Friday, April 15, 2011

Muchas Gracias, Profesora

I was actually very nervous about Spanish exam.

I mean, actually I was thinking, Nah. I'll be okay. Spanish is okay. I did fine for my quiz. I'm not doing too bad. Spanish won't be all that bad.

But I have this phobia about thoughts like that. Whenever such thoughts cross my mind, I'll shut them out. I'll tell myself not to be over-confident. Cos it just might bite me in the butt. Maybe to teach me a lesson (for being too confident) I'll do badly in the exam.

Sounds like a jinx, huh? Although I don't believe in jinxes. >.<

So I (kinda) worked hard. Went through our entire text book and work book. Did some exercises online. Prepared and wrote out sample essays for possible topics.

Here's one, entitled "Hobbies":

     Soy una chica normal. Pero tengo muchas aficiones! Me encanta cantar. Todos los dias, yo canto en el bano! Mis amigas dicen estoy ruidosa! Sin embargo, yo todavia canto en el bano. Tambien, me gusta muchisimo escuchar la musica en la radio. Mi cantante favorito es Carrie Underwood. Ella es el cantante de country. Ella es muy dulce y guapa tambien.
     En mi tiempo libre, me encanta leer las novelas especialmente esas novelas de Jodi Picoult. Ella es una buena escritora. Tengo casi todas las novelas de Jodi Picoult en mi casa! Ademas, me gusta escribir cuentos. Espero puedo ser una escritora famosa un dia, como Jodi Picoult!
     Soy interesante, si? :D

     I am a normal girl. But I have many hobbies! I love to sing. Every day, I sing in the shower! My friends tell me that I'm too noisy, but I still sing in the shower. I also really like to listen to music on the radio. My favourite singer is Carrie Underwood. She is a country singer. She is also very sweet and pretty.
     During my free time, I love reading novels, especially those written by Jodi Picoult! She is a good writer. I have almost all her novels in my home! I also like writing stories. I hope I can be a famous writer one day, just like Jodi Picoult!
     I am interesting, right? :D

Although I had calmed down for a while, the nervousness came back hours before the paper began. I posted Estoy nerviosa (I am nervous @.@) on the wall of our Spanish FB group Los Bandidos (which means The Bandits--how cool is that??!! xD). But people are so encouraging aren't they? Even people I don't know :) 

And of course, my Spanish lecturer commented, Mucha suerte, Lisa! Pero eres una buena estudiante y puedes hacer el examen muy bien! (Good luck, Lisa! But you are a good student and you can do very well in the exam!)

But wow, was the paper tough. It was not easy at all ! Tough ! @.@

I'd forgotten my numbers. (How do you write 389 in words? T.T) And I'd forgotten my professions. (I forgot that azafata is stewardess and what on earth is camarero?) (Oh. It means waiter. Crap.)

I want so badly to do well. I realllyyyyyy like my Spanish lecturer. I don't wanna let her down :(

Well, the whole paper was 80 marks, which brings to a total of 40%. So everything will be halved, right? Thank God the tough parts do not have that heavy a weightage. I hope.

Anyways, Spanish is done with ! :D

I texted Senorita Leyshack after the exam, telling her the paper no es ficil (is not easy) and I'd forgotten mi numero (my numbers T.T). And I thanked her, muchas gracias, for everything and told her that tu clase de espanol es muy muy divertida! (your Spanish class is very very fun!).

And she replies, See you in Level 2 then !

Oh. Aheh. I'd really love to. But em, next semester is my final semester. You know, thesis and all. Aheh.

I'll see. I'll try. No promises. :P

No more Spanish. No more fun classes. No more Ms. Leyshack.


Well, sincerely from me,
(in English. I don't think I have enough Spanish vocabulary to express what I want to say :P)

Thank you Ms. Leyshack for teaching us Spanish. I strongly believe that one of the main reasons I enjoyed learning Spanish so much was because of you. You were fun, you were sporting, you were funny, you made us laugh, you made us all fall in love with you (in a very teacher-crush kinda way :P). I loved your stories about how Spanish people just love to party, and have drinks, and socialize, and just have fun with their friends. And also how you always insisted that though you guys always partied hard, you worked hard too. You were a great teacher. You were always encouraging, always guiding, always willing to help. You made time for us. You made sure we learned not only for the sake of passing the subject, but for language usage and communication. You not only taught us well, with plenty of extra information to boot, but shared with us the life and culture of the Spanish people through your stories and through your personality. For that, I am truly grateful. I am happy to have had the opportunity to feel this small connection with the Spanish people, even if it was only for 14 weeks. But I have loved it all because of you :) Muchas gracias, profesora. Besos! <3

p.s: Can you see how much I'm procrastinating studying for next week's papers? Aiyaiyai. >.< Anyhoo, three down. Four more to go.


J e n n Y said...

hey continue Spanish! The good thing it's cheaper in UKM and since you are so interested also. I took up sign language too in my final semester. Maybe it was easier for me cos I had only 3 majors but it was a though course with tests every week. As long as the interest is there, you definitely won't regret!

DaN said...

aiyo liz if you have the chance to continue studying a language I suggest you do so. At least you guys got a Level 2 to continue! Mine just stuck on for beginners T_T
Regardless, pursue it la. Chances like this dont come often and who knows, in the future you might just be holidaying in Spain or Mexico or something. =D

Liz said...

I really would love to. But I'm not sure if I can cope. T.T

Maybe I'll audit the subject :D I'll see :)