Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's Time for Some Ball !!!

I've never been the most physically active of people. 

I'd rather stay indoors than outdoors.

I'd prefer air-conditioning any day, as compared to the (blazing freakishly hot) sun.

I'd much rather bury my nose in a book, or clack-clack away on my keyboard than jump around, or run.

Or God forbid, sweat. *gasps*

Yes, yes. I know it's unhealthy.

And as a result, I'm waaayyyyy unfit. More unfit than I look, apparently.

Don't blame me, blame technology. It's the era, I tell you. We youngsters, the more techno-savvy generation, have shiny, new, more interesting distractions to play with than maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

All I do is sit. 

Sit and read. Sit and type. Sit and surf (the net, duh.)

Sit sit sit and sit some more.

So much so, I swear that's how my butt got bigger ! @.@


Just the other day, my brothers and I went to throw some hoops in the evening.

How impressive is that???? *beams*


They practically had to drag me there, but still. A for effort eh? :D

It was nice weather for being out. Although the sun was searingly hot a couple of hours before, it was now cloudier, and not as torturous to be outdoors. (Which is the only reason I finally relented to go after my brothers' badgering. "Che, aren't you coming? Wanna go? Let's go !")

The three of us drove to our church (Yeah, our church has a 1-side basketball court :P) and were glad to find that we had the place all to ourselves.

Can I say that both my brothers have a knack for sports? Well, I mean, they're not pros or anything, but they get better with practice. I seem to do the opposite.

Bowling is one example. After the first few turns where I seem to be doing great (a few strikes in there too ! WOW @.@) the next few (and sometimes right to the end) turns, the ball would be mysteriously drawn to the longkang on BOTH sides, no matter what I do. *sigh*

See? I get worse, not better. =.=

Hm, maybe a better term would be....'fluctuate'.

Yes, I fluctuate.

Sometimes, I get a basket. Like a pro.
Sometimes, it takes me three attempts before the ball even touches the rim. =.=

Anyway, after throwing hoops and changing positions several times, I just couldn't resist.

I whipped out my phone. :P

Look at how pretty the sky was?
See, can you blame me for having the URGE
to snap a picture?

(Oh, and a second after I snapped this photo,
the ball you see landed neatly on my right foot.
OUCH. It hurt, okayyyyy. >.<)

Ming in mid-air. Whoa. :P

Bouncing the ball.

Kit, poised for action. :)

"Che, we're here to play basketball.
NOT take photos. =.="

Okay, fineeeeeeeeee.

But if I hadn't, you wouldn't have all these awesome photos, right?

I sacrificed my ball time for you guys. You should thank me. :)

Haha. 'Yau yeng' or not? :P

He made the basket !
I think. :D

Gaya yang berlainan.
Like a lean-back-and-throw.

Well, I did eventually stop taking photos and played a few more hoops.

Got hit on the head with that stupid ball, too. OUCH again. >.<

Now my arms are a little sore and aching from all that throwing and bouncing :P

Told you I wasn't fit. Aheh.


SandraC said...

mana gambar u jumping with the ball? haha

Liz ^^, said...

Ahaha, nobody take for meeeee~ T.T Dah la kena marah from my bro for taking pictures when supposed to be playing, so. haha xD