Friday, August 5, 2011

Fashion Post Attempt #1

I have to say, I have been quite inspired by fashion bloggers like Tey Cindy. :)
When you've been following their blog, and reading them for quite some time, their style of blogging tends to rub off on you a little bit :P

She's inspiring, isn't she? :D

Sometimes I think blog posts on fashion are brilliant! They definitely inspire others (fashion-wise, of course. Not to go out and save the whales! :P). 

And personally though, sometimes I put in so much effort into my outfit, so much effort into looking good, it seems such waste that they are only seen by my brothers.

My brothers who, when I ask them about my outfit (very enthusiastically) "Nice or not, nice or not?", respond with, "Okay la." 

What a way to deflate a girl's balloon, if you know what I mean. >.<

But I know that you guys can appreciate it waayyyyy better than my brothers! I'm sure! So have a look at what I wore for when my dad went to preach at the Taman Asean Church in Malacca (must make good impression):

Peach-coloured sleeveless turtle neck with a 
pure white knee-length skirt :)

Brought along my new bag from Momoe (given to me by a 
very very generous friend, Sandra :D <3)

I matched it with my favourite jingly-jangly ear rings :)

And a longgggggg beaded necklace

And of course my all-time favourite white gladiator wedges!
These are the only pair of shoes that are so comfortable I could wear them walking around Jusco for hours without blisters! Plus, they could go with almost anything--be it skirt or jeans or shorts :D Oh, and not forgetting the fact that they also make me THREE INCHES taller! whoohooooo~
(Can't you see why they're my favs? :D)

Ahah! I also had on matching red+purple nail polish, 
and my Diva 5-in-1 flower rings :)

Final SS (syok sendiri) shot! :D

Okay, this fashion post is an EPIC FAIL.

I can't tell any of the brands for any of the clothes I'm wearing! @.@

Well, except for the Momoe bag (cos the logo is very conspicuous :P) and those Diva 5-in-1 flower rings. Other than that, I don't know where any of them are from =.=

How to compare to Tey Cindy? @.@ haha~ (I doubt I'll ever be able to do something like that. But this was fun to try :P)

Anyway, here's to a first attempt at a fashion post! Maybe next time I'll pay more attention to the brands :P

Hope you enjoyed all the SS photos anyway :D


Timothy K. said...

so ss =.=

Mr Lonely said...

leng lui ~ GG

LauraLeia said...

It's a very good attempt! :) Maybe next time, try to list down the sources of the outfits, hehe. ;) I've always wanted to do style shots but I'm super cacated with self-photos, lol

shandye. said...

lisa... letak caption kat bawah photograph tu...

skirt by (insert designer's brand/name)

baru la org leh taw you pakai ape.

klu rajin bagitaw sekali beli kat mana n how much.

at the end of the entry letak... total moolah for this ensemble... brape RM...

so not only you'll give the reader an idea of your style, they also can guesstimate how much to spend.

tak gitu?

anyway... gotta <3 those shoes... super-kawaii!!!

obviously not suitable for ukm's geographical features. hahaha...

tergolek-golek u nanti turun kolej.


SandraC said...

omgomg...everything looks so much nicer on U!!! bravo! i like fashion posts!

Liz said...

Ahaha, what else is new? xD

>>Mr Lonely
Thank youuuuuuu :D

Thanks! Style-shot photos (or syok sendiri ones :D) are easy once you get used to it! You gotta be mildly narcissistic though :P

Thanks for the tips! But mostly though, my clothes are either brandless, or given to me by people. So I don't really know where they're from, nor their prices T.T Ah, but the shoes can! From Vad&Vid, RM 56.00 after 20% discount! :D Ya lar, if only I could wear them around in UKM :(

I think you can do fashion posts better than me, seeing as a lot of the stuff I got from you! xD