Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Quaint Lil' 'Ol Room

I am writing from my new second home in Kolej Ibrahim Yaakob (KIY). For those who do not know, I was formerly in Kolej Tun Hussein Onn (KTHO)--a college that I speak of with both fond nostalgia and dislike.

I must sound like an ungrateful wretch. On the contrary, I am truly grateful to KTHO for housing me for the past 3 years. Although the admin department leaves much to be desired (much much muuuuuuuch to be desired =.=) the college itself is in one of the most strategic places in UKM, in my opinion. :)

For me, it was within walking distance of anywhere I would want/need to go. Pusanika? Ten minutes' walk. Library? Ten minutes. Faculty? 15 minutes (if I had semangat to huff and puff up that dreadful hill >.<) Language School? Ten minutes. Dewan Gemilang? Ten minutes. DECTAR? Three minutes!

However, the people "higher up" were rather fond of applying the military style they were used to in the PALAPES, and of threatening techniques. Do this, or we'll kick you out. Don't do this? Then I guess you won't be coming back to this college next semester. If you don't want to do this, then it's fine. There are many others who are fighting to get a place in this college.

So much so that I just about had had enough of their threats. For the final time, when they threatened me, I fought back. It felt good, for once!

But it also made me nervous about my placement in the college for this semester. >.<

I'd wanted to apply for Kolej Burhanuddin Helmi (KBH) then, due to the bad feeling I had that, somehow, because of that incident with the KTHO Felo, my chances of getting a place in that college were now slim. Rather than allowing them to kick me out, I thought I'd save them the trouble and opt out, myself. >.<

Besides, a course mate was in KBH, and the college was situated much nearer to my Faculty and the Language School than KTHO--a mere FIVE minutes' walk! :D

So I was accepted into KBH, a dream come true, and I lived happily ever after! TheEnd.

Obviously that wasn't what happened, was it? =.=

Nope. The online accommodation application results came out and I was sent to.......KIY.

My immediate thought was CONS: Further from the Faculty. Situated on a steeeeeeeep hill. Infested with monkeys. Completely unfamiliar. No close friends there. :(



Came up with a blank. >.<

Anyhoo, beggars can't be choosers. And I am thankful, very thankful, that though they rejected my application to stay in KBH, they did not leave me in the lurch with no hostel to stay in at all. I could have been left without a college completely, unable to go back to KTHO and without a college to go to, and would have had to search for accommodations elsewhere, off-campus. Which would really have been a nightmare. T.T

You know the saying, "You don't realize what you have till it's gone"? Well, that rings truer for me now than it ever has before. To be completely honest, I miss my old single room in KTHO. It was spacious, the bathrooms were clean, the cupboard was GORGEOUS, the bed was comfy.

Here, in KIY, everything seems small and cramped. My single room is much smaller than what I have been used to, the desk lamp is casting shadows on my work, the cupboard is built into the wall (and in very bad condition too >.<), the bed is pretty low (and doesn't have lovely LARGE drawers under it to store my foodstuff and cutlery like I had in KTHO). The bathrooms aren't cleaned often, the sink is clogged, the washing-clothes basins have no water, and one of the toilets doesn't lock, or flush. >.< (I'm still waiting for them to take action of my official complaint.)

My low bed. Mattress was disgusting. It was horribly lumpy and stained. 
You can't see it now, of course >.<

My long wall-to-wall study desk, which isn't too bad. But I wish it had drawers so I can put all my "Drawer Stuff"--you know, like stapler, puncher, extra pens, medication, pack of cards etc. *shrugs*

There was a hole in the concrete floor, and the previous occupant stub-proofed it with tape. Brilliant! :D

See? One of the cupboard doors looks like it's naked! @.@

The dark grey-brown you're seeing at the sides and back of the cupboard is the wall. That's what I mean by built into the wall.

Again, I sound like an ungrateful wretch. I know, I know. I should be grateful, thankful. I knowwwwwww. >.<

But you know what they say, about how once you've tasted caviar, you can't settle for catfish? (Okay fineeeee. I modified the quote from Gossip Girl. =.=)

Yeah, it feels like that now. I can't help comparing, and finding dear 'ol KIY lacking. :(

I still haven't lost hope on KBH yet. That's what appeals are for, right? If I get it, I get it. If I don't, well, I'll still be okay. It's only for one more semester anyway.

Till then, my KIY room is, to me, well, rather quaint. :P
(You're welcome to come visit me,if you're in the area, anytime! :D)


shandye. said...

i know this sounds unfair but upon my first day of arrival, when i discovered that my mattress was *ehem* lumpy/mouldy/partially infested with bugs and whatnot i just did what i always did the previous year.

switch it with any other available room while there is not many people in the college.

i got to have a "better" one so to speak.

bolehlah... daripada tak ada langsung. betul tak?

btw, ierno that you've moved to kiy until i have read this. lolz.

Anonymous said...

All the best in your appeal!

Liz said...

Waaaaa. Not bad ar you. I know it sounds bad, but now I wish I'd done that too! >.<

Thanks. But it's pointless now :( (Read next blog post.)