour !

(Just humour me and pretend you actually care about what new nail polish I have on kay? So please respond accordingly, thank youuuuuuu~ :D)

Opaque lilac and deep purple with silver glitter over the top.
Left hand.

(Unfortunately, that silver glitter gave me a chemical allergy @.@
Both my hands and feet were seriously red and itchy. Ugh.)

Glimmer white and maroon (both Elianto), also with silver glitter over both.
Right hand.

Elianto's blue. I like it cos it looks like silver instead :P

My current nail colour: 
White glimmer again with gold on the top.

Since you're sooooo interested in the other colours I have had on these dead cells of mine, you can just click on the label 'nails' (on the right column of my blog) to see them all ! :D

Can't wait for Christmas !!!! :D

*furiously ignoring the fact that the new semester starts this week !*