Thursday, September 22, 2011

Monkey Business

It finally happened.

They're back!

I'd heard the horror stories, but I had yet to face one myself, and had hoped I never will. Pfft. How naive! >.<

Had my first close encounter with the infamous KIY monkeys yesterday.

I was getting ready to take my bath, so I was happily humming some Choir Convo song tunes, wrapped in my towel while I went to get my basket of toiletries. I had heard some taps on my window, but had dismissed it as the wind, or maybe a tree branch.

When I turned around, there it was. Its tiny hands slipping through the window panes and attempting to push it open.

I gasped and was stunned motionless for the few minutes while it tried to open my window, then moved to the next panel of window panes and tried to open those, and the next.

I could see its shadow as it moved from one panel of windows to the other, just outside, moving along the balcony sill. Also, the other two dark shadows sitting quietly there, most probably his friends watching him attempting to get at food.

Creepy!! @.@

My heart was thumping so loudly, I could hear it in my ears!

And who knew, my second encounter with a monkey immediately followed my first in a span of a few minutes!

When I'd gone to the bathroom to wash off my make-up and turned around to head to the shower stalls, there another one was, staring at me. I gave another loud gasp and completely freaked out the other girl who was in the bathroom with me.

Thankfully, it was more interested in rummaging in the rubbish bin behind the shared-bathrooms door than in biting all my fingers off. After it was done, it just sauntered off, down the stairs.

You may think it's silly, to be afraid of monkeys. But I have this fear, irrational or not, of these monkeys just going wild and crazy and attacking me, and biting my finger off or something. (Maybe I shouldn't have watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes. =.=)

Plus, I have heard from fellow college mates, of how daring, how intelligent these beings can be. Some of them even figured out how to open windows that have been closed tight. They have organization too. My friend once saw a monkey in her room, grabbing her packet of biscuits and then handing it to its friend waiting at the window! (Teamwork? @.@) 

They'd grab directly from your hands if they catch you holding plastic bags they assume contain food. So it is a bad idea to walk around KIY holding a plastic bag, even if they do not contain food. These KIY monkeys just might attack you, bite you to death, steal your plastic bag and then discard it in 20 seconds!

Just kidding.

Suffice to say, I am terrified of monkeys. So much so, I am literally left paralyzed and unable to do anything when I see one. I wish I could even scream, but I can't >.<

I can't believe I am in the college that is FAMOUS for monkeys. Hope I survive (with all my fingers intact)! @.@


danielchowtzeyoong said...

not carrying a plastic bag may be a good idea...but they won't bite ur fingers off la!...lolz..

sHaMiNi @ Winzi Sherlz said...

LOL..monkeys are freaky beb,wats mor wen dey r wt deir jing bang,neways jus b extra careful k.i have witness monkey attack on my bro,wen he was bout 4ys jumped on his shoulder and scratched his face..ouch..since den,monkey freaks me!!!

k0k s3n w4i said...

monkeys are wild animals and should be rightly feared as such. on my trip, my friend had her glasses snatched away by a monkey at the jakhu temple in shimla. aptly enough, the temple was dedicated to hanuman.