Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jingly Jangly

Jingly jangly n. an accessory item that the female species have an inexplicable affinity for, specifically anything that produces a jingly sound when shaken or rattled, which includes, but not necessarily, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets etc. Jingly janglies. pl.

Okay, I totally made that up. Aheh.

But doesn't it sound rather genuine??? :D

'Jingly jangly' is a term that a certain community (with a population of one. Okay, me :D) of people use to refer to our girlish accessories. And those little shops and stalls that sell them are called the 'jingly jangly shops/stalls'.

Used in a sentence, "Just the other day, I bought some really awesome jingly janglies for like, an unbelievable price !"

Okay, English lesson over. :P

Anyway, this post was inspired by Tey Cindy, who in a spur-of-the-moment of insanity hardworking-ness (:P), decided to clear up and organize her er, mess of accessories.

I guess all girls suffer from varying degrees of 'messiness' when it comes to our collection of jingly janglies, eh?

Well, in this post I'll show you how I organize my accessories. Specifically, my earrings.

I made this a while back though. So I don't have in-the-process photos to show you how I made it. :(

So, here's how it looks like:

It's a slim board made from polystyrene. I wrapped it with pretty blue wrapping paper (cos I wanted it to match my wardrobe cupboard :P) and hung it using a blue ribbon.

For those 'slip-on' earrings, it's so simple ! Just poke holes for each pair into the polystyrene board and voila ! Plus, the fun thing is, you can arrange your collection of jingly janglies however you like ! Me, I like it arranged in rows, leaving tons of space for newer additions ! :P

Just poke 'em right through. Simple !

For those hoop and stud earrings, I haven't yet developed a more sophisticated way of hanging them up, so what I did was this:

I left an inch or so of wrapping paper at the bottom (folded it over and glued it together to make it a little stronger) and then punched holes using a paper puncher to hang the hoop ones, and just merely pierced the stud ones through it. :)

Aheh. Kinda amateur-ish, but it works for me, so. :D

I stuck the blue ribbon all along the top of the polystyrene board with double-sided tape. For reinforcement, I guess you can use those little pins to pin the ribbon to the board. I mean, it's polystyrene, so it shouldn't be a problem. Then tie the ends of the ribbon together to make a loop to hang your board from. :)

I was worried the ribbon wouldn't hold, or isn't strong enough, but so far, it's worked beautifully and hasn't fallen once ! :)

To prevent dust coating my pretty jingly janglies, I also added a clear plastic wrap over the whole board. Of course, make sure the plastic covers the whole width and length of the board, with a little extra at the top to flip over to the back and hold with double-sided tape.

Then I discovered that my plastic wrap kept 'flying' up when the fan in my room was on, which was annoying, so I stuck two blobs of blue-tac to the bottom edges of the wrap. So now it's easy to stick the plastic to the board when I don't intend to get my jingly janglies. :)

I guess as an alternative, you could use Velcro instead. But I don't mind the blue-tac cos it matches my wrapping paper anyway :D (Plus, it was the most readily available thing in the house at the time ! haha)

So here's the finished product once again !

Tadaaa !!!

If you guys have any suggestions for improvement, please do share ! :)

Or share with me how you organize your jingly janglies !


Cin said...

YAY! i finally get to see how your jingly jangly board looks like ^^ Good idea~ DIY stuff are always inspiring!

SandraC said...

i like ur creativeness...clean and organised way to keep bling bling..i think i should get one too! haha

Liz ^^, said...

Ahaha, sorry la. Very simple only. And not that pretty-looking, or professional-looking though :P

Miss Nobody said...

Lol i straightaway go buy d earring holder which is rm20 ==

lazy me

sugarmouse said...

you're so creative and hardworking honestly!!!! :D :D love all the ideas you come up with! wish i was more like you, seriouslyyyy. are you an art major? (in school)

Liz ^^, said...


Why, thank you ! *shy*
Actually, no. I was never in Arts in school. I took Pure Sc in F4/F5 and went into Sc stream in F6. But currently doing language in uni ! haha But I've always been doing these small, DIY stuff for friends and family :)

And the earring board was created only in a fit of exasperation (they were so messy ! >.<) not cos I was hardworking. Aheh. :P