Thursday, November 5, 2009

Aim for the Longkang !

Jess and I @ bus station
Literature paper was kinda tough.

Identify four reasons for the inclusion of the Literature component in the secondary school curriculum?
How do I know?

You guessed it. I crapped all the way. >.<

With Nerdy Alia :)

My fault this time.
I vaguely remember reading something like that in our slides.
But I didn't memorize them, goodness. >.<
But who cares about all that when you have awesome plans for the rest of the day? XP

Chiew Yen, me, Sun
(GIB = Girls In Black!)

Took the Rapid KL to Kajang for satay with (most of) my course mates to celebrate our "Best Decorated Table" win during TESL Gala last month. Fifty bucks wei. I say that's pretty worth it ! But more than the money pay-off was having our effort pay off !! It felt awesome to win first prize :) We worked our butts off for that competition ! And finally we get to enjoy the fruits of our labour (Satay-Kajang-style) together !!

Oh, makan alone was not enough.
Nooo. Of course not.
Bowling was next on the agenda !

Bowling shoes of different colours and sizes !

I was so glad so many of us joined the game, although initially they did not plan to.
So sporting ! I am definitely impressed with Syai, Shan, Dwee and even Sun. Jessie did awesome herself, finally scoring better than me tim ! *jealous* *but in a good way XD*

I seriously have not laughed so hard, and that loud, in a looong time.
(Exam stress really does get to you ! Just look at the Lingkaran Api Pasifik on my face and you will know what I mean >.<)
We had so much of fun bowling.
Oh, and of course, camwhoring together :)

You won't believe it, I was so enthusiastic cheering everybody on that I screamed myself hoarse !
Okay, maybe not so hard to believe.
But well, everybody needs to be cheered for and high-fived right? :P

I learned that:

1. There are many different styles when it comes to bowling. You can:

(a) stand terkangkang and throw the bowling ball from between your legs (oh, and don't forget to show off your awesome butt while you're at it ! XD) a.k.a. Alia's Style,

(b) squat just before the alley and roll the bowling ball (doesn't matter if you can walk faster than the bowling ball then, it's for precision's sake) a.k.a. Dwee's Style, or

(c) fling the bowling ball as hard as you can but let your fingers get stuck to it, just for laughs (well, actually it was unintentional, so it was that much more entertaining ! However, you will need to bowl again :P) a.k.a. Syai's Style (no offense Syai, but you were too CUTE !! lol).

2. It does not matter if you keep hitting nothing but air when you bowl, or you keep getting a dash on your score board, keep playing anyway. :)

3. Getting a strike does not matter either, most important is the effort ! And that deserves crazy loud cheering ! Loud enough to make all the adjacent lanes (and those even further away) stare at you like you have horns growing out of the top of your head (cos that's how people seemed to be looking at the two noisiest lanes there) ! :P

4. If you want to high-five a person, make sure they see you first. Otherwise, it is pretty embarrassing to high-five the air. Trust me, I know. >.< 

5. It's okay if your name appears wrong on the score board, people still know who you are. (Right, "Liyaa" and "Putei"??) *This is an inside joke. You will not understand this unless you are, well, inside.* XD

6. Hanging out with my crazy bunch of course mates is F-U-N. So we most certainly must have a Round #2 !!! :)

Toilet shot, of course.
Wouldn't want to disappoint ! XD

I have not enjoyed myself with these guys like this in such a long time.
Makes me think, "Why did we never have this before?"

I think we should have it EVERY SEMESTER !!
At least once we should all go out and makan together and enjoy each other's company :)

It was totally awesome !
Let's do it again, yes? *hopes everyone nods furiously here*

TESLians, I really appreciate you guys !
Thanks for an awesome day !!

Me and the normal gang went for a second lunch at Noodle Station.
Price was reasonable, noodles was...not bad. Not bad at all ! :)
Went in highly recommended by Chiew Yen.
And we were not disappointed !

Went grocery shopping (mainly hunted for Butterscotch Gardenia bread but finally only found Choco-Raisin) and then went to da bao KFC for dinner.

Imagine, I had been craving KFC for ages ! Finally !

Now, is that not a blissful life? *winks*

*At the moment, the author is ignoring the fact that she has not exactly completed her final examinations yet, with the last paper - English Phonetics and Phonology (yes, it IS as scary as it sounds) - still to come. For now, she claims partial freedom !*


Suddenly teringin to have steamboat.
Tomyam style.


shandye. said...

for a person who BARU FIRST TIME main... not bad la kan? hehehe...

yes... i would definitely give bowling another shot... tapi dgn korunk2 je kot.


The Bee said...

ya glad to see the group get to spend time and bond thro a simple outing like this. it brings you closer to one another and it is clean healthy fun time to destress. dont forget to do this again while the opportunity is there ...1Teslians08 =)

SandraC said...

i ADDED u to my link =) love the way u write. ur text should be bigger! my eyes are so blind man

Lisa ^^, said...

Memang hebat le. I think the first time I bowled, I totally sucked. Entah ada pass ke tak >.<
But you seriously IMPROVED with every bowl man ! Darn. Jealous lakkk XD

>>The Bee @ Ma
Yeah, it was really great fun :)

Thanks. Ahaha. I just discovered your blog too. How did you find mine? :)