Friday, August 7, 2009

Of Gentlemen and Breasts


I'm sure that title caught your eye eh?

I shall not mention how long it has been since my last post.
And when finally, I have the time to blog, I do not really feel like doing so. >.<

Anyways....... Back to my title. Let me elaborate. I was in the KTM, at about 11 something in the morning. Surprisingly almost all the seats in all the coaches are occupied. And as I pass station after station, more and more people begin to fill the middle of the coach, standing of course. I managed to get a seat though. :) 

Anyway, I was sitting next to these 2 Chinese guys, who I noticed got off the same UKM bus I did at the UKM KTM station earlier. An old couple gets on at Kajang station. The old woman managed to squeeze through to the middle of the coach and hold on to one of those hand-thingy hanging from the top of the train. And it was pretty obvious that she was swaying left, right, front and back in sync with the train. I was actually considering getting up and offering my seat to the aunty, but before I could, one of the Chinese guys did exactly that !!

Honestly, that took me by surprise. Cos in all my life, I have never personally witnessed such a noble deed.
I mean, we all know what should be done, in principle.
But how many of us actually do it?

After seeing that, I couldn't help smiling at the guy the whole time till he got off the train (which was a few stops later). I wouldn't have minded getting his name *winks*

In the KTM on my way back at about 4 something in the afternoon, the coaches were already packed to the brim. (when is it never rush hour? I try all sorts of different times, but you still get packed into the sardine can anyway >.<) My feet were practically not touching the ground cos I was so squashed I was buoyed by everybody else around me. -_-"' And I literally had to lift my chin up to avoid being squashed by people's shoulders (my special height ensures that my face is always facing others' armpits >.<) and be able to breathe in cool, odour-free air !! 

Anyway, at Seputeh station, a whole family gets on - a young mother carrying a baby, an older woman (I'm guessing she's the young mother's mother) and a small boy - loaded with luggage. The woman carrying the baby (and the baby looked like a new-born to me !!) was being squashed horribly. A big-sized man (who had white hair and all) got up and gave his seat to the young mother. 

You think chivalry is dead and then you see two incidences like this in one single day !! I spent the journey through the next few stations staring at the cute little baby coo-ing and making funny I'm-farting-now faces !! (The small boy exclaims excitedly to his mom "Mak, mak, adik kentut !! Busuknyerr~~") lol

I could not help it. I stared and kept on smiling at them :)

Until, of course, I noticed the woman pull up her blouse and start breastfeeding her baby !!!

Sheesh, woman. It's the freakin' KTM, and it's packed with people !!!! >.<  

Hence, my title :P 

 Nope. Sorry. No photos of that XD 

 There. That's one post for this month. 
Ta-daaaaaa !!! XP


Yvonne Tee said...

I give up seats for old people all the time too!!!!! You want my number?

Lisa ^^, said...

ahaha. No thanks. Gentleman maybe, but you don't meet the "cute-guy" requirement XD

shandye. said...

i got up to give my seat to this old lady...

and guess what?

a very perasaan lawa (sorry if i sound a little bit racist) chinese girl full of slumber-ness rushed to sit on the seat!


i feel like i wanna slap her face.

she doesn't even feel a slight guilt. she simply took out her ipod and listen to para2 sakura (maybe). urrgggghhh....

Arnan Koh said...

you want my number.... i give my seats to people too... i remember standing almost 45 minutes because i gave up my seat to a elderly lady....

about breast feeding... it may seem weird but i don't think it is wrong... but the mother should have covered up with a towel at least...

siehjin said...

hmm... re: shandye's story, i'd have scolded that girl and made her give up her seat (which is actually MY seat, grrr!) for the old lady! tak tahu malu.

i've given up my seat for people before, too... it's just the decent thing to do la.

as for the breastfeeding, it's a cultural thing... there was this time i went to an orang asli church on a mission trip, and all the women were breastfeeding their infants openly. i guess to them, the breast is not a sexual symbol... it's just what it is, a mammary gland meant to feed babies milk.

it took some getting used to... =P