Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Indian Wedding

I'm getting married :)
Indian-wedding-style !!!
Can't you see my henna?
Typical of Indian weddings

I just went to Amin college for their
One Malaysia activities.
Today was an exhibition on Indian culture.

When I heard they were going to do
the henna, I went to the college
specially for that :)

I like it !

Thanks Hui Sun :P
muakz muakzzz


The Bee said...

ya very nice =)
the pattern along the middle finger looks like chinese characters???
how long does the henna stay on the hand?
going for lecture with henna?
and painted finger and toe nails!!!
better wear baju kurung to avoid you know who...

Anonymous said...

I like it too. :)

Lisa ^^, said...

They're supposed to be leaves. :)
Those pics are when it hasn't dried fully yet. Now that it has it's much lighter, not so obvious.
It can last up to a week if you don't let it get wet too much..And I went for her class yesterday with my nails and she didn't say anything. So, nvm :P

shandye. said...

can't wait to see it tomorrow.


weirdly enough it reminds me of my kakak saudara's wedding a couple of years back. she did both hands, and her feet too.

it was beautiful...

but then it lasted for a few days je before it started to fade away..

J e n n Y said...

i miss doing that!
pesta konvo got?

Lisa ^^, said...

Chantek kan??? I sukaaaaa sangat XD

I think Pesta Konvo got la. But I didn't do there wo. I did in Amin coll cos they had some activity lo :)

Arnan Koh said...

so who is the lucky indian guy??

Lisa ^^, said...

Ahaha. Secret ! XD