Saturday, August 8, 2009

All Black and Glitter

I love them !!

And since my lovely fingernails
and toenails are courtesy of
Ms. Christina Ann Sebastian,
I love her too
(not only for that reason
of course XD) !!

Nice, kan?


At times like these,
I love being a girly-girl


The Bee said...

the finger nails are nice =)
how come your toes so much fairer?
different lighting or what?

Arnan Koh said...

your toes look like a vampire's... the black toenails against the pale white skin is frightening... reminds me like i am looking like a dead person's feet...

you should allow your feet to feel the sun more often.. okay..

Lisa ^^, said...

>>The Bee and Arnan Koh
Different lighting la.That's why look fairer. >.<
I loooovvvveeeee my nails (both finger and toe) !!!!! XD

Timothy K. said...

ugly + ugly doesnt make beautiful u noe.... its better leaving them uncoloured

Lisa ^^, said...

>>Timothy K
Whattttt?? You jealous ke??? XD