Friday, August 26, 2011

Green: Soothing to the Eyes

Wouldn't you agree?

I always thought green is such a soothing colour. It certainly relaxes the eyes, and we don't frown as much. Well, do you ever frown when you look at trees or lush greenery?

Of course, not.

I have even heard that by looking more at greens, you can reduce your eye power (for those inflicted with short-sightedness and are cursed to wear glasses for the rest of their lives! T.T) How true that is, I do not know. If it isn't, blame the person who told me that. (I can't remember who that was, at the moment =.=)

Anyway, although the intro does not sound like it, this is another fashion post! :D

And the intro is sorta related. Cos I'll be wearing green, see? Which is soothing to the eyes, geddit? Ahhhhhh. :P

Another outfit I wore to church the other day, that won me a few praises, I must say. Someone even told me this dress made me look slimmer and taller! *faints from overwhelming joy*

Anyway, enjoy the pics :)

This is a close-up. With my matching green contact lenses. :)

This dress has the sweetest V-neck collar that doesn't 
go too deep for me to feel too self-conscious. :P

Worn with a pair of beaded ear rings that I'd bought as a set with a necklace for RM 10.90 many years ago. I don't wear the necklace--too extravagant to go with anything. But I thought the ear rings are sweet with this dress :)

The full dress that goes down to my mid-thigh.
It also has an adjustable tie-wrap that goes at the back to give more shape :)
From F.O.S. in Sunway Pyramid.
It cost me about RM50 which, at the time, I thought was so expensive. @.@

My most favourite feature on this dress?
The pockets! :D
Don't they make this dress that much cooler? :P

(Excuse my flip-flops. I had actually worn this dress to church with white wedges. But while waiting for my brother to finally agree to take this photo for me, I had taken them off and slipped my comfort shoes on. Aheh. Sorry about that. Imagine white wedges on for the complete look, kay? :P)

How do you like the dress? :)

Now, weren't those photos just soothing to the eyes in more ways than one? xD


Nava.K said...

Nice floral dress with the matching earnings, you are looking good in it.

Hannah said...

you DO look taller, you know. haha. i must give it a try then.

Ernest Ng said...

so...... cute. wah! *_*

green looks good on you :)

Liz said...

Waaaaa. Thank you all! I'm flattered :D

SandraC said...

green is nice! some ppl look freaky like witchy cat kinda feel..
u're getting pretty good in posing lah suli!