Saturday, May 9, 2009


No, this is not home.
No mansion.

We don't live in such fancy houses.
No snow around these parts either.

No plush bedrooms like this too.
Mine is a single mattress.
With one head pillow.
Okay, two hugging pillows. :)
And my tiny tiger doll called Tiny
together with oh-so-huggable
Bobby (SpongeBob)!

No plasma TV.

No swimming pool.

None of these things.
But the most important of all,
is that I have this:

The Three Musketeers! XD

I am so happy to be home. :)

Home is truly where the heart is.
There is no place like home.


xinli said...

haha i know where that is!
serves good crab and lala and tofu :D:D:D

welcome home darling

Arnan Koh said...

yes, home is where the heart is... but if you get the chance and the cash... why not have the things in the pictures above, who wouldn't want a beautiful house, a swimming pool in the backyard, a four poster bed, maids-in-waiting, 40-inch plasma TV with the sound-surround, the comfort of the most spacious car, and the love of the most loved ones...

~`w!L`Li@m'~ said...

Mana tempat ni? That corner restaurant in Thivy Jaya? Seremban Crab restaurant? Or...the mamak restaurant same row with Rasah Jaya KFC? Looks quite familiar...Hmmmm....

The Bee said...

ya there's no place like home!
li- we r very happy to have you home with us
now only complete le
all five of us in a small happy family
somehow if one of you not around
atmosphere different
it just feels like there's a missing element or what
v hard to explain lah...
tho not totally free and on holiday bec of pre practicum
at least you ll be home
that 's what matters )=
treasuring these times cos v soon all you kids will leave our lair and build your own beautiful nests hoo hoo

T.E.J. Davin said...

Yes, home is indeed where the heart is...but my body & mind is in

Lisa ^^, said...

haha You do? lol. Food there not bad ba. hehe XD

It's the corner Chinese restaurant in Thivy Jaya. :)

>>T.E.J. Davin
Awwww. Kesian, how come still in Bangi? Not yet back in Malacca? You doing third sem meh?

Timothy K. said...

the center guy in the last photo damn hot wei...