Thursday, December 30, 2010

Malaysia Won?

Please do ignore the teeny weeny hint of skepticism in the title. xD

I was never a fan of football. 

But since this year's World Cup, I've become a reformed football-hater :)

After the World Cup fever died down though, there were no more matches that I could get excited about. I mean, for a person without Astro, I was certainly left with few (to zip) options. There weren't many games aired on terrestrial TV was there? >.<

Anyhow, I was just on FB, and the Facebook-sphere is abuzz again, this time, with the news that our very own Malaysian football team has just won the AFF-Suzuki Cup in the match against Indonesia with a score of 2-1; the win secured by Muhammad Ridwan's goal in the breath-catching 87th minute !

(I didn't watch the game. This is what I had gathered from an in-depth scrutiny of all the FB statuses of friends ! haha :P)

You know what I noticed?

Suddenly everyone's proud to be a Malaysian.

Funny, since nobody was shouting it out on their FB statuses before.

And never, since the catch-phrase first caught on, has "Malaysia Boleh !" been uttered in such sarcastic-free manners ! xD

Well, to be frank, I feel no strong emotion for this win. I guess, my response could be summed up as, "Hm, Malaysia won? Not bad."

I'm sorry I can't muster up more enthusiasm for this historical win and ultimate proud moment for the country. I never followed the progress of our Malaysian team before this. It would be weird to be crowing about it now. =.=

The only thing I'm really enthusiastic about is the fact that this Friday has been declared a public holiday as a result of the truly historical win ! whoohooooo~ :D

Okay, okay. I'll at least give you this:


Congratulations ! :D


SandraC said...

i agree with u..its hard to believe msia can win anything except in squash.ahaha..
yay for u tomorrow no need go uni cause its holiday!

Liz ^^, said...

Yup. I think should be. Haven't got confirmation from the lecturers yet. But I should be going home tomorrow :DDDDDD

k0k s3n w4i said...

a patient i was interviewing asked me how the match went because he missed it, being hospitalised and all. i told him i didn't know. then when friday holiday was announced today afternoon, i had to ask someone what it's for.

i am sooo apathetic towards anything football. this is the first time football ever done anything for me :D

Liz ^^, said...

I'm pretty apathetic towards football too. But I'm trying to put some effort into caring :P But it's soooo difficult without Astro. There are no matches to watch ! @.@