Friday, November 11, 2011

11/11/11: Overrated

While I do agree that 11/11/11 is a pretty special date, it is also, I believe, overrated.

Yes, it happens only once every 100 years. Whoop-de-doo.

FB is plastered with "111111" or "11.11.11" or "11/11/11" statuses everywhere. And I imagined there was a flood of status updates at 11.11 am, maybe even at 11:11:11 am (by the kiasu fellas! xD)

Everyone keeps saying that we should make today memorable. Go out with friends, hang out with family, do "awesome" things that you wouldn't otherwise do. Drinking, partying, having fun! Wow. Sounds exciting.

If only we made as much effort to make each day in our life count as much as we do for this particular day.

We should make every single day memorable. Make every single day count. Spend time with family, friends, loved ones, every day. Not just on those days with repeated digits. Not just once every 100 years, eh?

Live your life to the fullest, EVERY DAY.

Then dates with repeated digits just won't be that big a deal :)

Sunday, November 6, 2011


I used to think that I was a pretty good person.

I mean, I knew nobody is perfect. But I used to think that if anyone was close to perfect, I'd be it.

I didn't lie, or cheat. I was kind, helpful, generous. I was considerate, I followed the rules. I was a good student, had many friends, and was well-liked by all who knew me.

In church, we talk about sin, about our sinful nature as humans. I disliked that term. I hated thinking that I was sinful, or of sin. It was a dirty word, and I didn't want to associate myself with it. I was different, I thought. I was doing pretty well, so far. Doing pretty good, in fact.

Little did I know, then, that my biggest, largest flaw, was pride.

I continued to think that I was an almost-perfect person, an almost-perfect friend. Oh, what a wonderful person I am! What a wonderful testimony I must be as a Christian! I never said any of this out loud, of course. I mean, people would think I'm some egotistical self-praising obnoxious prick! I am only admitting this now, many many manyyyy years later, that these thoughts were there, somewhere, deep within me. Just because nobody else knew, I thought, again, that I was almost-perfect.

In retrospect, I believe that is why my spiritual life never really grew. I believe that is why I never really had a relationship with this God I call Father. It was because I believed I was almost-perfect, that I never really saw the need for Him. Why should I, when I was already this close to perfect? I was doing fine on my own. Did I really have to depend on Him?

Until, of course, this recent incident that I talked about in the previous post.

He showed me who I was, at that moment. I guess not so much who I was, but who I could be, or who I could turn into. It wasn't pretty. In fact, it was horrible, and ugly.

I was ashamed of myself. My almost-perfect illusion of myself was finally shattered, but honestly, what a liberating feeling it is, now! I can see myself maybe a little clearer now. I can see my pride. I can see my wrong.

It was painful, yes. And I broke down that evening, tasting regret and shame in my salty tears. But it was only then that I knew, I really knew, that I needed God. Who else could make me realize this about myself? Who else could touch me in this way? Who else could give me the strength to make things better? Who else could ultimately change me?

Today, I realized something else.

Sometimes, we are not the best testimonies for Christ when we live perfect lives, as perfect people who can do no wrong. That is not the goal of this life on earth. Yes, we strive to be like Jesus, but not in living the perfectly blameless life that He did when He was here. No, even God knows it's impossible.

On the contrary, I think we are the best testimonies when we fail, when we fall, and then we pick ourselves up with God-given strength and make things right with Him, and with whomever we have hurt. It is only then that people can see that as Christians, we struggle with the same things everyone else does--we're only human; but it is because we have Christ in us that we have the power to fight our sinful nature and rise above it.

I am sure you have heard the saying, "Courage is not the absence of fear. Rather, courage is facing your fears head-on despite it."

So let us have a new definition for "perfection", one that is attainable: 

"Perfection is not the absence of faults. Rather, perfection is acknowledging your faults and making things right, despite them."

With God's hand holding mine, I believe I can achieve perfection. :)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Doing the Right Thing is Never Easy

Doing the right thing is never easy.

We can tell ourselves lies, justify our actions with reasonable logic, ignore the prickly feeling of guilt.

But let's face it. That's the easy way out. The coward's way.

I doubt there is a single person in this world who is innocent of gossiping.

Gossiping? you ask. Pfft. That's nothing. Everybody does it. Nothing wrong about that.

Nothing wrong? Nothing wrong?

Gossiping is seldom just, "Hey, you know what so and so did?" It is almost always accompanied by, "Ya lor, so teruk la she. Such a b****!" Think back to all those nasty things you said about someone else. All the jokes you made at the person's expense.

Now imagine if someone said those things about you.

Like you said, nothing wrong, isn't it?

How do you look that person in the eye anymore? How do go day after day acting like everything's fine and dandy? How do you go about pretending you never said the nasty things you did about the person just last night at dinner? The good laugh you had over it?

If you could do all that without even blinking, you're a plain hypocrite. That's what you are. A big 'ol hypocrite who doesn't have the guts to say all the things you can say behind a person's back right to their face. Who has no balls to confront the person, like you should.

It is so easy to be angry. It is so easy to get upset over every little thing. And every little thing becomes a big thing. Every single thing the person does annoys you, upsets you, has wronged you.

And in response to that, it is so easy to badmouth someone else. It is so easy to let that anger fester within you, to let it grow and consume you. You would not even know it. And all this is so much easier when you find others who share your sentiments or strong feelings towards this same person.

You think, "He deserves it! He's a jerk! He's selfish!" Whatever.

But don't you realize what this gossiping and hatred is doing to you? Sapping you of your energy, your time, your soul. You become so engulfed in it, so obsessed by it, you don't even realize it! You talk of nothing else, think of nothing else, with anyone you're with!

I came across this phrase, describing badmouthing: character assassination. All that bitterness, wrath, anger and evil-speaking. You're basically murdering someone's character, someone's reputation.

How can you live with yourself? How can you go on knowing what you are doing, what you have been doing behind someone's back?

If you just deny it, you're a coward. If you ignore it, you're a coward. If you do nothing about it, you're also a coward.

Proverbs 15:1 says, "A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger." And in verse 4, "The tongue that brings healing is a tree of life, but a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit."

Whose spirit?

I believe it is both the person you speak evilly about, as well as your own.

It took me a concerned outside-friend, and a Bible verse to knock me to my senses, leave me reeling. Reeling in shock, in shameful realization, in repentance.

I begged God to forgive me, to give me the wisdom and the courage to make things right. God reminded me that he has asked us to love every one, most of all the ones who are not so easy to love. He reminded me that every word that comes out of our mouth should be "wholesome and uplifting". Not those that tear down, destroy and hurt.

You may think that gossiping, badmouthing is harmless. As long the person you are talking about never hears of it.

But trust me, it takes a toll. Not on the person you are talking about (if they never hear of it). But on you.

Do something about it. Talk to the person. Tell him how you really feel about the things he does, or has done. But not in a "I'm right and you're wrong" kind of way. And not with the expectation that the other person will change overnight, cos that it impossible. Do it in order to clear the air between you, to be honest in love, to let go.

Only then can you move on, with less a burden on your shoulders, a lighter heart.

Doing the right thing is never easy.

But let's face it. That's the easy way out. The coward's way.

It takes courage to confront someone. More than you may possess. But all things are possible with God. Ask Him, and He will bless you. He will give you the courage you need to do what is right.

And knowing that you are doing what is right should provide you with enough courage to make that first step.

Always, do it out of love. Not necessarily for the person. But do it out of love for our Father in heaven. For He has loved us, even as we are so unlovable.

To the person I have wronged, I ask for forgiveness. I am glad we talked, I am glad we have put everything out there. I hope that we can move past this, and that it helps us both grow, as people.

I have made things right. Have you?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Monkey Business

It finally happened.

They're back!

I'd heard the horror stories, but I had yet to face one myself, and had hoped I never will. Pfft. How naive! >.<

Had my first close encounter with the infamous KIY monkeys yesterday.

I was getting ready to take my bath, so I was happily humming some Choir Convo song tunes, wrapped in my towel while I went to get my basket of toiletries. I had heard some taps on my window, but had dismissed it as the wind, or maybe a tree branch.

When I turned around, there it was. Its tiny hands slipping through the window panes and attempting to push it open.

I gasped and was stunned motionless for the few minutes while it tried to open my window, then moved to the next panel of window panes and tried to open those, and the next.

I could see its shadow as it moved from one panel of windows to the other, just outside, moving along the balcony sill. Also, the other two dark shadows sitting quietly there, most probably his friends watching him attempting to get at food.

Creepy!! @.@

My heart was thumping so loudly, I could hear it in my ears!

And who knew, my second encounter with a monkey immediately followed my first in a span of a few minutes!

When I'd gone to the bathroom to wash off my make-up and turned around to head to the shower stalls, there another one was, staring at me. I gave another loud gasp and completely freaked out the other girl who was in the bathroom with me.

Thankfully, it was more interested in rummaging in the rubbish bin behind the shared-bathrooms door than in biting all my fingers off. After it was done, it just sauntered off, down the stairs.

You may think it's silly, to be afraid of monkeys. But I have this fear, irrational or not, of these monkeys just going wild and crazy and attacking me, and biting my finger off or something. (Maybe I shouldn't have watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes. =.=)

Plus, I have heard from fellow college mates, of how daring, how intelligent these beings can be. Some of them even figured out how to open windows that have been closed tight. They have organization too. My friend once saw a monkey in her room, grabbing her packet of biscuits and then handing it to its friend waiting at the window! (Teamwork? @.@) 

They'd grab directly from your hands if they catch you holding plastic bags they assume contain food. So it is a bad idea to walk around KIY holding a plastic bag, even if they do not contain food. These KIY monkeys just might attack you, bite you to death, steal your plastic bag and then discard it in 20 seconds!

Just kidding.

Suffice to say, I am terrified of monkeys. So much so, I am literally left paralyzed and unable to do anything when I see one. I wish I could even scream, but I can't >.<

I can't believe I am in the college that is FAMOUS for monkeys. Hope I survive (with all my fingers intact)! @.@

Monday, September 19, 2011

All For Nothing?

Choir practices have officially started.

Last Saturday was our first full-day practice. From 9am-10pm.
Yes, you read right. 9AM to 10PM. >.<

Although it sucks, I have to reluctantly concede that it is absolutely necessary. :(

This coming weekend is the Convocation Ceremony. Four days from Saturday up to Tuesday. We have to learn up to 12 songs for our repertoire, excluding the four compulsory songs consisting of the national anthem, the Negeri Sembilan state anthem (because our Chancellor is from Negeri Sembilan) and two varsity songs.

We only have but a week (literally a WEEK! I am not exaggerating!) to learn all the songs!

I thank God for the new juniors this year. We had quite the "harvest" this time round--19 of them! :D Hopefully they will turn out to be faithful members of Choir who will stick with us because they love the Choir :)

Meeting them and getting to know them has been an interesting and enjoyable experience. We have quite a number of guys this year (yay!) and quite equal number of girls for Alto and Soprano vocal parts. We even have an Indonesian in our midst! :D My gorsh, some of these juniors are just adorable! Which, unfortunately, only makes me feel much, muuuuuuch older T.T (The biggest age gap between me and the juniors is SEVEN years! Gosh, aren't I ancient? >.<)

It has been tiring, singing and teaching the new songs for hours on end. My voice even changed to a sexier, huskier kind after one full-day's practice! (It's not exactly a good thing =.=)

But at the same time, I can't help smiling when I hear us all singing together in parts--my favourite part of being in the Choir. The harmonies and the individual melodies of each vocal part complement each other so well that we sound so beautiful together! Choir constantly reminds me that we are, and always will be, a team effort.

It makes me work harder when I teach all the individual vocal parts: Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass. Cos I know that it's important to make sure they get them right. Otherwise, the entire harmony will crumble. And the end result--beautiful singing--is all worth it!

But it's hard to be all happy and optimistic. I'm not the bright-eyed 20-year-old I was back then. And having been part of the Committee board who run the Choir and have to deal with Pusat Kebudayaan (Student Cultural Center) I find that the frustration and injustice of the way things are done sometimes unbearably overwhelming.

Imagine this: Someone from the Pusat Kebudayaan gives you a new score of a song you used to sing differently. They say, "Follow this new score." It terrifies you because, although the song is familiar, the new arrangement and the vocal parts are completely new. Not to mention impossibly difficult to learn! For the entire day you struggle to teach, and to learn, the new arrangement because, well, that's what you were told to do. When you meet up with the band to practice this song together, you realize, with horror, that they are playing it in a completely different key; four keys HIGHER, which makes all the other vocal parts unsing-able (no such word)--unless you are a chipmunk who had just inhaled some helium. When you question them about the change of key, they say, "Oh, the score for the band in the new arrangement is not so nice, so we decided to use another arrangement instead which is in this (higher) key." When your jaw drops open from shock, they tell you, "It's okay, you can sing in unison, it's not a problem."


*takes a deep breath*

I am trying, very hard, to take this all in my stride. What can we do but smile and nod and accept, as we always do? I am angered and frustrated most when I see the exhausted faces of our new members. They worked hard to learn that song, and now it's all for nothing. >.< Would they give up? Would they think, "Choir sucks. I'm leaving."?

Practice resumed the following day. And I was mildly surprised to see all of them, the new ones, back here again. Working hard. Trying their best to learn, and to sing well. And they tell us that they enjoy the songs, that they are having a great time. *touched* :') 

And it makes me wanna work even harder as well. :D

Listening to them, and all of us sing, I have forgotten how much I love the Choir, how much I've missed it during the four long months of holidays. The last two days were a reminder that, no matter how much I grumble and whine and yell curses about the hassle and problems that come with helping out in the Choir, no matter how tired and exhausted, even if I lose my voice singing so hard, deep down, I love Choir. Choir is my passion.

And I'm not gonna let anything, or anyone take that away from me.

Friday, September 16, 2011

I'm Finally At Home

It's official.

I'm a Highlander for this final semester in UKM!

I'd gone to the KBH office this morning, and was promptly told that whatever available rooms they had left were for Masters students only. Not undergrad students like me. I must have sounded absolutely pitiful when I said Oh, I am actually an Education student and was hoping to get a place here because it was nearer to my Faculty. I still received a prompt, and rather firm, NO.

"Well, can I still send in the letter?" (I had written an official letter to request the Principal of KBH to grant me this favour)

"Well, sure. But it won't do a thing for you."


So well, so ends the story of my attempts to appeal to move to KBH. >.<

My dad told me to try again next week. But frankly, I don't like to beg. And I doubt they'd want me harassing them every other day till they give in out of exasperation. It just doesn't feel right, neither does it feel good.

So I'm gonna let this go. I know that I'll eventually get used to being a Highlander. (That's what residents of KIY call themselves--because they live on a "highland" =.=) (I suddenly realize that's currently what I am, so I should say, ourselves instead of 'themselves' >.<)

Because, at the very back of my mind, I still had hopes of shifting out sometime this week to KBH, I never really truly settled into my room in KIY. Here's some proof:

Most of my bags were pretty much still unpacked. I didn't want to have to unpack and then, in a few days when I had to shift out to KBH, pack them all again and then unpack them yet again in the new room! I thought I'd save myself all that trouble; keep all my stuff in the bags they came in until I was sure where I'd be staying at.

So you can see all the bags, just dumped and stuffed everywhere. And even my luggage of clothes was just left at the bottom of the cupboard.

I'd been living out of my suitcase(s) these past few days, and it has been such a pain! >.< I'd have to rummage through my luggage to get a towel, or a t-shirt, zip and unzip a bag to get my toiletries. I didn't even get to have my awesome breakfast-of-champions Koko Krunch and milk because I didn't want to get my mug out and then have to air-dry and repack it, after. =.=

Well, now that it's decided I'll be staying:

I finally unpacked my books and arranged them neatly with a bookend :)

I got out my stash of foodstuff: cartons of full cream milk, Jacob's crackers, Koko Krunch, Maggi mee, and cutlery.

I've even put a little calendar on my previously-empty board. I guess I should consider decorating it, or at least covering up the hideous staples with coloured paper, now that this board is truly, truly, mine.

I spent a good whole hour finally unpacking everything. And here's what you can see inside my cupboard now:

My lovely, very-portable cloth rack finally hung up and filled. An empty base of the cupboard. Every day-clothes finally taken out of the bulky luggage bag and arranged neatly.

And then I stuffed all the bags at the topmost rack in my cupboard. :)

And if I haven't convinced you enough that I'm really, truly all settled in:

My teddy bear floor mat--which definitely says, "Welcome Home."

If that doesn't convince you, I don't know what will! @.@

Kolej Ibrahim Yaakob, looks like I'm here to stay! :D

HIGHLANDERS! Whoohoooooo~ :P

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Quaint Lil' 'Ol Room

I am writing from my new second home in Kolej Ibrahim Yaakob (KIY). For those who do not know, I was formerly in Kolej Tun Hussein Onn (KTHO)--a college that I speak of with both fond nostalgia and dislike.

I must sound like an ungrateful wretch. On the contrary, I am truly grateful to KTHO for housing me for the past 3 years. Although the admin department leaves much to be desired (much much muuuuuuuch to be desired =.=) the college itself is in one of the most strategic places in UKM, in my opinion. :)

For me, it was within walking distance of anywhere I would want/need to go. Pusanika? Ten minutes' walk. Library? Ten minutes. Faculty? 15 minutes (if I had semangat to huff and puff up that dreadful hill >.<) Language School? Ten minutes. Dewan Gemilang? Ten minutes. DECTAR? Three minutes!

However, the people "higher up" were rather fond of applying the military style they were used to in the PALAPES, and of threatening techniques. Do this, or we'll kick you out. Don't do this? Then I guess you won't be coming back to this college next semester. If you don't want to do this, then it's fine. There are many others who are fighting to get a place in this college.

So much so that I just about had had enough of their threats. For the final time, when they threatened me, I fought back. It felt good, for once!

But it also made me nervous about my placement in the college for this semester. >.<

I'd wanted to apply for Kolej Burhanuddin Helmi (KBH) then, due to the bad feeling I had that, somehow, because of that incident with the KTHO Felo, my chances of getting a place in that college were now slim. Rather than allowing them to kick me out, I thought I'd save them the trouble and opt out, myself. >.<

Besides, a course mate was in KBH, and the college was situated much nearer to my Faculty and the Language School than KTHO--a mere FIVE minutes' walk! :D

So I was accepted into KBH, a dream come true, and I lived happily ever after! TheEnd.

Obviously that wasn't what happened, was it? =.=

Nope. The online accommodation application results came out and I was sent to.......KIY.

My immediate thought was CONS: Further from the Faculty. Situated on a steeeeeeeep hill. Infested with monkeys. Completely unfamiliar. No close friends there. :(



Came up with a blank. >.<

Anyhoo, beggars can't be choosers. And I am thankful, very thankful, that though they rejected my application to stay in KBH, they did not leave me in the lurch with no hostel to stay in at all. I could have been left without a college completely, unable to go back to KTHO and without a college to go to, and would have had to search for accommodations elsewhere, off-campus. Which would really have been a nightmare. T.T

You know the saying, "You don't realize what you have till it's gone"? Well, that rings truer for me now than it ever has before. To be completely honest, I miss my old single room in KTHO. It was spacious, the bathrooms were clean, the cupboard was GORGEOUS, the bed was comfy.

Here, in KIY, everything seems small and cramped. My single room is much smaller than what I have been used to, the desk lamp is casting shadows on my work, the cupboard is built into the wall (and in very bad condition too >.<), the bed is pretty low (and doesn't have lovely LARGE drawers under it to store my foodstuff and cutlery like I had in KTHO). The bathrooms aren't cleaned often, the sink is clogged, the washing-clothes basins have no water, and one of the toilets doesn't lock, or flush. >.< (I'm still waiting for them to take action of my official complaint.)

My low bed. Mattress was disgusting. It was horribly lumpy and stained. 
You can't see it now, of course >.<

My long wall-to-wall study desk, which isn't too bad. But I wish it had drawers so I can put all my "Drawer Stuff"--you know, like stapler, puncher, extra pens, medication, pack of cards etc. *shrugs*

There was a hole in the concrete floor, and the previous occupant stub-proofed it with tape. Brilliant! :D

See? One of the cupboard doors looks like it's naked! @.@

The dark grey-brown you're seeing at the sides and back of the cupboard is the wall. That's what I mean by built into the wall.

Again, I sound like an ungrateful wretch. I know, I know. I should be grateful, thankful. I knowwwwwww. >.<

But you know what they say, about how once you've tasted caviar, you can't settle for catfish? (Okay fineeeee. I modified the quote from Gossip Girl. =.=)

Yeah, it feels like that now. I can't help comparing, and finding dear 'ol KIY lacking. :(

I still haven't lost hope on KBH yet. That's what appeals are for, right? If I get it, I get it. If I don't, well, I'll still be okay. It's only for one more semester anyway.

Till then, my KIY room is, to me, well, rather quaint. :P
(You're welcome to come visit me,if you're in the area, anytime! :D)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Hour of Dread

The dreaded hour is finally here.

It's really here.

I closed my eyes really tight, counted to ten, and opened them again, and surprisingly, it didn't changed a thing. :(

Knowing in advance that it is coming, doesn't necessarily mean your heart is completely prepared for it, does it?

Tomorrow, after four months of pure, unadulterated bliss, I will be checking into my residential college to begin my first semester of my final year as an undergraduate student, which, coincidentally, is also my final semester in UKM.

Sounds scarier, now that I've put it into words. @.@

Oops. What's this doing here? xD

Holidays, as it seems, is never enough. Be it four days, or four freakin' MONTHS, they're never enough!

At the beginning of the holidays, after my final exams last semester, it felt like I was looking up at the bottom of a rainbow, seeing the glorious colours, so delicate and fine, stretch out before me endlessly. I couldn't see the end of the rainbow, but who wants, or ever cares, to?

Four months just flew by! Hasn't it, really? Certainly, there are some regrets. Little things I wanted to get done, but did not have the time to did not actually get around to doing. One of those things was to write more stories, to really spend more time on this other passion of mine. Somehow, I ended up being more passionate about Facebook and Words with Friends, and horror of horrors, The Sims Social. =.=

With the cozzies, in Subang Jaya :)

I did not travel much, other than a few trips up to Subang Jaya, and the areas around KL. I wish I had, though. To Melaka, or maybe Singapore. Or even picnicking at 'ol PD beach.

However, I have little other regrets besides those few things. I think I managed to spend my holidays rather well this time round :)

I will miss all the ladies at Praise Dance. They were always very friendly, and made me feel welcome, even when I was the youngest among them all. On some days when I was not able to come for the morning exercise, they'd ask my mum where I was. And when they did see me next, they would tease me, saying, "Hey, how come you didn't come that day? Ponteng ar?" Or even, "You cannot not come la! Who am I gonna look to when I'm unsure of my steps?"

I felt so....needed :D

I will miss line dancing, that's for sure. It was fun, and very enjoyable learning new steps and dances every week. It was a new experience, and something I hope to continue in the future :)

I will also miss all the ladies at English Class. I admit, in the initial stages, I was terrified of teaching English to these Cantonese and Mandarin-speaking older women. I was a Banana, who had a very veryyyyyy minimal repertoire of Chinese words with which to communicate with these women.

But for me, in this case, familiarity breeds confidence. Week after week, meeting and interacting with them alleviated my fears. And the earnestness to tackle the English language of some of these ladies inspired and motivated me. They were eager to learn, so that made me eager to teach. Even if I had to resort to hand gestures and bahasa rojak. :D

Honestly, these 'ol ladies would put some of our current young students in schools today to SHAME. Even these women, uneducated as some of them are, can realize, and recognize, the importance of the English language. Why are our young people wasting the opportunity to learn and better themselves? >.<

I will still be teaching piano to the little ones on the weekends, so that's okay. Although I will miss seeing the Friday night kids, and some of the Wednesday night ones. Only some. Definitely not this one, that's for certain. >.<

Awesome times with my girls :)

And even more awesome times with my baby! :D
(He's gonna kill me if he finds out this photo of him is up here (too--
cos it's already up on FB :P)! @.@)

I had awesome meet-ups with friends, and spent more time with my boyfriend this holidays than I ever have before! :D And because of the extra two months we had when they pushed back the term time, I had the wonderful opportunity to celebrate his birthday with him and his friends, and surprise him too! :) For that, I am grateful.

All in all, it was a meaningful four months. Looking back, I should be able to go back to UKM happy and contented.

Yet. :(

While I look forward to meeting all my course mates again, my heart is heavy knowing that some of my friends will not be returning with me. :( And the thought of thesis-writing and assignment deadlines and work again is just downright depressing. T.T

Still, I am making a promise to myself to make this last few months in UKM count. I'm gonna work hard, not procrastinate as much, study hard, make time for my friends (cos life is not all about study, is it? :D) and do the best that I can! :)

UKM, I welcome you with open arms, and an open heart, now.

Here's to an AWESOME final semester! :D

Friday, September 2, 2011

Feeling Blue?

Actually, I'm feeling anything but blue! :)

Again, I was trying to make a lame pun. Cos in this fashion post, I'll be blue! Very blue indeed! :D

(Drats. I've been staring at the pictures for some time now, and I cannot, for the life of me, remember where I was headed off to in this outfit that particular time! @.@ My goodness. Am I really getting that old? *sobs* I was most likely going to church, but I cannot be absolutely certain. Sigh. I have the memory of a goldfish. And a baby one at that! T.T)

Doesn't matter where I was off to then, but here are the pictures you've all been waiting for! :P (See, do I know you guys well, or what? xD)

Overall look :)
Green contact lenses this time.

A stereo-designed large top by X-Girls!
I love this striking bright blue!
Doesn't it make you feel bright and gay (the happy one)? :D
Like I said, you'd feel anything but blue! :)
This was given to me by my generous benefactor, Sandra!

My new funky black-and-white flip-flops by Apple (that's what's written there *shrugs*) bought at the nearby Family Store for--you won't believe it--RM6.90!
Cheap or what? :D I liked the design, that's why :)
(Although, Sam did make a good point by saying that my feet would hide most of whatever nice design was on the bottom anyway. >.< What a bubble-burster! =.=)

Worn with my favourite pair of grey jeans from ROMP at Sunway Pyramid :)
Heart these so much! :D

Accessorizing with my most favourite item now--floral bangles!
I think it goes with just about anything! :D

Closer look at my Floral Bangle Set (7-in-1) that I bought at RM15.90 at 20% discount!
And I'm absolutely lovin' them! :D
(My bf told me he wouldn't buy these even if they were sold at RM5. :( 
Guys just don't get it, do they? Should I just give up hope? *sigh*)

Just to add a little femininity, I put a little white flower pin in my hair!
My mother wore this when she was younger, and now it's mine. I see it like a sort of "family heirloom" (although it isn't particularly valuable) that I'm gonna pass down to my daughter in the future! I cherish this a lot :)

A pair of blue-studded ear rings that my boyfriend bought for me a long time ago, and which he complains I never wear. So, there you go, dear. Don't they look nice? :D

Right-side profile :)

And my (better) left-side profile :D
And because I couldn't get my brother to take a full-length shot of me, and not having found a personal photographer who suits my tastes despite the overwhelming number of applications *ahem*, I had to take these two shots on my own. Which isn't all that easy.

There you go. You've just had the almost imponderable joy of viewing some pretty awesome photos, if I say so myself! xD

Hope they took your blues away! :D