Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Hour of Dread

The dreaded hour is finally here.

It's really here.

I closed my eyes really tight, counted to ten, and opened them again, and surprisingly, it didn't changed a thing. :(

Knowing in advance that it is coming, doesn't necessarily mean your heart is completely prepared for it, does it?

Tomorrow, after four months of pure, unadulterated bliss, I will be checking into my residential college to begin my first semester of my final year as an undergraduate student, which, coincidentally, is also my final semester in UKM.

Sounds scarier, now that I've put it into words. @.@

Oops. What's this doing here? xD

Holidays, as it seems, is never enough. Be it four days, or four freakin' MONTHS, they're never enough!

At the beginning of the holidays, after my final exams last semester, it felt like I was looking up at the bottom of a rainbow, seeing the glorious colours, so delicate and fine, stretch out before me endlessly. I couldn't see the end of the rainbow, but who wants, or ever cares, to?

Four months just flew by! Hasn't it, really? Certainly, there are some regrets. Little things I wanted to get done, but did not have the time to did not actually get around to doing. One of those things was to write more stories, to really spend more time on this other passion of mine. Somehow, I ended up being more passionate about Facebook and Words with Friends, and horror of horrors, The Sims Social. =.=

With the cozzies, in Subang Jaya :)

I did not travel much, other than a few trips up to Subang Jaya, and the areas around KL. I wish I had, though. To Melaka, or maybe Singapore. Or even picnicking at 'ol PD beach.

However, I have little other regrets besides those few things. I think I managed to spend my holidays rather well this time round :)

I will miss all the ladies at Praise Dance. They were always very friendly, and made me feel welcome, even when I was the youngest among them all. On some days when I was not able to come for the morning exercise, they'd ask my mum where I was. And when they did see me next, they would tease me, saying, "Hey, how come you didn't come that day? Ponteng ar?" Or even, "You cannot not come la! Who am I gonna look to when I'm unsure of my steps?"

I felt so....needed :D

I will miss line dancing, that's for sure. It was fun, and very enjoyable learning new steps and dances every week. It was a new experience, and something I hope to continue in the future :)

I will also miss all the ladies at English Class. I admit, in the initial stages, I was terrified of teaching English to these Cantonese and Mandarin-speaking older women. I was a Banana, who had a very veryyyyyy minimal repertoire of Chinese words with which to communicate with these women.

But for me, in this case, familiarity breeds confidence. Week after week, meeting and interacting with them alleviated my fears. And the earnestness to tackle the English language of some of these ladies inspired and motivated me. They were eager to learn, so that made me eager to teach. Even if I had to resort to hand gestures and bahasa rojak. :D

Honestly, these 'ol ladies would put some of our current young students in schools today to SHAME. Even these women, uneducated as some of them are, can realize, and recognize, the importance of the English language. Why are our young people wasting the opportunity to learn and better themselves? >.<

I will still be teaching piano to the little ones on the weekends, so that's okay. Although I will miss seeing the Friday night kids, and some of the Wednesday night ones. Only some. Definitely not this one, that's for certain. >.<

Awesome times with my girls :)

And even more awesome times with my baby! :D
(He's gonna kill me if he finds out this photo of him is up here (too--
cos it's already up on FB :P)! @.@)

I had awesome meet-ups with friends, and spent more time with my boyfriend this holidays than I ever have before! :D And because of the extra two months we had when they pushed back the term time, I had the wonderful opportunity to celebrate his birthday with him and his friends, and surprise him too! :) For that, I am grateful.

All in all, it was a meaningful four months. Looking back, I should be able to go back to UKM happy and contented.

Yet. :(

While I look forward to meeting all my course mates again, my heart is heavy knowing that some of my friends will not be returning with me. :( And the thought of thesis-writing and assignment deadlines and work again is just downright depressing. T.T

Still, I am making a promise to myself to make this last few months in UKM count. I'm gonna work hard, not procrastinate as much, study hard, make time for my friends (cos life is not all about study, is it? :D) and do the best that I can! :)

UKM, I welcome you with open arms, and an open heart, now.

Here's to an AWESOME final semester! :D


SandraC said...

dont be afraid the new sem holds so much fun promise of hope n new beginning!! i wish i had something to go back to, something to belong to.. ur holiday was well spent n now its time to move on! =)

Mr Lonely said...

+u ba ~~ all the best~~~

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..