Friday, September 16, 2011

I'm Finally At Home

It's official.

I'm a Highlander for this final semester in UKM!

I'd gone to the KBH office this morning, and was promptly told that whatever available rooms they had left were for Masters students only. Not undergrad students like me. I must have sounded absolutely pitiful when I said Oh, I am actually an Education student and was hoping to get a place here because it was nearer to my Faculty. I still received a prompt, and rather firm, NO.

"Well, can I still send in the letter?" (I had written an official letter to request the Principal of KBH to grant me this favour)

"Well, sure. But it won't do a thing for you."


So well, so ends the story of my attempts to appeal to move to KBH. >.<

My dad told me to try again next week. But frankly, I don't like to beg. And I doubt they'd want me harassing them every other day till they give in out of exasperation. It just doesn't feel right, neither does it feel good.

So I'm gonna let this go. I know that I'll eventually get used to being a Highlander. (That's what residents of KIY call themselves--because they live on a "highland" =.=) (I suddenly realize that's currently what I am, so I should say, ourselves instead of 'themselves' >.<)

Because, at the very back of my mind, I still had hopes of shifting out sometime this week to KBH, I never really truly settled into my room in KIY. Here's some proof:

Most of my bags were pretty much still unpacked. I didn't want to have to unpack and then, in a few days when I had to shift out to KBH, pack them all again and then unpack them yet again in the new room! I thought I'd save myself all that trouble; keep all my stuff in the bags they came in until I was sure where I'd be staying at.

So you can see all the bags, just dumped and stuffed everywhere. And even my luggage of clothes was just left at the bottom of the cupboard.

I'd been living out of my suitcase(s) these past few days, and it has been such a pain! >.< I'd have to rummage through my luggage to get a towel, or a t-shirt, zip and unzip a bag to get my toiletries. I didn't even get to have my awesome breakfast-of-champions Koko Krunch and milk because I didn't want to get my mug out and then have to air-dry and repack it, after. =.=

Well, now that it's decided I'll be staying:

I finally unpacked my books and arranged them neatly with a bookend :)

I got out my stash of foodstuff: cartons of full cream milk, Jacob's crackers, Koko Krunch, Maggi mee, and cutlery.

I've even put a little calendar on my previously-empty board. I guess I should consider decorating it, or at least covering up the hideous staples with coloured paper, now that this board is truly, truly, mine.

I spent a good whole hour finally unpacking everything. And here's what you can see inside my cupboard now:

My lovely, very-portable cloth rack finally hung up and filled. An empty base of the cupboard. Every day-clothes finally taken out of the bulky luggage bag and arranged neatly.

And then I stuffed all the bags at the topmost rack in my cupboard. :)

And if I haven't convinced you enough that I'm really, truly all settled in:

My teddy bear floor mat--which definitely says, "Welcome Home."

If that doesn't convince you, I don't know what will! @.@

Kolej Ibrahim Yaakob, looks like I'm here to stay! :D

HIGHLANDERS! Whoohoooooo~ :P


shandye. said...

ape salahnya stay je kat KIY tuh...
berubah angin sket...
at least you dapat gak merasa tukar kolej, new environment and whatnot...
i pulak stuck kat KKM for FOUR years kot.
malas nk pindah2. too much stuff to carry all over the campus. hahaha...

Liz said...

I never kept my stuff kat store room. Every sem pindah kuar EVERYTHING! Mak oi >.< Yeah, I can get used to this :)

Ðârren said...

home is where harry potter books are =)

SandraC said...

good to hear u have settled in =) i use to complain about my hostel but no more...haha

sugarmouse said...

aww!! it's SO COOL that you're a highlander! i've always thought it'd be cool studying there!!! :D :D and how you guys have windbreakers(!!) WAY COOL.

congrats on finally being able to stay.

unpacking is a pain, really.

Liz said...

Were you from UKM?(!) @.@

siehjin said...

haha i lived out of bags the entire time i was in UKM. never bothered to unpack. what for? next year have to change room again...

it was fun. =)

-KingSyahmi- said...


wao...i went there for SPM workshop for 1 week 4 yrs ago...stayed in a room just like yours...really2 scary at first..