Monday, May 4, 2009


To my dearest Choo Hui Sun,

Happy 20th! And quoting your friend, "Welcome to the 20s club!"
I want to take this opportunity to say that I am so glad to have become your friend. So glad to have met you. :)
I believe it was no coincidence that we are in the same course (as well as all the rest of us in TESL).
Although so far, I have only known you for 2 semesters (almost a year babe! WOW), I know that you have a good heart, sweet disposition and are very caring. :)
You have a heart for your friends, and you really take this phrase Sharing is Caring to heart.
You may be younger than me by a year (plus!) but I seem to be the one who's always lost >.< And you help me, and the rest of us too. :P Even though most of the time, you bully me mercilessly, I forgive you. XD Plus, it's all in the fun, right? I know you sayang me. And I sayang you too!!
Thank you, Choo Hui Sun!

And to my closest TESLian friends:
Choo Hui Sun, Jessica Yong, and Dwee Chiew Yen

In this life, I believe our ultimate goal is to live a life that is meaningful. And I wish that for all of you.
That you will find that meaning in life, and treasure it; cherish it.
I wish for you joy in all circumstances. Not just being happy, because happy is conditional.
Joy means that you are happy regardless of the situation.
I wish for you strength. Strength to pull through hardships, to keep going, to not give up.
I wish for you steadfast and loyal friends, and great times with family, good relationships with your respective significant others. XD

Sorry la. Don't know why suddenly so jiwang. >.< 

It's not like I'm leaving or anything. Just feeling kinda emo today. haha 
But I mean every word babes! ;P
Muakz muakz


huisun said...

*touched* + *teary-eyed*.. Is this really the LISA i know? lol... Anyway, thanks Lisa. Love you! (or sayang you..)(or sayang kamu..) haha.. *hugssssss*

Lisa ^^, said...

You're welcome babe! Muakz!!!
Love ya too! XD

siawase_tenshi said...

Dwee nak sayang cayang too! ^^ *hugs and kisses* hihi! so swwwweeeeeet la Lisa ni...

Lisa ^^, said...

Muakz muakz Dwee sayang!! XD