Thursday, December 9, 2010

I'm a Serembanian. Really.

I was born and bred in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.

I've lived here all the 22 years of my life so far.

I went to school here; primary, secondary and Pre-U studies.

I've gone to lepak with friends in various hang out places here.

But the fact of the matter is, ask me where anything is, and I might actually not know.

Ask me to drive around Seremban town, and I will most likely get lost.

So imagine my horror when a bunch of my KL friends (David, Chrissy, MayLee and David's friend, Thaddeus) were planning a day trip down to Seremban (of all places ! =.=) to come kacau visit me.

It all started with David. He called me up.

"Hey, wanna go sing K?" (It's karaoke-ing, in case you didn't know.)
"Come up to KL la, then we sing together-gether !"

"Huh? Why on earth would I go allllllll the way up to KL to sing K when we have it here in Seremban also?"

I was totally unprepared for the horror that was coming my way.

"Fine then. If you won't come up to KL, we'll come down !" 

My response: @.@

Where on earth to take them in Seremban?
There's nothing really that awesome to eat, nothing really that fun to do.

There's really nothing. >.<

I wracked my brain and finally came up with the itinerary of having beef noodles at the famous Yee Kee's in town, then bowling and Green Box karaoke in our one-and-only-happening Jusco shopping mall, and finally, the famous (I just found out) curry-chicken-baked-in-a-bun at Lucky King Bun in Kemayan Square.

What scared me the most was directing them to those places. And not just where those places were, but how to get from point A to point B, and from point B to point C.

For me, it was a scary task, seeing as I didn't know how to get from point A to point B, and from point B to point C.

Yes, yes. I've already heard it all.

"Haa, you call yourself a Serembanian???"
"Aiyo, terrible la you ! How can you dunno?!"
"Hopeless case la you ! Next time, instead of being the siu jie and sit pretty in the car, pay attention to the road outside ma !"


Sorry lor.

It's not that I never paid any attention outside.

I just think it makes a huge difference whether you drive there, or just sit in the passenger seat.

And I've always been the one in the passenger seat. :(

The day before the KL-Seremban exodus, I took a drive with my dad pointing out the route to take, when to keep left or right, to watch out for dangerous bends etc.

I gave my full focus, wrote down the directions, and even drew a simple map.

(This is very embarrassing to admit, the map. And my dearest friends made full fun of my map >.< Well, at least I made the effort okayyyy. Hmph.)

Well, I did it ! :D

We had a good lunch (although it took us aaaggeeesss to find a parking spot in town, as most Serembanians can testify, especially during lunch hour >.<) and got to Jusco without a hitch. Spent a good 3 hours singing our hearts out (occasionally off-key on purpose), jumping on the couch and stuffing ourselves with the free-flow of snacks and drinks. There was no time for bowling though :( We managed to get to Kemayan Square fine too (Okay, that was thanks to Sam. I was not as confident of that particular route. >.<) and wowed over the huge curry-chicken bun. 

Its unique quality is that the chicken curry is first cooked, 
then placed in a tin-foil-container. 
Then the bun is baked around it. Pretty cool :D

It was a good day ! :D

Despite starting the day off with a bout of ganjeong-ness (cos I was so worried that I'd lead them all the wrong way, and we'd get lost, and how humiliating would that be???? >.<) the day turned out good. Everything went quite well, and we enjoyed each other's company :D

I guess, thanks to them, I know how to drive to Yee Kee's and Kemayan Square now. :P


hannah khaw said...

HEYYYY I'm just like you!! I'm always the passenger who never looks out of the window. I'm terrible at directions. I'm the blurrest of my family.

And I'm loving it.

Why drive when you can be driven? :D

Anonymous said...

Aiya, you should just go to the Yee Kee's in Kemayan Square. Both my parents think the beef noodles from the shop in Kemayan Square taste better. Furthermore, it would be slightly easier in terms of searching for parking lot in Kemayan Square. And it would be nearer to Jusco and def nearer to your curry chicken bun. :) The Yee Kee's in town, in Kemayan Square and in the Seremban Pasar are from the same family. :)

Liz ^^, said...


"Why drive when you can be driven?"

OMG, I super super LOVE this ! If there's a like button, I'd LIKE it 100X !!! Totally agree weiiiii~



Know what? I didn't even know that there's a Yee Kee's in Kemayan Square. =.= Damn paiseh le ! @.@ Could've saved us a lot of time and trouble searching for parking spots in town ! Gawd, it's like Mission Impossible >.<

Anonymous said...

Ya, it's super hard to get one in town. But in Kemayan Square, it's also hard, seem to be always full esp. lunch time but I guess u'll still manage to get one in Kemayan Square if you are willing to walk a little. :)

I guess next time if we do pass by Kemayan Square, I would as well just turn in and show you the shop. Haha!