Monday, August 8, 2011

Card Games Are Our Thing

My cousins and I seldom meet besides the annual CNY and Christmas celebrations. They'd usually come down to Seremban, our hometown, and we'd just lepak in our grandma's spacious bungalow. We'd watch funny videos on Youtube, Korean dramas, or play card games.

Card games are our thing. :)

Anyway, recently, we'd met up for a thanksgiving dinner given by one of our aunties for her daughters' first-prize win at the Petrosains National Science Show Competition. If you want, you can watch it here, here and here. And yes, Princess Jasmine and the Genie are my two younger cousin sisters.

(Unfortunately, I've never been very close with these two younger cousins of mine. Possibly, because of the age gap. Their 13 and 15. Gorsh, I'm almost ten years older than both of them! @.@)

Anyway, it was at this short "reunion" of sorts that I realized that my other two cousins might, and will be leaving the country soon to further their studies. Both of them had just finished their A Levels, with the results being released this 11th of August.

My cousin sister will be leaving for Beijing, China on the 22nd of August to do Biotechnology. My cousin brother, depending on his results, might possibly be in the UK to do Mechanical Engineering by September.

Suddenly, I am hit with this...sadness. They're leaving? Going out of the country? So far away? :(

Which is what inspired me to organize a cousins trip to Subang Jaya and KL! :D

My brothers and I would stay over at our two cousin brothers' home in USJ 11, and meet up with my cousin sister in KL the next day for shopping and just plain hanging :)

Needless to say, we had lots of fun, and we came home with blisters on our feet (okay, only I did =.=) but super happy! :D

Let's let the pictures do some talking now! (Unfortunately though, I just realized I didn't have any pictures taken with my cousin sis! How sad! We were too tired, and it was too dark by then to have some decent pictures taken with my stupid 2.0 mp camera. Sigh, rugi T.T)

Kit's THIRD time taking the KTM.
Waiting to take the train from Seremban to KL Sentral, and then to Subang Jaya. A two-hour journey, mostly standing. Didn't get to grab a seat until the last few stations 
before SJ T.T

Bazaar Ramadhan! Yummy-looking murtabak :D

And delicious BBQ chicken wings! :D

The famous chilli pan mee for dinner :)

Served with very 'qing' sayur manis soup

Very happy to have durians for dessert! :P

Durians galore! :P

Look at that golden yellow! *drools*

The (incomplete set of) boys at Chatime for bubble tea drinks!
(Wei insisted that we go. He's obsessed! @.@)
Ernie was MIA cos he had "things to do" >.<

Me and each of the boys :)

The boys with each other.
While waiting for order #9179.

Our boys are pretty good-looking, aren't they? :D

Finally, our drinks are here!
L-R: Japanese Matcha Ice Latte, Roasted Milk Tea, Passion Fruit QQ with 
rainbow jelly (cos they told us they were out of pearls T.T)

With our drinks! Wei's pose is the best! Even though he's just a "student" learning to pose with drinks. Good first attempt, Wei! Am so proud! *sniff*

Ernie looks like he's running from the paparazzi! xD
This time, the complete set of boys :D

The new model for Chanel! Not bad, eh? :P

While sitting to rest from aching and injured (blasted blister! >.<) feet, 
camwhore using the hugeeeeee mirror with your cousin! :P

Dinner at the "Restaurant Under the Tree" thanks to Soon Yi's parents!
Delicious and nutritious Coconut Chicken Herbal Soup :D
Kept steaming hot throughout dinner thanks to the husk, methinks :)

Wild boar curry was spicy and thick. Yums :D

Pig Trotters. Succulent and fatty--the best! :P

With Ernie, before leaving for home sweet home :)

All in all, we had a wonderful weekend hanging out together :)

Though shopping is fun, the best moments are sometimes just spending time in each other's company, making jokes that only we'd understand.

As my two younger cousins leave soon, one for China, the other, maybe, for the UK, this weekend was a great reminder of all the times we have had, that I cherish, and will cherish even more because of the new distance between us.

I will cherish the time we spent playing card games: Blocking supposed "miners" who were really saboteurs, crashing each others' 1000 points or presenting each other with a -200 black card. Or fighting to thieve the +3 cards! Getting stuck with the Brown (which only Ernie likes =.=) or yelling and screaming as we compete to see who would "Nerg" first! :D

I will cherish the time that I poked, and smacked, or tickled you. Actually, mostly all I did was just put a finger 5 mm from your neck and say, "Tickle tickleeeeee~", but somehow, that would still do the trick. I will cherish the time we talked till the early morning in A' Famosa, our first real heart-to-heart talk about boys, and life and in general :)

To my dear cousins, as you embark on a new road in life and begin a new chapter, may you always be safe no matter where you go. May you do well in everything that you do, and may your hard work always pay off. And most importantly, may you always remember that you have family and people who love you right here, in Seremban :) 

May remembering all those moments of fun and laughter we had together bring you joy, and somehow give you strength to keep going when times are tough, or lonely.

Take care Soon Yi, and Wei Wei :D I heart you two! Will definitely miss you! <3


~WilL!@m~ said...

I shouldn't be saying this, but your cousin brother is kinda cute leh! LOL!!!! XP

Liz said...

OMG Willie, that IS a weird thing to say! xD haha~ But sureeeee. Which one though? :P

Anonymous said...

I like your photos layout, the way u photoshop a few photos into 1! Teach me! XD