Saturday, August 20, 2011

It's That Time Again--My Nails!

I'm such a horrible person.

I want to blog, but I don't know what to blog about (cos I'm a boring person, that's what >.<) although I do have a few outfits lined up for future fashion posts but unfortunately, I am not really in the mood for it at the moment, so just to blog for the sake of blogging, I'm gonna talk about my nails.

Yes, it's that time again--nails.

Don't pretend you don't love it! xD

Anyway, I've forgotten when I got these done already, it's been so long ago. These are all backlogs of photos of my then-current nail polish designs that thoroughly thrilled me at the time!

Dark shimmery purple from Elianto with bright red stripes from K-Le (Korean brand). 
Can you see them? :)

(I hate that my 2.0 mp camera doesn't take close-ups of my nails very well. The colours look more awesome in real-life, I swear! It just doesn't do them justice T.T)

By far, this is my most favourite design! They look really pretty after I was done. I was darn proud of myself for thinking of this design and colour combination all by meself. :P I think they look really good, don't you think? :D

Sadly though, the dark shimmery purple, which is my favourite bottle in my entire nail lacquer collection, has finally gone and died on me. T.T I've had it for too long; it doesn't spread well anymore. Too thick and viscous. :(

(fyi, old nail polish--the non-branded ones lar--get thick and sticky after some time. I dunno why that happens. Contamination? Too much exposure to air? So I never really get to use an entire bottle of nail polish. I'll be lucky to even get to three quarters of it. @.@)

RIP, dark shimmery purple. You've brought me much joy! *sniffs*

Opaque bright pink with pretty flower nail stickers! 
Both, also from Elianto :)

I love the flower nail stickers, I do! So dainty and pretty, kan? :D

Sam helped me pick this colour out when we stopped by Elianto at Jusco, S2. Personally, I think it looks better in the bottle than it does on my nails :(

I think it's a super sweet colour but because of its brightness, it somehow makes my hands look darker. What do you think? >.< (I hope this is not one of those, "Ohhh, now that you mention it..." moments! ARGH.)

Well, since it's a new bottle, I gotta keep using it anyway. Cannot waste. =.=

Simple maroon from K-Le :)

This is a new one I bought at Family Store when I was passing by. I just couldn't help myself! Just wanted a new colour, although I'd only just bought the opaque bright pink one recently. Aheh. :P

I considered putting the flower nail stickers too, but I wanted to see how this colour looked like on my nails, bare.

I think it looks all right. I'm not jumping up and down over it as much as I thought I might. It does, somehow though, make my hands seem fairer. :D But a little too dull for my taste. (Buying-compulsions, whyyyyyyyy? T.T) At least the bright pink was striking!

So there, the last three colours of my nails. :)
(What a total waste of your time, eh? @.@ haha)

At the moment, my nails are naked. Which my brother says is the best colour of all. =.= Boys. What do they know. Pfft.

p.s: You can read more of my nail posts here! You know you want to! :P


shandye. said...

a friend told me that you could try pour in some of the nail polish remover into the coagulated nail polish and give it a good shake and roll in your palm.

another tip is that after you pour in the remover, you put it on top of an iron (you know... iron yang gosok baju tuh) but cover the 'besi' part with some cloth first la... cuz it might get too hot.

my friend do that all the time and it saves her favorite nail polish from turning hard.

aiyah... seriously.. i am jealous of people who can manage to apply nail polish so perfectly like you.


i kalau pakai sebelah kiri je lawa, bila nak switch hand apply sblah kiri terus cacat-ed. buruk gila.

nak tunggu my friend pakaikan, have to wait till i got back to penang to see her. hahaha...

Liz said...

I have tried that before! But it doesn't last! T.T I think for some brands, that works. But sometimes when I do that for some of my bottles, it makes it 10X worse the next time I open it! :'(

Ooh, but I might try the iron trick. Never heard that one before! :P

Ahaha, actually, my right hand nails also a bit cacat-ed wan, but can't really see. The trick is to practise! haha Practise more and you'll get better! :P

danielchowtzeyoong said...

nail polish dries up because the alcohol in it evaporates, the same reason it dries up on your fingernails. so to prevent it from drying up, pouring nail polish remover (which contains alcohol) should help. Of cos sooner or later it would dry up, because of the same reason. BUT im quite sure u should still be able to use it. Not sure bout the 'iron' thing though. mayb it is to melt/mix better those which are 'over' dried up in the bottle.

Liz said...

Thank you for the info! But I did wonder why it is that pouring nail polish remover does not just dissolve it all, since that is what it is supposed to do. @.@