Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Of Birthdays, Friends and Camwhoring

I'm exhausted.

Last weekend was quite a rush.
Never really spent much time at home actually.
Had less than 24 hours in Seremban and even less than that actually in my house >.<

Birthday babe :)

Celebrated YunYun's birthday ! Was really nice ! And as usual, this girl hasn't changed a bit since secondary days. Height-wise as well XD

Wanted to give her a surprise, but she was too kaypoh to stay where she was supposed to be - in the bathroom.
All of a sudden, the birthday girl is downstairs (where we had so carefully snuck into) and she went:


Should've seen Yen, Li Ping and myself jump out of our skin !

Surprise tak jadi. Sooo potong steam only. Cehhhh. >.<

Toilet shot :)

Still, we had a nice time. :)
Was so good to see her. Couldn't help feeling a little guilty cos I had not spoken with her in some time.
I know being busy should not be an excuse. I apologize. :(

Cute faces !

But, was really great to meet up again and be (almost) as crazy as we used to be in class ! Miss those times :)


After Phonetics and Phonology class, we were walking up the (uncountable) flights of stairs to KTAMS, and whoooooppsss.
Jessie's slipper strap snapped. (sounds like a tongue twister ! lol)

Jess: "Aiyo, sei lor, so paiseh, how ar?"
Me: Don't worry. I got cellophane tape !

So Hui Sun and I tried to tape Jessie's strap back. She tried too. I think we used quite a lot of tape actually.
Going up, over and around; up, over and around. Across, under and over; across, under and over.
Giggling all the wayyyy XD
(Can't help it ba, we looked funny kneeling over a slipper along the stairs ! Paisehhh :P)

Bangga betul that it held together.
Only for a while though.
Before it snapped again ! *giggle giggle*

After the second round,

My handiwork :)

it lasted long enough for Jess to reach her hostel safely. Slipper intact.
I suspect it must have lasted only a few more minutes before it was tossed into the waste ! XD


Had a quiz the following day. And a literature assignment I had not even started, due in 2 days.

Was mugging for the Psycholinguistics quiz (it's the link between psychology and linguistics - study of the brain with regards to language ability) and was pretty stressed out about it too. >.<

Purple-black rose is emooo

Saw the rose that I was hanging to dry (for potpourri or maybe, as pressed flowers !) was changing into a deep dark purple-black hue - and I immediately thought, "Wow. Emo shots with that will look soo COOL."

That was all it took. :)

I take photo for
her nice, kan? ;P

I like the shadows :)

Me and roomie
We should have camwhoring
sessions more often :)


Nana's room slippers are just freakin' HILARIOUS.

Not to mention HIDEOUS.



Chick + Tweety =

OMG. >.<


I'm still exhausted.

1. I have 3 Lesson Plans to come up with by next week
2. I start my micro-teaching that same week
3. I have my Time Management major assignment that involved research and study and a project paper
4. I have my Pengurusan Persatuan *curse curse* assignment worth 60 FREAKIN' MARKS (which I haven't started)
5. I have my Phonetics and Phonology research and presentation to prepare for

Even thinking about these things are enough to give me an acne outbreak ! *stressed*

But considering the fun I also had this past week, I guess...I'm happy :)


Yvonne Tee said...

did someone pluck out poor tweety's eye, or does it come like that? Cute!

Lisa ^^, said...

It comes with age. You just lose your eyes(sight) !! XD

It came off basically after being worn for sooooo long >.<

~`w!L`Li@m'~ said...

I like the shadows too!!! But ONLY the shadows! Wakakakakakakaka!!!!!

Lisa ^^, said...

Heyyyy. You're soooo MEANNNN >.<
No friend you dyyy

siawase_tenshi said...

looking at the list you made...makes me feel all stressed up as well! but would just love to take things one step at a time...we can work things out! meanwhile~don't 4get to have fun lisa!

Anonymous said...

hey lisa kwan!!

hhahhaa.. i was NOT in the bathroom. I was in the bedroom - online-ing. u all too slow tonot to be noticed la.. hahhaha =P

shandye. said...

cube u cakap: "Jessie's slipper strap snapped." laju2...

akan jadik....

jessie's stripper's strap snapped.



Lisa ^^, said...

Yeah. It's gonna be a reallll tough sem. But we try la. Slowly, one by one. :)

What-EVER la Yunnn. You stil potong steam-ed our surprise !!! Hmph >.<

Ahaha. Assimilation of placing ke? XD
*sengaja* You okay ke? I say doesn't really sound like that what. Maybe only YOU guaaa ahaha

The Bee said...

yeah you can say that again
zoom fr uni zoom to ortho then zoom to pd with your buddies
the next day zoom back to uni...
of course we miss you in the home loh..=(
2 weeks not back then back for a vapour while...
the bros were looking fwd to a nice distraction from their "frozen mind" status studying for the trials too...
anyway glad to know you girls had a good usual hilarious bonding time
thumbs up to you girls =)
for the remarkable feat to still maintain and sustain these close bonds when all have parted to different places
i dont rmbr being able to do that when at your age in the dinosaur much so now near zero contact with ex classmates!!!haha managed only to find solitary few thro fb but it s not quite the same
lack of bond then more diff to bond back now!

The Bee said...

as for the stressful list of to do's
just take it one at a time
no other way
you are not alone =)