Sunday, May 3, 2009



I watched The Swan Princess today!!
And I fell in love with Princess Odette and Prince Derek and Jean Bob and Speed and Puffin and Bromley and Rogers and all of them all over again!

I watched Hercules last night till late. Gosh I love that cartoon.
I loved the songs best!! "Zero to hero, just like that! *snaps*" XD
And I love love love love the 5 Muses - "goddesses of the arts and proclaimer of heroes" - who sing the story from the beginning till the end!! Sooooo chun. :P

I also watched Sleeping Beauty, which, unbelievably, I have not watched before this.
Seriously. I don't know why. I've watched cartoons like Cinderella and Snow White but not Sleeping Beauty. >.<  

And you know what made me go "Awwwwww. Sooo cute! XD" that I watched it more than five times today? 


Enjoy! :P


chingZ said...

Kesiannya the baby... kena ajar bende yang tak baik. Yes it's funny but it's like permain-mainkan the baby... :P

Eh, aren't you suppose to study ka? Jia you for exams, me last paper today. WOOOO.

Lisa ^^, said...

Ahaha. Yeah. It is kinda. Like one of those tricks you teach your child to show off to the relatives. ahaha. But then, it is soooooo CUTE I beh tahan le!

Waaaa. So nice last paper liao! Your finaly final final paper le old man! XD
Add oil bo! Me 2 more papers on Wed and Fri. Then only free lor. >.<

Azhani said...

Comel nye! The lil kid got style! Hehehe. And I can't believe it, Lisa Kwan, watching ANCIENT cartoons!

Lisa ^^, said...

She does doesn't she? OMG did you see her roll her eyes??! She can seriously roll 'em goooood!! XD
And with the hand! OMG. Can't tahan!! :P

Ahaha. This is ONE exception of something from the ancient times I'd watch/listen to. Ahaha. These were from my childhood ba. Brings back great memories le! XP

may lee!! said...

*squeals* swan princess rocks kan????? i love it so much!! i love all the songs!! and i love jean bob and speed! and the puffin!! i cant remember his name right now, but i love him!! derek so-so la.. i mean, i wanted to marry him back then, but now i think he's just a generic hero. but OMG when they were kids...!! they were so HILARIOUS!!!!!!

and OMG that 'whatever' kid! *dies laughing*

Lisa ^^, said...

>>may lee!!
OMG OMG OMG rightttt???
Same here. At that time, I wrote all sorts of stories starring Princess Odette and Prince Derek! And yeah, soooo loved him back then. Now, looking again, he's not that cute. Ahaha. But then I still LOVE the songs and all the characters!!! Soooo funny!! Esp Jean Bob!!!

"Whateverrrrrrr" XD