Monday, August 15, 2011

Check Me Out!

Another fashion post ahead! :D

Wore this outfit to church one Sunday. Was feeling cheerful and bersemangat so I wore something that looked like I had put a little more effort into it than usual :P

Overall look :)

Purple contact lenses yo!
My friend has told me that this pair makes me look scary, but somehow, I love them!
Don't they look absolutely gorgeous? :D
(Am I supposed to state where I got them too? =.=)
They're Korean, called Fairy Violet; got them from a friend of mine. 
Cost me just RM 38 to last me a year! :)

Oh, and those chilli red diamond-shaped ear rings were from one of the 
shops selling them at "3 for RM10" at Sg. Wang.
(I love them when my outfit is plain and I just need some bright colour! :D)

Checked blouse: brandless. A gift from dear Sandra again! :)
Indigo-blue mini skirt: Fourskin. Also given to me by Sandra :P

View from the top!
(Not like it's a very long way down, you know, 
being vertically-challenged and all =.=)

Full-length shot (sorta)! :D
(I couldn't get my brother to take one photo for me, so had to be "self-service" lor T.T)

One more SS-shot in my room! :)

How's that for a second attempt at a fashion post? Any better than the first one? :P

Anyway, I just realized that if I want to do more fashion posts like these, I've gotta have my own personal photographer who is willing to take photos of me as many times as necessary until I'm satisfied with how I look, especially with the full-length ones. I can't do those on my own--my arms aren't long enough! T.T

And one's sibling is not always willing to do that, I regret to say. At least, not without complaining and grumbling that I'm being a vain pot and torturing his eyes! :(

So, feel free to apply to be my full-time personal photographer. You'll be paid with AWESOME self-shot photos of yours truly such as these: 

Settle down, everybody! Everyone has an equal shot at being my personal photographer :) Email me your resume! xD

p.s: The title of this post is actually a pun cos I'm wearing a "checked" blouse, see? That's why, "Check" Me Out! Geddit, geddit? :D #lamepun


SandraC said...

HELO woman!! how come everything looks SO GOOD on u ? almost couldn't recognize the mom mentioned u looked v pretty in church on the phone to me! she noticed!
u know the lenses shouldnt wear 1 year full or everyday cause of bacteria collection in our humid weather (overseas it lasts longer) do take care of ur precious eyes ya!

Liz said...

Ahaha, they're definitely YOURS! xD Thanks for them! :DDDDDD
Yeah, your mum complimented me yesterday when I wore this green dress I bought from Sunway Pyramid FOS methinks. If my memory serves me right :P

And yeah, I know about not wearing it the entire year. I won't wear it for the year, maybe.....10 months? :D

Pou Leen said...

checked shirt's my fav! FTW!

Ernest Ng said...

pouleen you are everywhere!!!! gosh!

anyways, hi liz! wah just realised you commented on A LOT of my comics! lol! thanks very much yeah!

first time here, and what i can say is... you're so cute!

*awkward silence*

ok that wasnt me that was daryl.


neTToboy said...

ok..can donate you tripod. save the photographer salary :) hahaha..

Liz said...

>>Pou Leen
I knowwwww, right? I realize I've been wearing this checked blouse for the past few weeks. I wear it as soon as it gets out of the wash =.=

>>Ernest Ng
I knowwww, right? I saw her comments on YOUR webcomic too! xD haha

About the excessive commenting, sorry ya. I can't NOT say something. It's a disease! @.@

Yeaaahhhh rightttttt. Daryl. haha~ No "Bro, can I see your---?"? xD *teehee*

Anyway, welcome! :D


That defeats the purpose! Must have someone taking shots of me and telling me, "Lovely! Looking good! Hot! More moreeee~" xD