Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Back to Business

It's back to business, people.

8am classes, 2-hour tutorials, lecturers who can talk for 3 hours non-stop (I find that utterly amazing ! @.@), assignments, food deprivation, and having to climb six flights of stairs every day to my humble second abode here in non-civilization Bangi.

But, being back in Bangi also means awesome partners-in-crazy friends, teasing and good fun, laughter, lunches together and loads of catching up. :)

I never thought I'd say this, but.

It's good to be back :D
(I must have lost my mind. =.=)

This semester's gonna be another tough one I think. 7 subjects this time. Aiyo. >.<

Life is kinda boring at the moment. Have just had the first few classes of the week so not much is going on, yet. No assignments, no homework. Just some pre-readings and internet search work.

Spent yesterday afternoon watching 5 episodes of The Mentalist. (Beginning of semesters are always too free. haha)

The highlight of my week?


Hola ! *smacks lips* :P

And a plus point would be that my Spanish lecturer is super duper sporting, super duper cool, super duper funny, and also, super duper HOT. :D

Fyi, she's a woman. A very HOT Spanish woman, I must say. *giggle*

Couldn't stop staring at the tattoos (yes, in the plural) on her arms, and later discovered that she has two more on each of her shoulders ! How cool is that?? :P

I have a feeling I'm gonna LOVE Spanish this sem ! :)

Wanna know what's in store this sem?

I have classes like Pembangunan Insan dan Kewarganegaraan (Human Development and Citizenship) and Asas Penyelidikan (Foundations of Research). *yawn*

Man. Don't they have such oh-so-boring-I-could-fall-asleep-saying-their-names kinda names? =.=

Oh, I also have an Entrepreneurship course. (Possibly to equip us future teachers with the skills to run a side business of curry puffs while teaching English and handling society meetings in school. *shrugs*)

Comparative Literature sounds really tough. And seeing as how I struggled with last sem's Selected Literary Works, I expect the same, or worse, for this one. But our lecturer Dr. Rai is such a gem ! :D

Sociolinguistics, we have a lecturer who can talk for hours without realizing none of her students are actually paying attention to her. She also likes to laugh at her own jokes (which we find are really not all that funny =.=) and was "famous" for adorning a pair of striking carrot-orange pants matched with a bright red batik top last sem. Ugh. *shudders*

Well, I guess at least she provides some form of entertainment? :P

Teaching of Writing Skills, I haven't gone for the class yet. But it should be similar to our 'Teaching of Listening and Speaking Skills' and 'Teaching of Reading Skills in an ESL Context' subjects we've taken before -- more research papers and presentations and lesson plans. Joy. >.<

Now don't you see why I'm absolutely loving Spanish??!!

Already can't wait for class next week ! :D


jcdagreat said...

eh....u r taking spanish too? level 1 issit? Leyshack is damn gorgeous.... lovein her tattoos too XDXD... im in level 2... adios bonita ~

Liz ^^, said...

Ahaha, yes ! Level 1 ! Taking Spanish as my second elective since I already took Korean :D

She's not just gorgeous, she's HOT. Mannnn. I think she's super cool weiiiii~ haha Hasta luego ! :P