Monday, December 21, 2009

Melancholy, Indeed

I was suffering from a slight headache after sleeping late and getting up early to register for my ko-k subject.
The system was having some problems, and after 328594738562305783 times of trying (okay, an exaggeration) I
finally managed to register myself for the class that I wanted (with my brothers helping me click the "Daftar" button ceaselessly).

that was settled, I had another matter weighing heavily on my mind. I could not go for my Korean class. There were 4 sets offered. And I had problems attending class for ALL FOUR of the sets. What are the chances? I prayed I would be able to negotiate with the coordinator and figure out a way so I can attend classes. If the coordinator could help me, I could start classes this week itself on Wednesday. But if he could not help me...I would have to give it up. :(

Reaching UKM after months of not seeing it, I could not help but sigh. Not in nostalgic fondness, mind you. No, I am being honest when I say I was
not looking forward to starting the new semester. The holidays felt way too short. Plus, the initial headache of not being able to register for an important subject fueled my non-nostalgic-fondness of anything and everything UKM-related. Suffice to say, I was fed-up with UKM (in)efficiency in things that matter, and had run out of swear words with which to curse UKM with (I know, forgive my unrestrained jaw in tense moments >.<). Thinking to help my roomie to check in and get her room keys since she will be flying back to Peninsular only this weekend, I inquired at the administration office about it while checking in myself. The kakak there told me that they just realized that the previous person who used my room had not returned the keys yet, and the office's set of spare keys for that particular room was also missing. Hence, the key I held in my hand was the only key to open my room. She suggested that I give her my set of keys bila senang (when I am free) so she could make a duplicate. I wonder then, how I was supposed to go in and out of my room while she held the one and only key? How can things like this happen? At the beginning of the semester already?

With my mum helping, I lugged my one-bootful of heavy luggage into the hostel corridor and finally arrived at my Second Home. I pushed the key into the keyhole, turned it and pushed the door open, expecting everything in the room to be covered in six inches of dust.

It was worse. There were bits of paper and plastic bags all over the floor and both the study tables. The pin board looked like someone (or some
thing) had tried to scratch it to ribbons. (In retrospect, it must have been the C_ _.) The cupboards had the pungent smell of moth balls (which I never use, because I hate >.<). And sitting right on top of my bed, smack in the middle of the mattress was an odd-shaped lump pooh. Yes, cat pooh. I kid you not. Yes, you may go Ewwwwww here. I've done my share of Ew-ing.
Oh, and did I mention there were ants crawling over it too?

I know, disgusting as it was, what choice did I have but to just clean it up?
I'm ashamed to say I allowed my mum to wipe the lumps off the bed with tissue paper. I just couldn't. >.<

After the "cat pooh" fiasco, I went to meet with the coordinator for the Korean language class and asked if there was any way he could help me so I would be able to take his class? He said a very clear and firm,
No. Part-time lecturers will be taking the classes and the time slots are fixed, non-negotiable. My plea of "Is there any other way?" met with another what I took to be a rather unsympathetic No. He explained that he had taken on more students than the limit because he had expected this to happen - students not being able to take the class because they clash with other important classes; students who will eventually drop the subject. It must have been my imagination, but it seemed rather like a smirk.

really want to take Korean. At first, I had my sights set on the Japanese language - my first love. I just love the language - the way it sounds, the melodies and harmonies it seems to create when being spoken, how expressive it is, how adorable it sounds sometimes, how beautiful.

But the fact was, Japanese class was
really hard to get into.

Oh well, Korean was an interesting language as well. And oh, how many Korean dramas I loved ! Would it not be absolutely awesome to watch Korean dramas without the subtitles? *
Finally deciding on taking the Korean language as my elective, I signed up for an online Korean language learning module. Just to learn a few basic words in the language. And I watched a few Korean dramas during the holidays to "immerse" myself in the language. I guess, that is one way of picking up the language. And I
did learn a few phrases :) I was all excited and ready to start Korean lessons.

And now this. :(

I got back to my empty room after my parents had left and just felt...tired.
It is amazing how fast you can get exhausted and mentally strained even before the semester has officially begun. Classes have not even started and I already feel like giving up.

Not even two whole hours of singing with other Choir members (which always worked to cheer me up) could get me completely out of this melancholic mood I am in at the moment. Nor the high-spirited Disney-value-filled
High School Musical soundtrack I am listening to now.

I hate sounding like a sour lemon, but I really need to vent.

Would you blame me for no longer looking forward to this semester? Not like I was very excited for this semester to begin with. But now that energy has just dampened and gotten worse.

Plus, I am all alone in my room now. No one from my gang is around.
Friends who are not back yet, friends who are at home with their families, friends who have been kicked out to a different residential college (for no valid reason !

I hope it is true what they say that when you're down, there is nowhere to go but up.


J e n n Y said...

don't worry you are not alone...
Jesus is always there for you =)

Aravin said... sounds like u had an 'awesome' sounds like a good start for a sitcom don't ya think....dun worry....i am sure once ur frens are back u'll get excellent ideas on how to get into the korean suggestion is: kidnap the current korean teacher forcing the admin to look for a new one and then make the new guy/woman like you and he/she will bend some rules to have u in the class...good idea isn't it??

Lisa ^^, said...

Thanks Jenny :)

Ara, that is a pretty interesting idea. I just wouldn't know where to put the guy after I've kidnapped him. Your house? Maybe you can torture him for me :P

p.s: It never occurred to me that my uni life could make a sitcom. Maybe I can sell rights to it and earn billions !! XD

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Timothy K. said...

who would pay to watch your uni life??? ahem...

Lisa ^^, said...

Millions of people all over the world ! :)