Saturday, December 25, 2010

Special Christmas Present

This morning, I received a very special Christmas present.

One that none of you would ever want to receive, I sure.

Here it is:

Have been sick for the past few days.

And you know what sucks more than being sick with a runny AND blocked nose, slight fever, cough and a man's voice (my voice has changed, needless to say >.<)?

Missing Christmas service this morning.

Missing Christmas dinner at my friend's place, and thus missing a chance to meet up with friends, one of whom I had not seen in half a year, who had come down from KL to Seremban specially. T.T

Having to sleep more hours than I thought possible of the human body, cos the stupid medication makes me drowsy and weak.

Having to walk around like a zombie when I am awake, cos I just feel like going back to sleep.

Mannnn. Christmas seems really down this year. :(

Anyhow, I'm conserving my energy for our family Christmas dinner tomorrow night.

Hopefully, I'll be feeling better by then and will be able to enjoy what's left of Christmas before I head back to uni for several months of torture.

(Didn't mean to sound whiny or anything, but it just sucks being sick, doesn't it? During Christmas too, of all days !)


David Leong Kin Ming said...

ha. ha. ha. have a blessed post-christmas recovery period! =)

sugarmouse said...

bummer, being sick on christmas is definitely NOT fun :( :( :( poor thing. hope you get well asap!

Ðârren said...

*hug* aww u poor girl... =| get well soon, su li, and have a merry merry christmas =)

SandraC said...

merry christmas to u and me lah..
we're both sick but u BEAT ME FLAT with ur meds.ahaha..u like old lady. jokes aside, do get well quickly!! post more pics before ur sem starts!