Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Resurrected? No guarantee.


It turns out that I did not have the time, nor the energy, nor the inspiration, to blog. >.<

The semester that has just passed was one of the toughest semesters ever.
I took 8 subjects this time, and I was so swamped with assignments and projects and field trips that I barely had time to breathe. >.<

I know it sounds cliche. I know everybody goes through the same thing.

But this was still the toughest semester for me, so far.

The weeks leading up to finals were the most stressful I have ever experienced. What made it  worse was that we were not given a study break to prepare for finals this semester.

I spent a lot of my time crying, let me be honest.

I know, I know. I sound so pathetic.

I couldn't help it though. You know sometimes when you keep all the stress inside of you cos you don't want to show it? It's only healthy that you let it out somehow, in private.

And I do that by crying. You feel better, really :)

There was once that I felt so overwhelmed with the number of assignments I had yet to complete and the upcoming finals in just a week and the field trip that we had to prepare for, that I cried during a lecture.

During a lecture.

OMG, right? I know. Dunno what happened to me. Tears just filled my eyes and rolled down my cheeks without me realizing. 

Aiyo, it was super embarrassing. =.=|||

Anyway, I just don't feel like getting into everything that I went through last semester. Just not in the mood. >.<

I've been on holiday now, for almost a month. But I have yet to regain the motivation that used to drive me to write here.

At least this post is a start. :P

Will I keep this up? Only time will tell.

Will write again soon (I hope). :)


Arnan Koh said...

Finally. A post.

Crying during lecture is a new one. Most of doze off or stare at the lecture in a daze... (since i have no idea what is going on)..

It is that stressful in every uni... If I have to face this stress another 7 semesters, i think i will also cry...

I wish learning did not have to be so hard. ..

SandraC said...

my gosh..after such a long time..welcome back to blogmosphere!
the worst is over!
look at u..u survived!! ur sane and ur stronger!! yahoo!!