Friday, September 2, 2011

Feeling Blue?

Actually, I'm feeling anything but blue! :)

Again, I was trying to make a lame pun. Cos in this fashion post, I'll be blue! Very blue indeed! :D

(Drats. I've been staring at the pictures for some time now, and I cannot, for the life of me, remember where I was headed off to in this outfit that particular time! @.@ My goodness. Am I really getting that old? *sobs* I was most likely going to church, but I cannot be absolutely certain. Sigh. I have the memory of a goldfish. And a baby one at that! T.T)

Doesn't matter where I was off to then, but here are the pictures you've all been waiting for! :P (See, do I know you guys well, or what? xD)

Overall look :)
Green contact lenses this time.

A stereo-designed large top by X-Girls!
I love this striking bright blue!
Doesn't it make you feel bright and gay (the happy one)? :D
Like I said, you'd feel anything but blue! :)
This was given to me by my generous benefactor, Sandra!

My new funky black-and-white flip-flops by Apple (that's what's written there *shrugs*) bought at the nearby Family Store for--you won't believe it--RM6.90!
Cheap or what? :D I liked the design, that's why :)
(Although, Sam did make a good point by saying that my feet would hide most of whatever nice design was on the bottom anyway. >.< What a bubble-burster! =.=)

Worn with my favourite pair of grey jeans from ROMP at Sunway Pyramid :)
Heart these so much! :D

Accessorizing with my most favourite item now--floral bangles!
I think it goes with just about anything! :D

Closer look at my Floral Bangle Set (7-in-1) that I bought at RM15.90 at 20% discount!
And I'm absolutely lovin' them! :D
(My bf told me he wouldn't buy these even if they were sold at RM5. :( 
Guys just don't get it, do they? Should I just give up hope? *sigh*)

Just to add a little femininity, I put a little white flower pin in my hair!
My mother wore this when she was younger, and now it's mine. I see it like a sort of "family heirloom" (although it isn't particularly valuable) that I'm gonna pass down to my daughter in the future! I cherish this a lot :)

A pair of blue-studded ear rings that my boyfriend bought for me a long time ago, and which he complains I never wear. So, there you go, dear. Don't they look nice? :D

Right-side profile :)

And my (better) left-side profile :D
And because I couldn't get my brother to take a full-length shot of me, and not having found a personal photographer who suits my tastes despite the overwhelming number of applications *ahem*, I had to take these two shots on my own. Which isn't all that easy.

There you go. You've just had the almost imponderable joy of viewing some pretty awesome photos, if I say so myself! xD

Hope they took your blues away! :D


sHaMiNi @ Winzi Sherlz said...

blue lady!u looking great.. :)i do not blame those kids,if they calls u sexy ke?beautiful ke?hot ke?(do not tell them hum sup k)..coz u deserve to b complimented by any1!!:)muaxxxxxx!

m. said...

nice lenses! what brand are they? (:

Liz said...

>>sHaMiNi @ Winzi Sherlz
Hehe, thanks babeeeeee :D

Thanks! Em, I think they're from The Dolly Eye, called Gothic 3 Tones Green :)